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When you hear “web development”, you probably get put in mind of coding language. These complex, cross mathematical/linguistic systems that somehow magically result in the things your computer does have been a sore point for the layman for years, and business owners that have their enterprise to get off the ground seldom have the time to go chasing a computer science degree or coding bootcamp. Not only this, but some start-ups lack the funds to get a website professionally built and hosted. In the beginning, getting a good, functioning website can feel unattainable – which is detrimental to a business as a website is the first thing people look at when they hear about something new that is potentially handy for them. 

This is where Content Management Systems or “CMS” web development comes into play.  

Leading CMS Web Development Company

Traffic Radius can build you a stunning, user-friendly and affordable CMS website. With years of experience in CMS web development, we understand what it takes to engage visitors and convert them into paying customers. 

Our solutions for CMS website development are second to none and you can count on us for all your needs. We will customise your CMS website to your business needs so you won’t just have a website but a marketing tool that’s built to improve customer engagement and grow your business. 

What is CMS Web Development?

As discussed earlier, coding is a system, it’s a language that translates into commands the computer delivers to its hardware that creates the things that happen on your computer. Coding is what lets a computer think the way it does, and without it, there’s no way to manage what happens on it.

Content management, however, allows a creator to build a website by directly affecting the content on the web page. To perhaps make the comparison a little more accessible, think of coding like making a beautiful artwork from scratch. You need to sketch out your base image, select your paints for the job, mix any colours you don’t have, lay down a base coat and add shades and highlights as necessary until you have a finished image. CMS website development, however, is more like paint-by-numbers. You have the blueprint right in front of you, as well as a full palette of colours to work with, all you need to do is put the colours in the right spot.

Content management systems allow you to build stunning websites with no knowledge of coding, with many utilising simple drag-and-drop interfaces. Simply load in the content you want, then drop it where you want it.

This of course can lead to another question. If it’s so easy, then why would I pay a CMS website development company to do it for me?

Take Control of Your Business Website with CMS

Boost Your Sales with a CMS Website

The Best CMS Platforms for Web Design and Development?

When it comes to choosing a CMS solution, the options are simply endless. Here at Traffic Radius, we dabble in all the CMS technologies to deliver a custom solution to suit your requirements.

Let’s take a look at the most common CMS platforms.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • OpenCart


WordPress is the most popular CMS solution and rightly so. It’s open-source, SEO-friendly, easy-to-use, powerful and scalable. With thousands of plugins and extensions, this platform is widely supported. WordPress offers an array of features allowing web designers to craft stunning websites. And it’s not just about pretty looks. WordPress is equally loved by search engines. Its clean code ensures search engine spiders can easily crawl your site. This is a wonderful solution for any business small, medium or even big.



Joomla is an advanced content management system that’s ideal for large organisations with complex and extensive content management demands and requirements. This CMS can robustly handle everything. It’s free and open source and is widely supported by a huge community of open source developers.



Drupal boasts a very flexible architecture and allows contextual content management and display. It is highly secure and is one of the top 3 CMS platforms after WordPress and Joomla. Looking for multilingual and multisite capabilities? Drupal has you covered.



Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce content management systems. It is an ideal solution for selling your products online. With a host of features, Shopify has been designed to make website management easy. Shopify not only makes shopping user-friendly but it also gives you the control to grow your website by way of adding content pages, blogs, FAQs and more. It’s a completely scalable solution that can even be integrated with your business systems.



Magento is yet another wonderful eCommerce framework and in fact, the most popular choice of Fortune 500 companies. Magento is a proprietary CMS solution and hence carries an initial investment right at the outset. It boasts an extensive array of customisation features and is highly scalable.



When you are looking to manage a small and simple online store that’s packed with features, OpenCart is a wonderful option. Our web developers can build the right solution using this open-source CMS platform.


Content Management System Cost

So the big question is how much should you pay for a CMS website? Well, with so many CMS platforms to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Simply let us know what you require and we will provide expert advice to help you choose the right CMS platform and development solution to suit your budget and requirements. Here’s a look at our pricing plans.

CMS Web Development Services

Although CMS is easier to pick up than coding, it’s still a time-consuming task that takes away time you could be using developing and taking care of your business.  


Although CMS isn’t as complicated as traditional code-based web development, it’s important to remember that web design, no matter what method you use to do it, is still a process in design, and customer psychology. If you don’t understand what your audience likes about their favourite websites, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to effectively utilise any of the CMS platforms out there to effectively promote and run your business. 


Not only this but even with CMS platforms, there is a lot of jargon to work through, and if you don’t understand it you may end up picking a CMS that doesn’t work the way you like it to. Wix and WordPress are both examples of popular CMS applications, however, they work extremely differently to each other. 


Therefore, people often hire marketing agencies to handle this aspect of their business for them. Most marketing agencies specialise in or are even partners of a CMS web development company, or even a few, meaning they know all the ins and outs of using that CMS. This is the difference between a website that feels like a primary school PowerPoint presentation and a website that draws in audiences and gets clients. 


If this is the case then, why bother with CMS at all? Why not get a programmer to build the site from scratch? 


This is a relatively simple question to answer, working with CMS is inherently cheaper to use than programming. Remember the painting analogy, programming is starting from square 1, CMS you just need to put things in the right place. This means that paying a programmer to code a website for you from nothing, and then paying for additional hosting services on top of that makes a big fee. Whereas, if you hire a CMS web development company they’re working with base elements and making tweaks, and fair few CMS platforms also offer hosting services at a minimal extra cost. Code-quality product, with a severely lowered fee. We call that a win-win. 

Trust Our CMS Specialists

When you are looking for the best content management system design solutions in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia for that matter, look no further. The web design team at Traffic Radius will listen to you to come up with the right CMS solution for you.

We are a professional web design agency with years of experience. Whether you are looking for social media integration, a CMS solution that is loaded with graphics or a custom digital strategy, we have you covered.

Contact us today to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

What We Offer 

If you should hire us to be your CMS web development team, then we promise you a comprehensive and expert service. We offer a wide variety of services relating to CMS, namely the following: 

  • CMS Website Design – Designing and managing the visual elements of your site, as well as its structure, flow, and user journey.  
  • CMS Website Development – The planning of your website, including any minor back-end work that might need to be done, or edits to the source code. 
  • Extensions and theme development – The design and production of various additional features for your website. 
  • CMS Migration – Moving a website, or many websites, from one CMS platform to another.  
  • CMS Customisation – Creating a CMS for use within a specific company.  
  • Custom CMS Integration – The Installation or implementation of custom-designed CMS platforms onto our clients’ systems. 
  • CMS Support and Maintenance – Technical support and maintenance on any custom-designed CMS platforms we distribute. 
  • Custom Coding Using PHP and JS – Coding work to tailor custom CMS platforms to our clients’ specific needs. 


Traffic Radius is a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency, which means we know how to carry out everything related to your enterprise’s online presence. We understand that your website is the central source of your online identity, so we always aim to do the best job we can when it comes to designing websites for our esteemed clients. 

We are uniquely dedicated to being the best we can be and offering you the best our services can offer. We don’t take half-measures or shortcuts, and we’re one of the few companies that offer full transparency in all our dealings with you. We never charge for things you don’t need, and all our strategies and suggestions must first be approved by you before we implement them, meaning you’re in total control. 

If you’re looking for a marketing company to build you a website that is easily accessible, and will make you look your best to your audience, then don’t hesitate to contact Traffic Radius today at our website, or call us on 1300 870 901! We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Eliza T
Eliza T
They are very communicative, professional, understanding and meet with you face to face. I would highly recommend.
Michael Hazer
Michael Hazer
From Start to Finish Traffic Radius has communicated clearly the process of their services.They always seek approval when changing any aspect of the website, the last company I had worked with did not, and this created many problems as it is the face of my company.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards
Previously I worked with a Digital Marketing Company in Melbourne that just took my money and neglected to contact me or even send reports. Since transitioning to Traffic Radius I have seen a noticable difference of enquiries online and the communication from the team reflects their efforts made.
Lorraine Dwyer
Lorraine Dwyer
Highly recommend, everyone we dealt with was helpful and our results were fabulous.
Collins GP
Collins GP
Grat company, Vinay gave best advise , hightly recommended
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James O'Donovan
Traffic Radius has helped my business for the last few years growing it from a couple of visitors per months to hundreds. The reports that are generated every month help me gain a further understanding of who is coming to my website and why.
Allan D
Allan D
I had contracted Traffic Radius to help with an SEO and Google ad word campaign a few years ago. They always deliver on a timely manner and take the time to explain any queries that I have. Could not recommend them more
Vahid Yeganeh
Vahid Yeganeh
Happy to work with them since last 3 years. Great communication and more importantly trustworthy team. Vinay is knowledgeable in SEO and we got great result since he is managing our account. Highly recommended If you are looking to have more online traffic.
Dean Braden
Dean Braden
We have been using Traffic Radius for the past 8 months to assist our business with our SEO. Their communication is brilliant & have followed through with each request. Through their knowledge & service we've now pushed up our google ranking providing our business with more sales opportunities. We certainly recommend their service to others.
Mahdi Danish
Mahdi Danish
Have been working with traffic radius for almost a year now and believe that it was one of our good choices. Vinay (our advertising manager) with Traffic Radius have helped us in google SEO and have made it much easier for the clients to find us. cannot ask for more. Thank you Vinay and traffic radius for your great work. Protection Status