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Types of Keywords to Enhance Your SEO and Help You Rank Higher

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Types of Keywords to Enhance Your SEO and Help You Rank Higher

Blog / Types of Keywords to Enhance Your SEO and Help You Rank Higher

Types of Keywords to Enhance Your SEO and Help You Rank Higher

Is your SEO strategy not yielding the desired results? Relax, all that you need is targeting the right types of keywords. If you are thinking what are the different types of keywords you should target to get better SEO results, then you are at the right place.

Keywords are the basic building blocks of all your SEO campaigns – including on site placement as well as link prospecting usage and acquisition. Knowing which types of keywords to target and how exactly they have to be targeted will help you achieve great results.

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As there are different keywords for SEO, when you define and categorize your keywords, it improves your online community building and link outreach. Both these factors are very important to drive high-quality and relevant traffic to your website.

If you are wondering what are keywords in SEO, what are SEO keywords or how to create keywords for SEO, then you are in the right place.

In this blog we have made an attempt to show you how to group keywords and use a personalized approach that is industry focused. Today, let us see 7 different types of keywords, which can be used to boost your SEO efforts.

1. Keywords that Define Your Market

Also known as market defining keywords, these are nothing but the search terms and phrases used by your target audience when they talk about your industry or business.

Often, these phrases will be generic and broad. This makes it harder to rank for them when compared to the others. However, they are certainly very important.

These search engine optimization keywords are particularly important while carrying out your on-page optimization. Follow all the SEO best practices and just add these keywords throughout your website pages.

Kick Start Content Creation

Market defining keywords are keywords for search engine optimization that also help you to kick start the process of content creation. Framing these search terms in broader questions will enable you to create top quality content for your blog or website.

Next, when you think of link acquisition, you can use these search engine optimized keywords to prospect for community building or link building opportunities. Well, we do know that manual link building is not something that is favorable.

However, it works very well, in fact it is much better when compared to other methods with a good keyword strategy. These phrases often unveil various other great websites withing your niche, which you can consider partnering with.

Wondering what is a keyword strategy? Don’t worry, read on to know more. With different types of keywords in SEO, it is important for you to focus on a good keyword strategy.

2. Types Of Keywords That Define Your Customers

These are nothing but the phrases and terms that your potential customers tend to use while defining themselves. So, what actually your target audience and customers refer themselves as?

This is important in SEO keywords search to identify the best SEO keywords.

Or wait, what do they call the others present in their group. Now, questions like these will help you to uncover the keywords that are powerful. These keywords are critical as they let you identify others, relating to your target audience.

While some directly relate to your customer base, the others could be from the similar industry sector. Either way, when you use these phrases, you can get good insight on how your audience talk and frame your website accordingly to entice them.

There is More to SEO

SEO certainly has much more to it than mere search. It is more about establishing a connection with your customers and target audience. Customers defining keywords are the ones that help you to reach those who are in need of your services or your products.

When you know how your audience clearly define themselves, you will be able to create better content, get contextually appropriate links and hence build online connections that are more authentic.

3. Product Defining Keywords

Product defining keywords are the ones that describe what you offer. So, when you list out and research these terms, it is better to be specific. Let us say that you sell laptops.

You should definitely be using the brand names also – Surface Pro, Dell Laptop, MacBook Pro and so on. Doing this, helps you to discover some good prospects and opportunities, which extremely specific niche in your target-customer segment.

In majority of the spaces, you will be able to identify smaller segments, which are devoted to a specific type, style or brand of a product. It is in these segments where you can get product enthusiasts, who generally tend to take action when they are approached for brand or link building.

Besides, product keywords can add enormous value when you add it to your web content because they help you to create targeted content for your articles and blogs.

4. “Industry Thought Leader” Keywords

Industry thought leaders can be groups or individuals, who within your niche segment are well known and respected. They are the individuals who are known by everybody.

While you cannot retain these keywords in your home page title tag, they can be extremely helpful in your outreaching efforts. These industry thought leader phrases will help you to find new interview and PR opportunities, which attracts specific traffic to your website.

Not Sure Where to Look for Experts?

Don’t panic. If you are not very sure about places to find the experts or if you are not too sure about who actually they are, just try leveraging Google, Twitter, Amazon or Facebook.

A great way to get into the conversation is to try and connect with them. This helps you to learn more and also add value. The more you know about the thought leaders, the better it is for you to pitch across your offerings.

5. Competitor Company Names

These names can be particularly helpful to understand how your competitors and other treat or report to companies like yours. Competitor company names are like the industry thought leaders because you cannot use both these types of keywords for on page optimization.

With the help of competitor company names, who has covered your competitors in the media, news, blogs and forums. You can then look into all their reviews to get a clear picture of what you are competing with.

These are the vertical keywords, which are the phrases within the ecosystem of your target segment. These terms can be anything including the customers as well as the suppliers industries.

However, they should have an established connection with your primary audience. Now these phrases are very helpful to find new prospecting opportunities and create a strong community comprising of like-minded people.

These keywords let you to “cross pollinate” your community building efforts with your link outreach efforts. When you tap the closely related segments, you can present your message to those who are interested but do not know about you.

7. Geo-Specific Keywords

Geo specific keywords are extremely important for local rankings. A Study by Google states that 50% of the users who did local search on their phones ended up visiting the in a day; and only 34% of those who did it on tablet/computer did the same.

So, when you define your geo specific keywords, you will be able to target the local groups, events and prospects, which your business can either sponsor or engage with.

Besides, local SEO  is a great approach to expand your influence and reach. When you own a brick and mortar business, it is the local SEO that drives good traffic to your website as well as your store offline.

Breakdown the Geo Targeting

However, when you carry out a research for geo specific terms, do not stick only to your city or town. Expand the territory by including the neighboring areas too.

If you are in a very large city, then try breaking down the geo terms to your neighborhoods as well. This helps to to get a better and more targeted segment.

Few Thoughts to Ponder

When you find, organize and use keywords, one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is to remain patient and continue to dig. The more you investigate and search, the more you tend to discover.

Once your list is ready, just organize the search phrases by action and then develop a plan. Before you begin outreaching, just optimize your website. These types of keywords help you to build a strong community that drives your website in the right direction.

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