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google maps ads

In 12 November 2019

Google Maps Ads – 10 Questions That Need Immediate Answering

What is Google Maps Ads? Over the past few weeks, Google announced a plethora of changes to many of its products and services. While some of them were centered around the more traditional aspects such as AdWords and Analytics, a huge chunk of changes were centered around mobile devices.

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In 12 November 2019

Why Use Adwords – Top 10 Reasons That Will Instantly Make You to Consider Using Adwords

Why should you use adwords marketing? Why use adwords at all? Does adwords actually work? Are these questions bothering you? Well, relax, these are some of the common keyword phrases that are searched on Google as well. So, what does that imply? It simply means that there are several business

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Exploring Search Engine Statistics

In 12 November 2019

Exploring Search Engine Statistics for 2018 – Know What the Future Holds

Statistics on search engine marketing helps you to understand how frequently search engine marketing is being used by the marketers today. Search engine statistics also helps you to identify and devise the right search engine tactics and strategies. Often, these search engine statistics will be the strategies and tactics that

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PPC Audit-

In 03 October 2019

PPC Audit Demystified – Simple 8-Step Checklist for a Hassle-Free PPC Audit

Want to reap the maximum from your PPC campaigns? Well, then it is important for you to carry out an effective PPC audit. In PPC auditing, the PPC accounts should be audited to identify potential opportunities and get specific recommendations that help you to keep your PPC accounts moving towards

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