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Want to increase local organic visibility and looking for a local SEO agency?

Local search is critical for small businesses. Almost 80% of consumers use search engines looking for local information. In fact, more than 90% of buying still happens in brick and mortar stores. Around 50% of people who do a local search on their mobile devices, visit a store within 24 hours. This means that, if you don’t do local search optimization, you are losing a big chunk of potential customers. If you want to optimise your website with the best local SEO services, we can help drive your business to the next level.

Drive Growth with Our Solutions for Local SEO in Melbourne

Local SEO is all about optimizing your website to rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for a local audience. Your website is your window to the (online) world. However, if your target customers are located in or near the area your office/shop is located, you will need some amount of local SEO.

So it is important to optimize your site for your city, optimize the contact information, optimize, optimize, optimize. This way, your target customers know where you’re located and can find your store/office if need be.

With our services, we can help you get ranked on local search. As an established local SEO services company, we have powerful and proven ways to enable you to market your business to local customers.

What is Local SEO?

Whether you have a store, a shop or an office that is frequented by people, you might want to optimize your website to keep the flow of prospective customers. Even if you don’t have visitors coming to your premises, yet are targeting customers located in the same geographic location as yours, you must optimize your website for that location. And that’s what we refer to as “local SEO.”

When it comes to local search, the search engines aim to provide results that are the most relevant to the user’s location. If, for instance, you searched for “the best local SEO company”, Google local search would deliver results that are the closest to your location.

Local SEO is Critical for Your Local Business

Higher Chances to Rank on the Top

Local search is all about showcasing the most relevant, nearby businesses. This gives local businesses a wonderful opportunity to rank on the top of the SERPs. Local search comes with a lot of details such as user reviews, deals, link to a business’ website, and so on. So if you are not investing in local SEO, you are leaving money on the table.

Local Customers Can Find You

A few years ago, a listing in the Yellow Pages meant everything for a business. But today’s internet-savvy consumers no longer use those jumbo books. When they need to find something, today’s consumers simply pull out their phone and look up a search engine. And when someone does a search for say “pizza”, Google will identify their location and show up results personalized for the area indicated by your phone’s GPS. So when you want to improve your visibility and be seen by most of the consumers near your business, you need SEO for local businesses.

Higher Conversion Rates

Close to 78% of mobile searches result in a purchase either online or in-store. So if you aren’t actively involved in SEO for local businesses, you are affecting the conversions.

Provide Consumers the Right Information

Visitors to your website are going to trust you only if the information on your site is relevant to their search query. With local search marketing, you can show up different information to different customers based on their location. And that’s all the more important when your product/service differs by location.

Beat the Competition

Say there’s a tourist or a new visitor in the neighbourhood. It’s highly likely that he/she will look up online to find a store, restaurant or a doctor nearby. If you are not invested in local SEO, you are giving your competitors the chance to get to that prospective customer.

The Process of Creating a Local SEO Strategy

So, now that you are familiar with SEO and its importance for your business, you are wondering how to improve local SEO of your business!

But first, let’s take a look at the 3 important local SEO factors:

  • Proximity – How close are you to the user’s location?
  • Prominence – How do your previous customers rate your products/services?
  • Relevance – How relevant are your offerings to the search query?

So all efforts you put in your local SEO efforts would be with these three crucial ranking factors in mind. And that’s exactly what we do as part of our local SEO services.

  • Google My Business
  • Citation Building
  • Localized Link Building
  • Website Localization
  • Local Reviews
  • On-Page SEO

Google My Business

As a local business, claiming your Google My Business listing is an essential step towards improving your visibility in local search results. We can help you to rank in the local search results to ensure your audience can find you easily.

Citation Building

Make sure your website features on citation websites as well as online directories. This will make it easy for your customers to find your business. But it has to be done right.

Localized Link Building

When authoritative and credible websites link to you, the search engines will trust your website and consider it a credible source of information. We build natural, high-quality, highly relevant links from authority websites pointing to your site. This is sure to give your site a huge boost in the local SERPs.

Website Localization

Localizing your website is all about incorporating the name of your county, city or region across your site If your business has a presence/is targeting multiple locations, you will need separate pages for each location.

Local Reviews

Honest and real reviews are important. They showcase how good your service is and they tell the search engines that your site is useful and trustworthy. The number of reviews you get, the quality of the reviews, and the authority of the review sites are all important local SEO ranking factors.

On-Page SEO

We will identify the most lucrative keywords for your business and help you beat your competition with a well-planned on-page SEO strategy.

Local SEO Can Help Boost Google SERPs for Your Small Business

Local SEO can get you a spot in Google’s local 3-pack listing, a highly valuable spot in the search engine result pages. So what exactly is this 3-pack?

Local SEO Map Results

A Moz study found that 44% of respondents clicked on local 3-pack results whereas only 8% looked for more results. This proves that most users looking for local results find what they’re looking for in the 3-pack options.

So a presence in this pack can drive your visibility, sales and profitability through the roof.

There are several factors that affect your local SERPs. A local search strategy can help boost each of these signals and in turn boosting your Google SERPs. These ranking signals include:

  • Review signals
  • Social signals
  • On-Page signals
  • Place page signals
  • External local signals
  • Mobile signals
  • Personalization signals

How Much Should You Invest in Local SEO Services?

This question can be better answered in term of the “value you derive from local SEO”.

On an average, a local SEO campaign costs anywhere from $1000 to $2000 for a single-location business. The factors that influence the cost are citings, locations and local links.

So how much you invest in local SEO services depends on these and many other factors. If the success of your campaign rests on how quickly your audience can find you, then you simply cannot ignore local SEO.

Traffic Radius offers a wide range of local seo packages to suit every budget.

Take a look at our plans below.

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