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Link Building – The Beginner’s Guide for better SEO

link building

Link Building – The Beginner’s Guide for better SEO

Whether you are already doing link building for quite some time now or are completely new to link building, there are loads you should learn when it comes to mastering this particular technique. The landscape of link building and SEO changes regularly.

Today, the need to build top-quality links is all the more higher. If you want to thrive online, then it is necessary for you to understand and implement good quality campaigns. Now this scenario is not anticipated to change anytime soon. So, we have designed this guide to quickly get you going and in the correct direction.

As there is a lot to be taken it, we have just broken it down into simple, easy-to-comprehend sections. Let us now get started without any further delay.

What is Link Building?

We are sure your very first questions will be “how to build links” and “why are backlinks important”? Well, we will explain you the importance of quality link building, link acquisition, inbound link building, Moz backlinks, Moz link building etc. Relax, there are no black hat link building techniques involved here.

This is a white hat link building technique that helps you to avoid bad website links (bad link) and ensure only good website links. Now, getting back to the question what is link building – “Link building is a technique of acquiring links (hyperlinks) from various other websites to your website”.

These hyperlinks enable users to navigate from one web page to another across the internet.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Before we plunge into the importance of backlinks, it is important to understand how links are created, how the links are viewed by the search engines and what do they interpret from these links.

1. Start Of Anchor Tag

Also known as link tag, it opens up the link tag and guides search engine that a link to something will soon be following.

2. Hyperlink Referral Location

Representing “hyperlink referral”, “href”, the text represents the URL to which a link will be point out. This need not necessarily be a web page always, it can be a file address or an image address that could be downloaded. Sometimes you can see things other than URL that start with “#”. These are nothing but the local links that take you to another section of the same web page.

3. Anchor Text of the Link

This is the small amount of text which users can see on a web page that have to be clicked to open that link. This text is generally formatted to make it stand out from the rest of the text around it – often using an underline or a blue color suggesting it as a clickable link.

4. Link Tag Closure

This is the aspect that signals the ending of a link tag to search engines.

How Important Are Links for Search Engines?

When it comes to the importance of backlinks or the importance of link building, it has a major impact on the way search engines view your website. This how important are backlinks. There are two major ways for which search engines consider links:
1.To find new web pages
2.To determine where a particular web page should rank on the search results

In SEO link building, as soon as the web pages are crawled by the search engines, they extract information and index it. This is a way to decide whether a particular page can be ranked for a specific keyword or not.

Link Building for SEO

When it comes to link building websites, we advise you to be very careful. This is because when the search engines are juggling to rank your website, they do not just consider your web content, they also consider the number of backlinks that point out to your page.

Besides, the quality of those external links matter the most. Simply put, the higher the quality of the backlinks, the better will be your organic ranking due to the flow of link juice. Relevant website links and other types of links that are a part of website link building is a critical ranking factor because it is a great way to determine the quality of a web page.

Link Building Campaigns

Wondering “how to do link building”, “how to build links for SEO” or “how to do link building in SEO”? Relax, we have simplified external link building in this ultimate guide to link building to provide you with a link building solution.

With different types of linking around, link building tactics may sound complex. But this is not the case. Following a few good link building tips will get you going. SEO links and link building SEO is no rocket science. But link building marketing and site link building should be handled carefully.

By now if you are clear with links meaning, let us proceed to link building systems. Links are regarded as the “votes of confidence” for web pages. So, when someone links to your website, it highlights the fact that you are a good resource, if not why would they link to you?

Advanced Link Building

Soon, businesses have learned to manipulate the search results for a given keyword. However, Google actively discovers such businesses and prevents this with the help of regular updates. So, over usage of backlinks will only lead to penalties and will negatively impact the website.

So, the best option is to keep it simple and get only highly relevant and good quality backlinks that add value to the user experience.

Comparing Thematic Clusters of Google’s Ranking Factors

In link building, it is an accepted fact that if the other ranking factors are equal, then the quality and the number of the hyperlinks pointing out to a page will help in making ranking decisions.

However, with Penguin updates and the Google+’s push speculate that the importance of links are on a downward trend and that is now being replaced by social signals such as “likes”, “+1s” and “tweets”. With Google becoming sophisticated with every passing day, it is important for you to ensure that your link building techniques focus on quality.

What is “Nofollow” and What Should You Know About it?

“Nofollow” is an attribute that is occasionally applied to links. When added, your users will not be able to see any difference. But, the codes of such links look different.

Can you see that rel=”nofollow” is added? This signals search engines to stop passing PageRank from this to your target URL. Basically, you signal Google to not trust this link and exclude it from being considered. So, the target URL will not get better ranking.

So, when should you add a “nofollow”. You can add it when you are confident that this link is a vote of confidence. Some of the cases where it is added include:
• Forum posts
• Yahoo! Answers
• Blog comments
• Guest Post signatures
• Guest book comments
• Editable Wiki Pages

Search users can add any number of links to pages like these. Due to the size, it is practically impossible to moderate all these links. So, to prevent link spammers from affecting the page rank of a web page, the site can apply nofollow attribute to the links posted by the users.

How Can You Benefit from Link Building?

As discussed earlier, links are critical ranking signals used by search engines to assign PageRank. So, having more number of top-quality links to your website will increase your chance of ranking higher. However, there are numerous other benefits that are worth evaluating.

1. Build Long-Term Relationships

Link building involves outreaching to relevant blogs and websites in your niche. This relates to promoting something that you just completed – an infographic or a piece of content. While outreach is done mainly to get a link, there is so much more to it.

It helps you to build long-term business relationships with the influencers in your sector, which makes your business well regarded and also trustworthy. Now this, my friends, is extremely valuable because it creates genuine advocates and evangelists for your business.

2. Get Referral Traffic

If you have good links from highly visited websites, you will see an increase in your web traffic. When the website is relevant, the traffic will also be relevant. So, you will have qualified leads that gradually turn into your customers, thereby increasing your sales.

3. Better Business Branding

Good link building will build your business brand as well and help you to emerge as an authority within your industry. Link building techniques like content creation will showcase your expertise to your target audience. Say you create some content with all the latest industry updates and statistics. This helps you to become famous in your industry for this particular information.

Link Building Versus Link Earning

This is considered as the importance of creating the web pages that are worth linking back to. Before you plan to build links, you should make sure that your website should also have something that is worth linking back to.

Often you should focus on your website’s Homepage. However, rarely it can be some specialized resources like blogs, tools, graphics or research materials. Mostly, assets like these exist much before you embark on your link building campaign.

Or, at times, you might create them particularly for link building purpose. Now, here is where the concept of “link earning” comes into picture. Every link building campaign should begin with something that makes it worthy to link back to your web content.

This can be possible only when you have something that is truly valuable. When people find your resources share-worthy or useful link building becomes much simpler than ever. After all, you are also doing your bit to add value to the search users.


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