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What is Link Juice & How Does it Boost Your Organic Rankings?

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What is Link Juice & How Does it Boost Your Organic Rankings?

Blog / What is Link Juice & How Does it Boost Your Organic Rankings?
Link Juice

What is Link Juice & How Does it Boost Your Organic Rankings?

Are you struggling to get your website to the top of the search results and rank higher in the popular search engines? Want to attract more traffic to your website? If your answer is “yes”, then link juice or SEO juice is what you need.

If you have already indulged in search engine optimisation (SEO), then you have definitely come across the term “link juice” or “SEO juice”. Do you really want to know what actually link juice in SEO means?

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Well, if you are not aware of SEO juice or the backlink juice and would want to know all about it, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we have explained what link juice is and how does it impact your SEO efforts positively?

If you want your website to get better organic ranking, then the relying on older optimization methods will just not help. It is important for you to optimize and upgrade your website to leapfrog your competitors.

Today, you can leverage internal link juice tools to pass the juice, define backlinks and define linking. In this blog we will define link building as well as link juice meaning.

The link juice tool also serves as link juice calculator. It measures the link equity that gets passed on from these websites to your website. The authority of the SEO juice varies based on the websites that link to you.

Link juice is a phrase in SEO that refers to the equity or value that is passed on from one website or web page to another. The value here will be passed through hyperlinks.

Search engines consider links as votes provided by other sites signifying that your web page is extremely valuable and worth promoting. Therefore, SEO juice is a critical factor in SEO that helps you to get better organic rankings in the search results.

SEO juice is also known as link equity and it is dependent on a number of factors, which include the following:

• Relevancy to the web topic
• Anchor text that is used
• HTML of your link
• Site linking to web content

So, it is better you define internal links before getting into the SEO juice. Google considers multitude of high-quality links as one of the significant factors to gain higher organic rankings.

Basically, the phrase “SEO juice” is an SEO jargon, which is often talked about with respect to your link building efforts like blogger outreach, broken link building, guest posting as well as link bait.

The benefits of SEO juice are plenty in SEO. The major benefit it offers is higher organic rankings in search engines. So, if you want to rank higher, then it is necessary that your website gets relevant and top-quality link juice.

When you rank higher, the chances of search users clicking on the links to your your web pages will also be higher. This ultimately, boosts the traffic to your website.

More traffic is directly proportional to more profits, thereby assures higher and better returns on all your investments. On the whole, SEO juice is a great and an extremely effective way to succeed in your SEO efforts.

How Does SEO Juice Work?

Link juice, SEO juice, link authority or the backlink authority are all the different names that basically mean the same. Google carefully evaluates all the links that link back to a specific website.

Based on this Google determines the kind of ranking position it assigns to that particular web page and places it in the search results for specific keywords or search queries.

Let us say that page X links back to page Y, then the SEO juice flows from the page X to page Y. This will then help page Y to get higher SEO ranking on the Google.

Therefore, the higher the number of pages that link to your website and the higher the quality of those pages (which link back to your website), the more SEO juice your web page will receive and it tends to rank higher on Google.

SEO juice comes from the following:

• Pages with content that is highly relevant to your website
• Web pages with higher PageRank
• Web content having relatively fewer outbound links
• Pages containing top quality content
• Website that appear at the top in the search results
• Pages having a lot of content generated by the search users
• Web content that are popular across various social media platforms

Following are some of the web pages from which the link juice does not flow:

• Pages that Nofollow your website links
• Web pages having totally irrelevant or less relevant content
• Web content with several links like site-wide links or ad links
• Pages which are not at all indexed in the searches
• Links that are paid
• Links that are a result of some link exchange schemes
• Some links from websites that are not ranked and do not have any content

A great way to get SEO juice to your website is to add a sitemap on the Homepage. Wondering why? This is mainly because sitemap is an effective way to clearly display all your web pages to both search engines as well as search users.

Next comes interlinking your web pages to one another. Most of the marketers overlook this important method to boost the link juice to their website. Internal linking not only improves organic ranking but it also reduces your bounce rates.

External links are also equally important and are as vital as internal linking. So, try to improve your external links to further boost the link juice for website. Also, never waste SEO juice by passing it only to the Homepage.

So, wisely use the SEO juice across all your web pages throughout your website. You can also point out all the relevant links back to website. Only when you do this the SEO juice can be beneficial to you.

Now, the best way to get more links to your website would be to do the following:

• Create highly authoritative, trustworthy as well as useful content
• Boost the popularity and strength of your brand
• Constantly get PR, advertise and promote promptly
• Promote great web content to ensure that it gets to the right audience

Some of the other common best practices that businesses follow to boost their link juice on their own include the following:

• Contribute web content to various other websites
• Blogger outreaching
• Brand mentions and expert quotes
• Blogs and product reviews
• Being listed in all the directories that are relevant to their industries

There are multiple metrics that are available to accurately measure the SEO juice of the websites – yours as well as others. The algorithm the is used by Google to calculate link juice is Google PageRank.

However, Google PageRank data is no longer available to the public. So, thousands of SEO tools now publish their SEO juice data separately. These include Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and Majestic Citation Flow, Moz Domain Authority (DA), etc. They are valuable and yield accurate results.

SEO Juice in Action

While SEO juice does not drive sales directly, the higher the positive link juice you have to your website, the higher will be its authority in the eyes of the Google.

As it is this will help your website to get to the top of the search results. This boosts the chances of search users clicking on the links to your website. This makes it critical for ranking on Google.

Do not forget that SEO juice is vital because it is a great way to evaluate how exactly search users are using and discussing your brand, web content or even about your website.

Above all, this is also a wonderful way to build more awareness about your brand. You can build your business reputation and emerge as a valuable resource in your particular industry sector.

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of contemplations around “manipulating link equity”. As the term “manipulating” has a negative undertone to it, several people still consider it to be something that is bad.

Well, playing around with your link equity is certainly not always a negative thing. In fact, if you smartly leverage it, you will able to benefit from both – your SEO efforts as well as the user experience.

Having said all that, we are sure you are wondering what exactly is “manipulating link equity”? Well, it is a process of using the link equity to improve ranking signals to all the other parts of the website.

Here, you will be connecting your website in a way that in a manner that makes it simpler for the users as well as the bots to understand. Once you start getting multiple links to a specific page on your website, you can then safely use that web page to boost your other web pages.

Winding Up

SEO juice helps your website to get better organic rankings in search results. Now that you already know what is SEO juice and how it works, you can smartly and effectively leverage it to make the most out of your SEO efforts.

Besides, you can also revisit the tips and tricks discussed above to boost your SEO juice and get phenomenal results. If you have ignored or not leveraged link juice, then the time is just right for you.

Implement it right away to optimize and update your website and leapfrog your competitors!

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