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Web Hosting Services Melbourne

Web Hosting Services Melbourne

Reliable, Fast and Secure Web Hosting Services in Melbourne and Across Australia

Looking for a web hosting company?

Traffic Radius provides reliable website hosting services to make sure your website shows up in a flash. As a full-service digital agency, we understand what it takes to offer the best user experience to your website visitors, boost conversions and grow your revenue. With our comprehensive solutions for web hosting in Melbourne we can provide solutions that exceed expectations.

Top Company for Web Hosting in Melbourne, Australia

You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your website is receiving the best care and attention from the experts in web hosting. We offer complete flexibility so you can choose the web hosting solution you need. From monthly web hosting services in Melbourne and shared hosting to dedicated hosting and cloud hosting, we offer the full suite of web hosting packages that are tailored to your requirements.

Give Your Website the Right Home

Web hosting is a service that allows you to publish your website on the Internet. When you buy a hosting package, you are essentially renting some space on the web host’s server to store all the data and files needed for your business website to work perfectly.

Think about your personal computer and all the files on it. These files are stored on your computer’s hard disk. You can access these files anytime you like. A website is a file just like one of your word processing files. Just as a word processing document must be stored on the computer for you to be able to retrieve it, your website also needs a computer to store all its files.

The difference here is that websites are accessible by everyone. To be able to do that, the computer (your web host’s server) where your website is stored should be of much higher specification than your personal computer, and it must also be connected to the internet via a powerful link.

The computer where your website is stored is referred to as a web server (as it serves pages upon request to your website visitors).

In a way, a web host is the home where your website will live. So it’s important to choose the right home (web hosting service) for your website.

Web Hosting – The First Step to a Successful Online Presence

Your online presence is incomplete without a stunning website. And your website is incomplete (and invisible) without the right web hosting service.

So before you start your online business or know how to host a website, it helps to know all you can about web hosting and how the hosting company you choose can have an impact on your website and your online presence.

Your website will be visible to your visitors only if you store it somewhere. So your web host makes your website’s content visible to your visitors. However, a web host can do a lot more than that.

The right web host can ensure your website is visible and runs smoothly 24/7. Here at Traffic Radius, we assure you of 99.99% uptime, which means that your website will always be up. The lower the uptime assurance, the higher are the chances of your website not being available. And for your online business to success, uninterrupted availability is very important.

Website load time is another critical aspect that can make or break your online presence. Moreover, it has a direct impact on the user experience and determines whether your visitors will come back to your site. Every 1-second delay in load speed can reduce your conversions by 7%. Furthermore, websites that rank on top of Google search results load under 2 seconds. As the best web hosting service in Melbourne, we assure you of fast load time.

Contact Traffic Radius before buying any hosting plans.

Factors to Consider when Hosting Your Website

  • Server Reliability
  • Site Backups
  • Customer Service
  • Plans
  • Security

Server Reliability

Unstable network connections and weak servers can often result in your website going offline. That will not only have a negative impact on your sales but will affect your rankings in the search engines. A good host assures you of good uptime scores. Anything above 99.5% is good. Any uptime score below 99% is no good. Avoid such web hosting services.

Site Backups

Cyber threats are commonplace in today’s times. Hence, the smallest of website security measures can help protect your business. What if your website is hacked only to be lost forever? However, if your web host offers regular site backups, you can retrieve your website easily.

Customer Service

A reliable host is one that offers prompt and fast customer support by way of live support, chat support or social media visibility. The faster your host can respond to your technical problems, the better it is.


Undoubtedly, website hosting cost is an important consideration for most small businesses. However, that should never be the deciding factor. Instead, focus on the value the web hosting is offering. Are they able to create a customised hosting plan to suit your needs?


Your web host must invest in the latest security software and stellar firewalls to prevent a variety of online attacks.

How Can a Digital Agency Help You with Website Hosting?

As a digital agency, we know the importance of your online presence. Whether we design your website or work on your SEO campaign, our focus is on growing your sales and revenue through your website.

Who better than your digital agency to host your website?

As your digital agency, our work does not end with web design and online marketing. In fact, it begins by putting you up on the best web hosting for small business. After all, your web host plays a crucial role in SEO.

Where most Australian web hosting companies are focused on selling you a space on their servers, we are all about ensuring our clients get the most value from their online presence. And we do that by offering:

Our Web Hosting Services

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Speed is everything when it comes to making the right impact on your visitors. And this speed is affected by the physical distance between the server and your visitors’ location. That’s why we have invested in a CDN to shorten the distance between the hosting servers.
  • Performance Monitoring – We monitor our server performance on an ongoing basis and take immediate action as necessary to ensure everything is smooth.
  • Free Website Transfer – When you migrate your website to our servers, you must move all the files to our servers. If you are not sure how to go about it, we can do this on your behalf for no additional fee.
  • Supremely Secure Hosting – Security is a critical aspect of hosting. As your digital agency, we have put in all the measures to protect your site and data.
  • 99% Uptime – That’s a promise.
  • Stellar Performance – We assure your visitors a smooth and hassle-free experience when they are on your website.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – We provide a fully managed WordPress hosting where we take the stress out of managing and updating your website. We take care of it all for you from updating the WordPress CMS to taking backups of the website, content and the SQL database.
  • Free SSL – SSL certificates are pretty much mandatory. If you collect personal data – even a name and email address – you must ensure your website is secure. We offer free SSL certificate with all web hosting plans.
  • Unlimited Storage – We don’t limit you to a number. We offer unlimited storage and bandwidth on all web hosting plans.
  • Easy to Use cPanel – The cPanel gives you access to your web hosting account. And our robust cPanel is easy to use and super friendly.
  • Email Account Setup – We will setup up to 3 email accounts for you.
  • Domain – We can help you choose and buy the right domain name as a registered domain registrar.

If you are looking for the best web hosting services in Australia, look no further. Traffic Radius is Australia’s leading digital agency. We leverage our expertise in digital marketing to help you make the most of your online presence. Request a free quote. Protection Status