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Google Ads Specialist Consultant Services

Google Ads Specialist Consultant Services

Reach Your Customers Instantly with Clever Google Ads Management

Are you looking for a Google ads consultant?

SEO is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your business website. However, if you are looking for instant gratification, Google Ads is the way to go. Begin generating highly targeted traffic to your website in no time with a custom Google AdWords campaign from Traffic Radius.

Whether you are looking to generate traffic, bring more customers to your store or increase the customer calls, we can create the right Google ads campaign for you. At Traffic Radius, we provide complete Google ads management services and can cater to all your requirements.

Leading Google Ads Management Company

Our Google ads specialists, have wide experience and can help scale your campaign.

Expect to generate more sales with our professional campaign management services.

If you are looking for a Google ads management agency, connect with us. We have worked with several businesses across Melbourne to create a customized Google AdWords campaign to suit their goals. As an established Google ads agency, we can help clients reach more customers. We work with our clients at every step of the process to maximize the results for you.

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What is Google Ads (Previously Known as Google AdWords)?

Google AdWords or Google Ads is an advertising service where marketers bid on specific keywords to have their ads show up in Google’s search result pages. It’s a pay per click (PPC) ad platform where you pay for every click on your ad.

It’s the easiest way to rank on the top of the search engines for your target keywords. What’s more, you pay for your ads only when someone clicks on them.

There are essentially 2 ways to advertise on the Google Ads platform:

  • The Google Search Network – You get to display your ads to people who use the keywords you are targeting. For instance, if you offer plumbing services in Melbourne, you’d bid to display your ad every time someone uses a keyword “plumbing services Melbourne.” The type of ad you can show include text ads, call-only ads, dynamic search ads, Google video ads, image ads and Google Shopping ads.
  • The Google Display Ads Network – This is primarily a display ad network where your banner ad shows up on websites you believe your target audiences will visit. This is a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience and increase your online reach.

So why is Google Ads important? Given that SEO is free, why should you even consider investing in paid ads?

Organic ranking is not in your control. You rank on the top only if the search algorithm finds your page fit for the first-page ranking. Add to that, the constant updates that Google makes to its algorithm. And then, there are your competitors who are willing to pay for visibility. Further, SEO is not exactly free. It takes time, resources and strategy.

Google Search Ads can help generate instant traffic to your website. Why wait until your SEO strategy delivers results when you can generate some high quality traffic instantaneously? Can your business afford this wait and watch approach?

What’s more, Google advertising can bring highly targeted traffic. Our PPC specialists can maximize your ROI by reducing wasteful clicks and ensuring high conversions. 

There are many other features of Google Ads that make it an important part of your digital marketing strategy:

  • Ability to show your location to search users.
  • Ability to target specific search queries.
  • Ability to target ads locally.
  • Display your contact information.
  • Follow your prospective customers with retargeting.
  • Reach mobile users.
  • Ability to control where your ad gets seen.
  • You can control your Google AdWords budget.
  • Run multiple campaigns to suit your marketing requirements.

Grow Your Business with Google Ads

Here’s how Google Ads can help your business grow.

Outrank Your Competition

Is your industry extremely competitive even in the online world? Traffic Radius will make use of automatic bidding strategies like “target outrank” to outrank and beat your competition at their own game.

Faster and More Effective

We already know that Google Ads delivers quicker results compared to SEO. It’s highly effective too. You can target multiple keywords at the same time. What’s more, you can turn your campaign on/off anytime you like. And when your ad shows up at the top, it boosts your visibility.

Improve Brand Awareness

Not only can Google Ads boost your traffic and conversions but it’s a great way to improve your brand presence. A study by Ipsos found that search ads can lift top-of-mind awareness in consumers by as much as 6.6%.

Reconnect with Past Visitors

Whether you are selling online or generating leads, it’s highly likely some of your visitors did not take any action after visiting your site. Google Ads Remarketing offers an excellent way to touch base with those visitors and nudge them into action.

Use Data to Your Advantage

Google Ads offers a wealth of data that you can use to understand your bounce rate, the length of time a visitor spent on your page, the number of new visitors and recurring visitors and more. You can use all this data to improve your website and your ad campaign.

Google AdWords Management – Our Process

  • Website audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • PPC account set up
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Proactive campaign

Website audit

We begin with a website audit to understand how PPC ads will work for your business. Our usability experts and technical analysts will assess your site and get to know your goals and objectives. This audit will help us to ensure that the website is optimized to meet the requirements the search users.

Competitor analysis

This is an important step that will help you to beat your competition. We will carry out extensive research to understand your competitors, their products, their online marketing strategy, their PPC campaign and more. This insight will help us to craft a highly effective PPC strategy.

PPC account set up

It is important to ensure your PPC campaign has a simple and effective structure. Our PPC specialists will create a full structural outline of your PPC account while considering your PPC goals. We will map the account for Display and Search campaigns.

Ad Copywriting

We will carry out a thorough keyword research to identify the most feasible keywords for your campaign. We will make use all sorts of keyword variations that are relevant to your business. Our copywriters will then come up with highly creative and engaging ads that are optimized for the keywords.

Proactive campaign management

We will constantly monitor your campaign, rely on data to understand the progress of your campaign and regularly make tweaks to your campaign. This strategy helps us to reduce wasteful clicks, improve conversions and maximize ROI.

Google Ads Vs Social Media Ads

At Traffic Radius, we believe that both social media ads and Google Ads are extremely powerful. Hence, they must be looked at as complementing strategies rather than competing tools.

In fact, we can help harness the power of Google Ads and paid social to deliver some stellar results for you.

What Does Google Ads Management Cost? 

Our Google Ads pricing is very simple and straightforward. 

Traffic Radius charges a monthly retainer based on your monthly ad spend. With Google Ads cost per click, you are charged for every click on your ad. So it’s important to reduce wasteful clicks. And our PPC specialists specialize in reducing wastage.

We will share monthly reports so you can stay on top of your Google Ads campaign without having to sweat it out.

Google Ads Management – Our Offerings

  • Display advertising
  • Google Search Network Ads
  • SEM
  • Unlimited ads
  • Display retargeting
  • Monthly reports

Want to know how Traffic Radius can grow your business? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Ad Type

Ad Pros

Ad Cons

Search Ads

-Most Common.


-Easily lost in the plethora of other search ads.

Display Ads


-Appear on 3rd party sites.

-Can be thought of as annoying or spammy.

Social Media Ads


-Can be targeted.

-Must change the strategy depending on the social media platform.


-Tapping into a pre-existing audience.

-Easier to get conversions from repeat customers.

-Need an established clientele.

Google Shopping

-Good eCommerce platform.

-Easily accessible.

-Gets results from hundreds of eCommerce sites meaning yours can be lost in the miasma.

Eliza T
Eliza T
They are very communicative, professional, understanding and meet with you face to face. I would highly recommend.
Michael Hazer
Michael Hazer
From Start to Finish Traffic Radius has communicated clearly the process of their services.They always seek approval when changing any aspect of the website, the last company I had worked with did not, and this created many problems as it is the face of my company.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards
Previously I worked with a Digital Marketing Company in Melbourne that just took my money and neglected to contact me or even send reports. Since transitioning to Traffic Radius I have seen a noticable difference of enquiries online and the communication from the team reflects their efforts made.
Lorraine Dwyer
Lorraine Dwyer
Highly recommend, everyone we dealt with was helpful and our results were fabulous.
Collins GP
Collins GP
Grat company, Vinay gave best advise , hightly recommended
James O'Donovan
James O'Donovan
Traffic Radius has helped my business for the last few years growing it from a couple of visitors per months to hundreds. The reports that are generated every month help me gain a further understanding of who is coming to my website and why.
Allan D
Allan D
I had contracted Traffic Radius to help with an SEO and Google ad word campaign a few years ago. They always deliver on a timely manner and take the time to explain any queries that I have. Could not recommend them more
Vahid Yeganeh
Vahid Yeganeh
Happy to work with them since last 3 years. Great communication and more importantly trustworthy team. Vinay is knowledgeable in SEO and we got great result since he is managing our account. Highly recommended If you are looking to have more online traffic.
Dean Braden
Dean Braden
We have been using Traffic Radius for the past 8 months to assist our business with our SEO. Their communication is brilliant & have followed through with each request. Through their knowledge & service we've now pushed up our google ranking providing our business with more sales opportunities. We certainly recommend their service to others.
Mahdi Danish
Mahdi Danish
Have been working with traffic radius for almost a year now and believe that it was one of our good choices. Vinay (our advertising manager) with Traffic Radius have helped us in google SEO and have made it much easier for the clients to find us. cannot ask for more. Thank you Vinay and traffic radius for your great work.

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