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Email Marketing Service Agency Melbourne

Email Marketing Service Agency Melbourne

Results Focused Email Marketing Services in Melbourne

Are you in need of services for email marketing in Melbourne?

Email marketing is a highly effective way to drive sales from your customer base. This strategy helps you to reach your audience where they are to promote your business, products/services and offers.

In fact, email marketing offers the highest ROI compared to any other marketing platform. It offers far better results compared to SEO, social media and even affiliate marketing.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Advertising

Because people use email a lot more than other platforms. That’s why it’s important to build a successful email marketing campaign for your business.

Whether you are looking to convert online leads into paying customers or want to add to your sales by making your customer base buy more from you, Traffic Radius can help. As an established e-mail marketing agency, we can help maximise your e-mail marketing plan. We have been in business for years and have built an enviable reputation as the top email marketing service providers.

Our approach is pretty straightforward. We make your customers/leads buy. We do this by way of timely engagement, personalised recommendations and high-value content. For well-planned solutions for email marketing service, connect with us.

What is Email Marketing and Why Does it Work?

If you’ve ever been in marketing circles, it’s likely that you’ve come across the term “conversion” or “conversion rate” before. A “conversion” is whenever a potential customer either purchases something or engages with your brand in the exact way that you want them to. This can mean making a purchase, visiting a blog, sharing a link, filling out a survey, or signing up for a mailing list.

Getting customers to sign up for mailing lists is a crucial element of marketing. The use of email as a medium to promote and expand a business or brand has become extremely popular in recent years because it forces the user to do one of three things, read it, delete it, or archive it. This means that an email is a more persistent reminder of a brand’s existence until it is dealt with.

Not only this but emails are an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool. A 2015 study by the Direct Marketing Association in the UK found that email marketing can deliver a return on investment of around $38 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing also helps to foster a relationship between you and your audience. Even though the customer is aware of the fact that they signed up to receive the emails, they feel personal which is what people want these days. People are tired of buying from corporate entities with no personality or human element to them. These days, marketing and developing a brand is all about being somebody and communications like emails go a long way to developing the idea of a person behind the company.

Perhaps the biggest reason that email marketing works is because it’s so targeted. The point of mailing lists is that people sign up for them. This means that you’re not bothering anyone who isn’t likely to engage with you. People sign up for these lists because they can see themselves using your services or buying your products at a later date. The use of email marketing advertising allows you to keep these customers in the loop.

Why Do Email Marketing for Your Business?

Here are some important reasons why you cannot afford to ignore email marketing.

How Can Email Marketing Help My Business?

Our Email Marketing Strategies

  • Email Capture
  • Targeted Newsletters
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Follow Up Emails
  • A/B Testing
  • Content Writing
  • Analytics

Email Capture

Building an email list can boost revenue and profitability. We help increase your email subscribers using data, our in-depth knowledge and intelligent email marketing software and tools.

Targeted Newsletters

Email newsletters can help bring your audience back to your site. We can manage the campaigns on your behalf right from creating high quality content and designing an email template through to setting up a drip email marketing campaign and analytics.

Abandoned Cart Email

Cart abandon emails are a great way to recover a “lost” sale. No matter your cart abandon rate, we can help control the damage through a set of effective abandon cart emails. We will set up, test and analyse the campaign to improve your conversion rate and boost revenue.

Follow Up Emails

Keep in touch with your customers with automated emails that encourage them to share a product review, buy more, read your recent blog post or refer your service to a friend. Follow up emails are typically personalized to each customer and are usually triggered when a customer takes a particular action or is inactive for a long time. Our email marketing consultants can plan, design and schedule automated emails customised to each customer.

A/B Testing

This is a marketing strategy that compares two versions of an email to assess which one performs the best. Once we identify the best version, we send it to your email list. We continuously test and refine your email campaigns to deliver staggering results for you.

Content Writing

Writing content and designing emails can take up a lot of time and money. When you want to maximise the results while keeping the costs to a minimum, use our email campaign management services. We write stellar copy, design graphics and add content to your email campaigns. We strategically place CTAs to help reach your marketing goals.


All our email marketing services include analytics and complete reporting. Before we launch a campaign, we make sure the necessary tracking is in place. We constantly monitor your campaign and provide regular reports so you can track their performance and success at every step of the way.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Services?

  • Years of experience.
  • Data-driven email marketing strategies.
  • Proven track record of over 500+ successful campaigns.
  • Professionally managed.
  • Complete transparency.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Friendly yet professional email marketing consultants.
  • Personalised services to suit your needs, budget and requirements.
  • No long-term, binding contracts.
  • We optimize your email marketing costs.
  • You get a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact.
  • Detailed monthly reports.

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Email Marketing Advertising for Melbourne Businesses

“You’ve got mail!” Those three words were strangely emblematic of the change of the times represented by the commercialised internet in the ‘90s. Before this time the internet was called ARPANET and was only accessible by a few very wealthy companies. It was during this period in 1971 that the first electronic mail or “email” was sent. It was sent by software engineer Ray Tomlinson to himself as a test for a program he was writing and consisted of a single line: “QWERTYUIOP.”

Nowadays email is a highly efficient (and in most cases preferred) method of communication. With the recent COVID-19 Pandemic recently shifting millions of people into remote working-from-home dynamics, emails became even more relied upon for news, updates, and information.

However, between then and now, companies realised email could be useful for a very specific kind of communication – email marketing advertising.

How to Use Email Marketing

There’s a fair amount to know about email marketing. It’s not just about writing an email and then sending it to everyone that’s given you their email address, that’s spam. The goal is to make the email look professional, be relevant, and have the personality that gives your customers the sense of humanness that they’re looking for.

Aside from this, email marketing basically comes down to a few best practices:

Email Lists: Most email marketing campaigns are run through an email marketing company like Mailchimp. These companies typically have strict usage terms and agreements, one of which is usually the strict use of consensually gained email addresses only. It’s important to remember this because there are unscrupulous people on the internet that will (and do) sell illegally acquired lists of email addresses to sell to businesses that use email marketing. For this reason, it’s important to just avoid email lists altogether, and rely on your marketing to get people to sign up to your mailing list willingly.

Avoid Spam: Although there’s plenty of spam email world, it’s actually illegal in most parts of the world, it’s just difficult to police. Most countries have a legal act or regulations against spam, and businesses are expected to adhere to these laws when engaging in email marketing. Australia is no different, and the laws are easily found here.

Be Conversational: We’ve examined how email is a useful marketing tool because of how targeted it is, as well as its persistence within the life of the consumer. However, it’s important to remember that email marketing is only as effective as your ability to engage your customers. The way to do this is to maintain a conversational approach. Don’t bombard your customers with a stream of endless marketing emails, then they know they’re nothing to you but a customer. Break up your marketing and promotions with updates on the business, developments on new or popular stock and remind customers of abandoned shopping carts. There are many potential uses for email marketing, and funnily enough, not all of them are marketing.

Don’t Harass Your Customers: People don’t like to be hounded. Constantly sending emails to your consumers will get aggravating quickly, and the last thing you want your business to be associated with is a flood of harassing emails. Keep emails relevant, engaging and keep them concerned with what you know they like.

Of course, just like anything with marketing, there’s a lot to keep track of. Gathering an email list as well as crafting and sending out the emails every so often is only the first part of the job. After that comes the analysis of the campaign and responding to what your customers do and don’t like. All of this comes with a relatively steep learning curve, as you learn what statistics to heed and to ignore, as well as how to run a campaign, and how to design an email that will appeal to your audience visually and with its words. Usually, people go to university for all of this, but that’s why most business owners hire email marketing service providers like Traffic Radius.

Who We Are

Traffic Radius is a marketing agency dedicated to bringing the best email marketing services to your business. Unlike other email marketing agencies in Melbourne, Traffic Radius offers all-round marketing services, including SEO, CRO, web development, campaign strategy, and more! This means that when we craft an email marketing campaign, our services are based on real experience gained through decades of helping businesses reach their goals.

We get results and we love being a part of the success stories of Melbourne businesses. Contact us here or call us on 1300 870 901 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how we can help your brand grow.

Eliza T
Eliza T
They are very communicative, professional, understanding and meet with you face to face. I would highly recommend.
Michael Hazer
Michael Hazer
From Start to Finish Traffic Radius has communicated clearly the process of their services.They always seek approval when changing any aspect of the website, the last company I had worked with did not, and this created many problems as it is the face of my company.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards
Previously I worked with a Digital Marketing Company in Melbourne that just took my money and neglected to contact me or even send reports. Since transitioning to Traffic Radius I have seen a noticable difference of enquiries online and the communication from the team reflects their efforts made.
Lorraine Dwyer
Lorraine Dwyer
Highly recommend, everyone we dealt with was helpful and our results were fabulous.
Collins GP
Collins GP
Grat company, Vinay gave best advise , hightly recommended
James O'Donovan
James O'Donovan
Traffic Radius has helped my business for the last few years growing it from a couple of visitors per months to hundreds. The reports that are generated every month help me gain a further understanding of who is coming to my website and why.
Allan D
Allan D
I had contracted Traffic Radius to help with an SEO and Google ad word campaign a few years ago. They always deliver on a timely manner and take the time to explain any queries that I have. Could not recommend them more
Vahid Yeganeh
Vahid Yeganeh
Happy to work with them since last 3 years. Great communication and more importantly trustworthy team. Vinay is knowledgeable in SEO and we got great result since he is managing our account. Highly recommended If you are looking to have more online traffic.
Dean Braden
Dean Braden
We have been using Traffic Radius for the past 8 months to assist our business with our SEO. Their communication is brilliant & have followed through with each request. Through their knowledge & service we've now pushed up our google ranking providing our business with more sales opportunities. We certainly recommend their service to others.
Mahdi Danish
Mahdi Danish
Have been working with traffic radius for almost a year now and believe that it was one of our good choices. Vinay (our advertising manager) with Traffic Radius have helped us in google SEO and have made it much easier for the clients to find us. cannot ask for more. Thank you Vinay and traffic radius for your great work. Protection Status