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Google Shopping Ads Management Agency

Google Shopping Ads Management Agency

Google Shopping Ads that Improve Revenue and ROI

Need proven and reliable Google shopping management services?

Google Shopping campaigns are a wonderful way to promote your e-commerce store, boost traffic and generate targeted leads. These ads perform better than text ads as they feature a product of your product, a title, store name, price and other details. In fact, Google Shopping Ads give your audience a good idea of your product before they click the ad, which results in more qualified leads.

Leading Google Shopping Ads Agency

Setting up Product Listing Ads (PLA) is not as simple as an AdWords campaign. If Google does not correctly interpret your product feed, it won’t match your products to relevant search queries. This is where our Google Shopping specialists can help. We can help you create an impactful Google shopping campaign management.

Traffic Radius will help you take charge of your campaign. We set up your PLA marketing strategy, optimize the data, manage your shopping ads proactively and track performance.

What are Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads?

The terms “Product Listing Ads” and “Google Shopping” mean the same thing and are used interchangeably throughout this page.

Product Listings are CPC (cost per click) ads that appear on Google Search result pages above the organic results.

These ads are highly effective as they showcase your product’s image along with its price. As these ads appear at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs), your product ads will appear where your audience will be looking.

Google Shopping Ads can come handy even if you are looking to drive sales for your brick-and-mortar store.

Why List Your Products on Google Shopping Using Product Listing Ads?

Google Shopping Ads Campaign - Our Process

  • Research
  • Feed Creation
  • Optimization
  • Tracking
  • Ongoing Bid
  • Reporting

Keyword Research

We take the time to carry out in-depth keyword research and selection to ensure your Google Shopping Ads campaign delivers the most effective results.

Product Feed Creation

We build your product feed and review comprehensively it to make sure the ads rank on the top of the SERPs.

Feed Optimization

Compared to other ad formats, Google Shopping ads call for attention to detail and specific product information from the feed to make sure Google matches the right product for any given search query. When a user types a search query, most relevant and have the highest quality score. If your feed is not optimized, your ads will not show. We help maximize your sales by optimizing your product feed including titles, image quality, descriptions, product identifiers and sales promotions.


Analytics and tracking is implemented at product level for enquiries, calls as well as conversions. This way, you can easily track the performance of your campaign at any point.

Ongoing Bid Optimisation

At Traffic Radius, we don’t just set your campaign but we proactively monitor it and make ongoing changes and tweaks. We constantly carry out experiments to make sure you get the best results for your business. Your ROI is our primary goal.

Transparent Reporting

We discuss the KPIs with you and structure the campaign accordingly. Every month, we meet with you to discuss the progress of your PLA campaign and share a detailed report.

How Much Does a Google Shopping Ads Campaign Cost?

A Google Shopping campaign can cost you $10 a day, $1 a month or even $1000 a day. It all depends on the kind of visibility you want for your products.

When managed correctly, Google Shopping will yield a good cost-to-revenue ratio depending on your product price, average order value as well as site-wide conversion rates.

At the end of the day, you are in control of how much Google Shopping costs you. You can increase or decrease the daily budget and the bids. But it helps to note that if your Google Shopping costs are low, your ad visibility might be low too.

The cost also depends on the number of products you have. If you have 10,000 products at a cost of 25 cents per click, you would spend a lot more compared to a merchant selling 1,000 products at the same CPC.

Every client is different. That’s why we offer a customized solution and quote to suit your exact requirements. Here’s a look at our pricing to give you an idea.

Things to Keep in Mind before Running Google Shopping Ads

  • Quality of your site – Google looks at links and site quality to determine the quality of merchants and their websites. If your site quality is questionable or needs a bit of polishing, it might affect the performance of your Google PLA Ads.
  • ROI – If your margins are narrow, you might have a difficult time on Google Shopping. Alternatively, we may have to set up a lower daily budget for your campaign. Of course, this depends entirely on your products, the margins and your competition.

Grow Your Revenue with Australia’s Leading Google Shopping Ads Agency

At Traffic Radius, we adhere to Product Listing Ads best practices to maximize your conversions, revenues and ROI. Our Google Shopping Ads certified specialists will work with you to deliver a solution that meets your goals and budget.

Contact us today for more information about our Google Shopping Ads management solutions.

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