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Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics v5 – 8 Cool Features You Must Know

If you are into online marketing and search engine optimization, then you cannot be far away from Google Analytics v5. For starters, Google Analytics v5 is an online tool from the search engine giant that gives invaluable data and insights about the performance of your website based on various parameters.

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adwords remarketing

AdWords Remarketing – Your Handbook to Remarketing in Google AdWords

Have you ever thought what actually happens to your potential customers who are interested in your offerings, but are just not ready to pull the trigger? They might just cool off and move away from the idea of availing what you have got to offer.

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URL Redirect – The Complete Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Simply put, a URL redirect is way of telling one page to show up instead of another whenever there is a request to access the latter. This is a way of sending both users and search engines to a particular URL instead of the one requested originally.

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google answer box

How to Optimize Your Website for Google Answer Box?

With a constant need to top the ranking game, have you ever wondered what is the new deciding factor today anyway? Well, it is your “featured snippets”. Masking organic search results that appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages and making your way into the Google Answer

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google algorithm

New Google Algorithm Update is Making Rounds – 9th March 2018

Have you witnessed some turbulence in SEO over the past couple of weeks? Well, if yes, do not panic. It is just the new Google algorithm update making rounds. As March 9th 2018 was the date we witnessed a lot of changes and as Google also has refrained from giving this

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click through rate banner

What is a Good Click Through Rate and How Can You Achieve It?

As marketers look for new and innovative ways to target potential customers one question that frequently bothers them is what is a good click through rate. Well click through rates require special attention and you should know what numbers you are looking at. Click through rates vary by both industries

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google adwords

How to Set Up a Google AdWords Campaign? – A Complete Guide

A Google AdWords campaign is the surest and fastest way to get initial traction for websites that have been just launched. Although the tool and its features look pretty straight forward, the intricacies of working with it can be quite complicated. Some of the questions I will be trying to

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google maps ads

Google Maps Ads – 10 Questions That Need Immediate Answering

What is Google Maps Ads? Over the past few weeks, Google announced a plethora of changes to many of its products and services. While some of them were centered around the more traditional aspects such as AdWords and Analytics, a huge chunk of changes were centered around mobile devices.

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Why Use Adwords – Top 10 Reasons That Will Instantly Make You to Consider Using Adwords

Why should you use adwords marketing? Why use adwords at all? Does adwords actually work? Are these questions bothering you? Well, relax, these are some of the common keyword phrases that are searched on Google as well. So, what does that imply? It simply means that there are several business

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