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Optimise Your Content Marketing Strategy with Reddit’s Keyword Research Techniques

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Optimise Your Content Marketing Strategy with Reddit’s Keyword Research Techniques

Blog / Optimise Your Content Marketing Strategy with Reddit’s Keyword Research Techniques

Optimise Your Content Marketing Strategy with Reddit’s Keyword Research Techniques

Among the plethora of social media platforms available today, Reddit remains highly misunderstood and often overlooked by SEO professionals. However, with nearly 1.6 billion visits recorded in April 2019, Reddit holds immense potential for those willing to explore its unique landscape.

Despite its reputation for eccentricity and its perceived lack of friendliness towards newcomers, dismissing Reddit outright would be a mistake. Beyond the stereotypical image of gamers and tech enthusiasts, Reddit boasts an extensive and diverse user base that can offer valuable insights into keyword research.

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In this blog, we will guide you through the process of leveraging Reddit for effective Reddit keyword research.

Discover Your Target Audience on Reddit

To effectively connect with your desired audience on Reddit, it’s crucial to navigate through the platform strategically. Many users make the common mistake of starting their exploration with the front page of Reddit or only focusing on high-subscriber subreddits like r/videos or r/AskReddit. However, this approach often leads to wasted time and unnecessary diversions.

Reddit boasts an extensive range of subreddits covering virtually every imaginable topic, from entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and personal finance to niche interests like mechanical pencils, dog shower thoughts and even a subreddit dedicated to finding other subreddits.

What To Do?

To optimise your search, it’s recommended to dive deep into specific subreddits rather than staying at the surface level. For instance, if you operate an online shop specialising in gourmet beef jerky, it’s beneficial to explore subreddits focused on jerky enthusiasts and perhaps even engage with e-commerce entrepreneurs for industry-related discussions.

For a more comprehensive search, consider utilising the following platforms:

  • Pearltrees: This platform enables you to delve deeper into the subreddit ecosystem, providing a broader scope of options for your targeted audience.
  • Another helpful resource that assists in identifying niche subreddits, allowing you to refine your search and connect with specialised communities.

By leveraging these tools, you’ll effectively find your people on Reddit and engage with them in a meaningful way.

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Uncover Promising Content Ideas on Reddit

By dedicating just 10-15 minutes to browsing a subreddit, you can stumble upon a wealth of potential content ideas and fresh angles derived from ongoing community conversations.

While Reddit typically showcases hot discussions by default, you can switch to the “rising” or “controversial” sorting options often yields better results.

Tip: If a subreddit has fewer than 20,000 subscribers or lacks recent activity, consider adjusting the filter settings to display posts from the past month or year.

Here are the types of discussions to focus on:

  • “How do I do X” posts: These queries often serve as excellent starting points for brainstorming and generating new content ideas.
  • Lengthy debates: Engaging discussions that spark extensive back-and-forth exchanges can provide valuable insights and angles to explore.
  • Highly upvoted questions, including those unanswered in an AMA: Pay attention to questions that receive significant upvotes, as they indicate popular areas of interest.
  • Discussions or comments with many upvotes but limited responses: These instances highlight topics that resonate with the community but may lack comprehensive answers or insights.

What To Do?

Maintain a spreadsheet to record these noteworthy threads. For instance, if you come across a discussion about the best jerky marinades, or a popular query on styling techniques, with an 81% upvote rate and nearly 20 comments in a smaller subreddit, it signifies a significant level of interest in that topic.

By systematically documenting these content ideas, you can explore them further and develop compelling pieces that resonate with your target audience. You can also use keyword research tools to find relevant topics and phrases.

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Prioritise User Intent Rather Than Getting Obsessed with Traffic or Search Volume

One common blunder made by marketers is placing excessive emphasis on overall search volume or estimated traffic figures, often overlooking the crucial factor of keyword intent.

What To Do?

By prioritising user intent, you can align your content with the specific needs and desires of your target audience. Remember, it’s not just about attracting traffic; it’s about attracting the right kind of traffic—individuals who are genuinely interested in your offerings and more likely to convert into loyal customers.

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The most remarkable content ideas often stem from recognising fresh patterns or trends before they become mainstream. To achieve this, dedicate 10-15 minutes a few times each week to explore relevant subreddits, taking note of engaging threads and insightful replies in your spreadsheet.

Doing keyword research in SEO is a crucial part of the process. Over time, you will notice recurring keywords, phrases and questions that emerge repeatedly. This invaluable data serves as the foundation for compelling content pieces, including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Social Media Content

Moreover, this newfound knowledge can aid you in crafting SEO-friendly headlines, writing persuasive landing page copy and gaining a deeper understanding of how your target audience searches for and discusses the topic online.

Ultimately, the content that resonates the most effectively is tailored to your target customers’ preferred style of consuming information.

Experiment with Content Ideas and Seek Feedback

Reddit offers an excellent platform to seek feedback and conduct informal market research. However, it’s essential to use this resource ethically and avoid disguising self-promotional posts as genuine inquiries.

Redditors are astute and can easily detect such tactics. Instead, genuinely engage with the community by asking thought-provoking questions or seeking feedback on specific concepts.

A valuable strategy is to:

  • Create new discussions where you present different headlines, taglines or content concepts.
  • Gauge which ideas resonate most effectively before investing hours into creating a comprehensive piece of content.

This approach saves you time and ensures that your efforts align with what resonates best with your target audience.

How to Do Keyword Research on Reddit?

When it comes to keyword research, Reddit can be a goldmine of valuable insights into popular topics and user intent. Here’s a user-friendly guide to help you conduct keyword research on Reddit effectively:

  • Identify relevant subreddits: Begin by pinpointing subreddits that align with your niche or industry. These communities serve as hubs for discussions related to your target keywords.
  • Explore subreddit search: Make use of the subreddit search function to find specific keywords or phrases related to your topic.
  • Analyse popular threads: Look out for threads that boast high engagement, upvotes and comments. These indicate popular topics and questions that pique users’ interest. Pay attention to the language used, recurring phrases and keywords mentioned in these discussions.
  • Take note of keyword variations: While going through threads, identify different variations of keywords or phrases commonly used by users. This will provide you with a broader understanding of how people discuss the topic and the specific language they employ.
  • Leverage search filters: Reddit offers handy filters like “hot,” “rising,” and “controversial” to sort posts. Experiment with these filters to discover trending or popular discussions related to your target keywords.
  • Utilise external Reddit search tools: Consider using external tools such as Reddit Keyword Research Tools or to expand your keyword research further. These tools can help you explore subreddit trends and identify popular keywords.
  • Compile and analyse data: Create a spreadsheet to record the keywords, variations and phrases you come across during your research. Organise them based on relevance, popularity and user intent.
  • Refine your content strategy: Utilise the insights gained from Reddit keyword research to fine-tune your content marketing strategy.

Remember, Reddit keyword research complements traditional methods and provides a unique perspective backed by user-generated insights.

Incorporating this approach will enhance your understanding of your target audience’s preferences and enable you to create more impactful content.

Discover and Cultivate Connections with Subject Matter Experts in Your Field

Emulate the strategies employed by journalists by investing time in finding and establishing relationships with subject matter experts in your industry. Journalists have long used Reddit to discover sources for their stories and you can adopt the same approach to create authoritative content of your own.

What To Do?

You can establish rapport with journalists who cover topics relevant to your field, increasing the chances of being featured in news articles. Demonstrating expertise and authority through interviews, quotes and links to these experts’ websites can also improve your content’s visibility and ranking on Google, especially considering Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines.

An additional advantage is that initiating conversations on Reddit is often easier compared to more crowded platforms like Twitter or email. This accessibility allows for more direct and meaningful interactions, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and insights between you and subject matter experts.

By leveraging the power of Reddit, you can forge valuable connections that contribute to the growth and credibility of your content marketing strategy.

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Utilising AMAs to Connect with Subject Matter Experts

AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are widely recognised as a popular feature on Reddit, known for engaging conversations and insights. While many celebrities like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Gordon Ramsay have participated in AMAs, it’s important to note that they are not limited to famous individuals. AMAs cover a diverse range of topics, making them a valuable resource for finding subject matter experts in various fields.

What To Do?

To leverage AMAs effectively, conduct a quick search within relevant subreddits to discover past or upcoming AMAs related to your area of interest. While reaching out to the person conducting the AMA is an obvious opportunity, it’s equally important to explore the comments section.

This is where you’ll often find subject matter experts sharing valuable insights through the quality of their questions or contributions.

  • By actively observing the comments within AMAs, you can identify individuals who exhibit expertise in your field.
  • Engage with these experts not only provides an opportunity to learn from their knowledge
  • Tap into the expertise found in AMAs to enhance the quality and credibility of your content

Common Reddit keyword research tools

Reddit offers basic search functions but there are external keyword research tools that can elevate your keyword research on the platform. These tools provide advanced features and insights to enhance your analysis.

Let’s look at some popular Reddit keyword research tools on Google.

  • This website provides a comprehensive list of subreddits, enabling you to discover relevant communities based on specific topics or keywords. It serves as a valuable resource for identifying trending themes and subreddits within your niche.
  • Reddit Keyword Research Tools: There are specific online tools designed to support Reddit keyword research. These tools allow you to search for keywords, track subreddit popularity, monitor discussions and identify trending topics.
  • Subreddit Stats: This tool offers detailed analytics for individual subreddits. It provides data on subscriber growth, post activity, comment frequency and keyword analysis within specific communities. Subreddit Stats can help you understand the popularity and engagement levels of keywords or topics within targeted subreddits.
  • Social Listening Tools: While not exclusively focused on Reddit, social listening tools like Brandwatch, Hootsuite or Sprout Social can be leveraged to monitor conversations and trends across various social media platforms, including Reddit. These tools offer insights into keyword usage, sentiment analysis and overall discussions related to your target keywords.

By utilising these Reddit keyword research tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of popular discussions, emerging trends and user sentiments within the Reddit community.

This valuable knowledge will empower you to create highly targeted and engaging content that resonates with your intended audience.


If you haven’t tapped into the power of Reddit for customer and keyword research yet, it’s time to get started. Reddit is a treasure trove of insights where you can observe how people discuss your product and industry, while also building relationships with subject matter experts.

This valuable knowledge can shape your content marketing strategy, help you craft copy that truly resonates with your target audience and even allow you to test different copy and content ideas.

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