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what are google ads

Google Ads: What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?

Google Ads : Here we are, decades later and possibly living in the golden age of information. There are 2.3 million searches on Google alone, every second, and guess what the majority of the search results are? That’s right, Google ads; those annoying websites that fill up the first part of your screen anytime you […]

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BANNER website vs specific page

Domain Authority vs.Page Authority

What is Domain Authority? Domain Authority (DA) is an online ranking score created by Moz. It reveals how well a site will perform on web index result pages. The authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores comparing to a more prominent capacity to rank. The Domain Authority

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XML Sitemaps: An Important Tool in the SEO’s Toolbox

We have come across several clients who still have misconceptions about XML sitemaps. SEO, being the most powerful way of promoting your website, a small error can leave you behind the competition. Be it your keywords, meta-description, Header Tags, Robots.txt, Sitemaps or Alt tags, the functionality and optimization must be

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A Simple Formula to Perform Competitor Analysis for SEO

Understanding Competitor Analysis SEO campaign is meaningless without a clear beginning. Competitor analysis can help you with the right beginning and guides you through to your target. Universally this is the most ignored step. We tend to focus more on mapping keywords, content optimization, and link building. By diverting our focus to understand our competitors and analyzing

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seo guide

Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Creation! Secret to your ranking.

We often hear a saying in the marketing industry, i.e. “Content is King”. In Digital media, it can mean any information created and published on the Web. Well, Creating a good piece of SEO Content isn’t that simple. It is better said than done! 1. What exactly is an SEO

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What is seo and how does it work

What is SEO and How Does It Work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a business marketing channel with plenty of benefits. It can be implemented by both small and large businesses due to its low cost and scalability. What is SEO? We can define search engine optimization as a set of activities that ensure your website is easily

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7 Best 2018 SEO Techniques For Better Traffic

Are you tired of experimenting with various approaches to get your site positioned higher? Tried implementing SEO techniques? Failed? Before you curse the SEO techniques, let me disclose that there’s dependably a procedure to get the best yield! There are thumb rules set to get the nuts and bolts right,

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Ultimate Google SEO Guide For Beginners

Ultimate Google SEO Guide for Beginners

Structure of the blog: 1) Introduction 2) Understanding Search Engine Optimization On-page SEO Off-page SEO 2) The Importance of SEO for your business 3) Developing an effective SEO strategy Functioning of a search engine Determining the relevancy of a page Understanding your audience Issues encountered while matching content to queries

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google algorithm updates

9 Top Google Algorithm Updates

Google’s all-knowing, super powerful and forever improving search engine algorithm is the lifeline of Internet. With each update, Google has brought a revolution in SEO strategies and shifted the overall spectrum of online businesses. Achieving online success is almost impossible without understanding Google algorithm updates over the past few years.

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