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SEO Digital Marketing Strategy Services

SEO Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Get Your Website to the Top with a Successful SEO Strategy

Want to drive traffic to your website with effective SEO marketing?

Almost every business understands the basics of SEO and its benefits for their business. But, when it comes to creating a solid SEO strategy, simply creating content around your target keywords isn’t the best way to go about it. It’s a tedious job that might not you get far either.

You must take the time to build an SEO strategy for your new website. Every business is unique so your SEO strategy must be unique too. The very thought of creating an SEO strategy might send you into a tizzy, but that’s where Traffic Radius can help. As experts, we can help you get exemplary results with our SEO marketing strategy.

We Can Help You Craft the Best SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

We are an SEO strategy company that takes a customized, bespoke approach to SEO. This approach is the reason why we have been able to deliver some stellar results for hundreds of businesses across Australia. If you want to enhance your presence online, connect with us for proven techniques for SEO marketing in Melbourne.

The SEO Marketing Specialists Melbourne Loves

Online business and SEO go hand-in-hand. It’s not enough to simply have an online presence, you need to make your presence known. SEO, also known as “Search Engine Optimisation”, is the process of making sure your online presence is seen by major search engines and prioritised in how they rank you compared to your competitors. With the majority of people not even bothering to skim Google’s second page, you can imagine why ranking highly here would be important. 


But how do you achieve these results? 

What is SEO Digital Marketing?

Let’s imagine for a second that the internet is an ocean, and in this ocean, there are millions upon millions of boats. People pay a lot of money for a place on one of these boats, but most people just want to go on the boat they see first. You need people to pay you to keep your boat above water, but you’re constantly being beaten to the best space in the port where everyone sees you. 


This is basically what happens with the internet every day. Innumerable websites clamour for the attention of their customers, but the ones that reach the glory of the first page of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) will be clicked on. SEO is the process by which marketers like us enhance your online presence so that it gets into the coveted top spots of Google (or whatever search engine you might use for search results). 


This all begins with a strategy. 

Strategy? I Just Want More Business, not a War

“War” is actually a fairly apt descriptor. There are literally millions of web pages currently on the net and all of them are vying for the top spot. You can bet all of them are using the SEO techniques that have been crafted and enhanced over the last couple of decades. While not a “war” in the literal sense, the presence of SEO does mean that your competition is well prepared, and probably already reaping the benefits of such a powerful tool. 


Therefore, it stands to reason that in order to be a viable competitor in this atmosphere, you must make use of this tool as well, otherwise you’re being left behind.  


This is how we help. 

Traffic Radius SEO Marketing Strategy

People hire experts for everything. Your car breaks down, you hire a mechanic. Your light switch doesn’t make the lightbulb turn on, you call an electrician. When you need SEO, you call Traffic Radius. 


Our SEO Digital Marketing Strategy services have been proven to work time and time again and we’d love to do for you what we’ve done for our host of esteemed clients before. Our strategies have improved customer visibility, with over 70% of search engine results bringing at least one click to our customers as they start ranking on the first page. We also strategise to take advantage of any advertising or any other SEO tools you might have in place already. Our strategies have also been proven to improve conversion rates and place our clients directly above their competition in the SERPs. 


When you work with Traffic Radius, you’ll find us friendly, accommodating, and professional. Our tenure together will start with an initial consultation, where we will get to understand you and your business. We also look at any advertising or marketing campaigns you might have in place and analyse what is or isn’t working for you and most importantly, why. We learn what your business goals are as well, and then use this data to construct a rough SEO-based digital marketing strategy that is projected to help you meet these goals. After this, we start with the SEO base of operations, the website. We perform a Technical SEO Audit on your website which allows us to get three vital pieces of information: 


  1. It shows us how your website compares to the competition. We will always compare against competitors that currently seem to be meeting your business goals, that way we know what to do to get you where you want to be. 

     2. We find any errors on your website. The audit takes us through your website with a fine-tooth comb, allowing us to search for mistakes in the code, broken links, low quality images, content that’s irrelevant to your audience, slow loading times, etc. These errors and glitches in your website can seriously harm your online visibility, as Google’s bots don’t deem you high enough quality to match in search queries. 

3. Finally, the technical audit reveals what is working well on your site, and what’s working badly. This includes tracking customers’ user journeys, and analysing at what point they click through or when they lose their attention. 


Once the strategy is drafted and the audit complete, we then go into learning about your audience, identifying key factors such as sex, gender identity, geographic locations, and what it is they need from you. The goal of this process is to understand your audience’s
“pain points” or rather what it is that’s causing bother in their life. Once we understand this, we can tailor our strategy to it. 


From here we conduct research into what keywords you and your competitors are matching for. We identify search terms that you can exploit in order to rank higher in the SERPs, and we also see where your competition is and what they’re ranking for. This information is incredibly important as it helps us better meet your goals. 


After all this work, we will analyse the information we’ve collected, and put together a report and SEO strategy for you to approve. You can either have your own marketing team implement the strategy, or you can hire us to do it for you. 


Traffic Radius is the SEO Marketing company Melbourne knows and trusts. We have hundreds of esteemed clients who trust us to manage their marketing and their campaigns. You can reap the benefits of our experienced and talented crew consisting of the best designers, account managers, developers, content creators, and project managers around. Not only are we effective but we’re also incredibly affordable, with our charging process totally transparent and our pricing competitive. Don’t hesitate, contact us here, or call us on 1300 870 901 today! 

How to Build a Successful SEO Strategy?

A successful SEO strategy is incomplete without the four essential pillars of SEO.

Traffic Radius has designed SEO campaigns for clients from diverse industries and of all sizes. Every strategy we build is based on the following four critical pillars of SEO:

Our Process

  • Initial Consultation
  • SEO Audit
  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Competitors
  • Strategy

Initial Consultation

The first step is to understand your business, your business goals, your current SEO campaign and your goals. We can plan for where you want to go only when we know where you are currently placed. The initial consult gives us the opportunity to understand your needs so we can come up with a plan that aligns with them.

SEO Audit

Your website may look stunning but it needs to be as stunning on the inside – the side that’s not visible. With our technical SEO audit, we aim to identify (1) how your website compares with your competition, (2) how well is it performing and (3) what are the things that are working for your site and against it?

Audience Discovery

The first step is to define your target audience. Usually, defining a target audience involves identifying their sex, age, geographic location, and their needs. The aim is to identify the main pain points of your target audience to understand what they want, and to identify what needs are not being met. Identifying this will help define your SEO strategy and create content that caters to their needs.

Keyword Research

The next step is to carry out an in-depth keyword research. It’s important to note that keywords are not just for including in the headings of your copy. Keyword research can help you identify topics that are relevant to your user’s search queries and their search intent. We use state of the art keyword research tools to identify the best keywords for your campaign.

Define Competitors

It is important to look at your competition. We will create a list of some of your biggest competitors in the SERPs. What does their SEO strategy look like? What keywords are they ranking for? What keywords are they optimising for? Questions like these will help understand your competitive edge. After all, you will want to outrank your competitors either by replicating what they are doing (but doing it better) or by identifying a differentiating factor about your brand.

Custom SEO Strategy

Our SEO consultants will consider the information that we have so far and brainstorm different SEO strategies and techniques to come up with a bespoke, customized SEO strategy for your website. We will consider aspects such as design, URL, website features, terminology to use, site features, content, and more.

Book Your Free SEO Strategy Consultation

The best SEO strategies are the result of intense research, planning and teamwork. At Traffic Radius, we take great pride in our proven SEO tactics and strategies.

Want to know more about our SEO strategy services? We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our SEO specialists who will take the time to understand your needs and provide sound advice.

Eliza T
Eliza T
They are very communicative, professional, understanding and meet with you face to face. I would highly recommend.
Michael Hazer
Michael Hazer
From Start to Finish Traffic Radius has communicated clearly the process of their services.They always seek approval when changing any aspect of the website, the last company I had worked with did not, and this created many problems as it is the face of my company.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards
Previously I worked with a Digital Marketing Company in Melbourne that just took my money and neglected to contact me or even send reports. Since transitioning to Traffic Radius I have seen a noticable difference of enquiries online and the communication from the team reflects their efforts made.
Lorraine Dwyer
Lorraine Dwyer
Highly recommend, everyone we dealt with was helpful and our results were fabulous.
Collins GP
Collins GP
Grat company, Vinay gave best advise , hightly recommended
James O'Donovan
James O'Donovan
Traffic Radius has helped my business for the last few years growing it from a couple of visitors per months to hundreds. The reports that are generated every month help me gain a further understanding of who is coming to my website and why.
Allan D
Allan D
I had contracted Traffic Radius to help with an SEO and Google ad word campaign a few years ago. They always deliver on a timely manner and take the time to explain any queries that I have. Could not recommend them more
Vahid Yeganeh
Vahid Yeganeh
Happy to work with them since last 3 years. Great communication and more importantly trustworthy team. Vinay is knowledgeable in SEO and we got great result since he is managing our account. Highly recommended If you are looking to have more online traffic.
Dean Braden
Dean Braden
We have been using Traffic Radius for the past 8 months to assist our business with our SEO. Their communication is brilliant & have followed through with each request. Through their knowledge & service we've now pushed up our google ranking providing our business with more sales opportunities. We certainly recommend their service to others.
Mahdi Danish
Mahdi Danish
Have been working with traffic radius for almost a year now and believe that it was one of our good choices. Vinay (our advertising manager) with Traffic Radius have helped us in google SEO and have made it much easier for the clients to find us. cannot ask for more. Thank you Vinay and traffic radius for your great work. Protection Status