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Facebook Marketing for Hotels : Profit Guide for Hotel Owners

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing for Hotels : Profit Guide for Hotel Owners

In 2017, hotels should really be using Facebook marketing to help grow their business.

This infographic from Ard Na Sidhe takes you through everything hotels need to know about utilizing the platform.

Some hotels will already have their basic profiles set up,

but those who don’t will need to start from the beginning.

Get your page set up with all the basics before delving deeper into Facebook marketing.

The basics are essentially to just get your page looking nice with customized graphics for both your profile and cover photo i.e.

A high-quality picture of your logo as the profile picture and perhaps a picture of the dining area as your cover photo.

Driving business through your page will require some sort of budget,

so you’ll need to think about how you want to use Facebook adverts to grow your business.

Do you want to get more likes, drive traffic to your website or perhaps, some other call to action that will add value to your hotel?

Facebook ads allow you to hone in on who you want to target,

as they have more knowledge about their users than any other social network site.

For example, you might run a campaign about wedding offers.

While of course people get married at all ages;

it might be fair to assume that targeting people between the ages of say 28-35 will get a better response.

You can even target females only if you think there’s more of a chance that they will react positively to the ad.

Therein lies the power of Facebook ads; tailored content reaching your specific target audience.

Facebook now owns Instagram so it may be worth sharpening up your hotel marketing skills on that platform as well.

Why not show your followers the amazing view from your dining room?

This may encourage a couple who are engaged to choose your venue.

An important element across all social platforms is engagement so it’s vital that at least one person in the hotel is regularly checking for messages.

It’s important to give people a quick response as unanswered questions just won’t reflect well on your hotel.

You can also run competitions periodically to create some buzz on your page.

Even something as simple as a €100 voucher for a couple of nights stay at your hotel can really give your page a boost.

Ask followers to like and share a post before announcing who’s the lucky winner

If you’re in the hotel business and still haven’t acted on Facebook marketing; it’s time to get involved.

Check out the full infographic for a good overview of how hotels can effectively utilise Facebook to engage with a wider customer base.

facebook marketing


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