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Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Creation! Secret to your ranking.

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Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Creation! Secret to your ranking.

Blog / Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Creation! Secret to your ranking.
seo guide

Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Creation! Secret to your ranking.

We often hear a saying in the marketing industry, i.e. “Content is King”.

In Digital media, it can mean any information created and published on the Web.

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Well, Creating a good piece of SEO Content isn’t that simple. It is better said than done!

1. What exactly is an SEO Content?

*Search Engine Optimization is basically the optimization of all contents on your website in order to generate more traffic and ultimately top ranking of the website.

*Generating traffic is a tedious job. It requires a strong control over the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

*The controlling factors typically include identification, generation, and optimization of Keywords. Identification, generation, and optimization of Contents.

Keywords (Identification, Generation, and Optimization)

*Keywords are nothing but the captions/match-words used in search of any information on search engines.

*They are the first point of focus in generating a good amount of traffic and ranking.

*Identification of the appropriate Keywords even before generation of contents help us focus on the kind of keywords that have already captured the market.

*It helps us build contents based on the most searched keywords.

*A keyword search tool by SEMrush helps you discover various forms of keywords like different “Keyword ideas”, “Long-tailed Keywords”, “Keywords Click Potential” and “Grouping of Keywords” based on relevancy.

keyword magic tool

*It further helps in analyzing the keyword level of competition, common phrases corresponding to the keyword, misspelled keywords, related keywords, difficulty of a keyword, etc.


*Keyword Optimizationhelps in the right usage of the generated keywords among the various contents of the website

*Keywords can be used in tagging the URL, Links, Title, Contents, Images, Metadata

*Other than these, Keywords can also be optimized in PPC Campaigns and across contents of various Social Media platforms.

Contents (Identification, Generation and Optimization)

*Layout, organization and structure of the contents should be looked into thoroughly during SEO.

*It is ideal to generate and optimize only contents that are “strong”. A weak content may attract negative ranking and a further penalty by Google.

*As mentioned, there are different categories of Contents. Let’s explore them:

2. SEO Content – Types

Product/Service Descriptions

* This is the most important page for e-commerce based websites.

*There are thousands of pages of various products. Optimization of every single page with relevant keywords and clear description helps the users land on the right page.

*The same applies to service descriptions.

*It shouldn’t take the user, beyond one page, when they are looking for a particular information or product.

*Chances of losing out on good traffic, clients, ranking in Google and appearance in PPC Ads, are very high when the contents on all these pages are not optimized to perfection.

Blog Contents

*A blog when created rightly reaches out to various users.

*Blogs can host almost any type of content.

*They help in the creation of various “Backlinks” and “Nofollow Links”.

*Blogs are posted on a regular basis when a certain ‘Blog Calendar’ is followed. Hence the blog contents reach the Audience faster than any other content.

*There is a regular means of interaction with the Users through blogs.

*Blog contents are to be optimized effectively and frequently before it reaches the target Audience.


*Unlike blogs, Articles are contents in detail and much more professional which can be used by various Scholars, Researchers and users in their references.

*It can also be pieces of News, Interviews etc.

*Typical subscription-based websites providing contents similar to Magazines and Newspapers encompass Articles.

*All contents relevant to Articles need to be optimized regularly.


*An Article presented with an uncommon Title constitutes to “List”

*The idea is to generate more traffic with the help of the Title.

*Its, needless to say, the contents of “Lists” need to Optimized.


*Guides are an elaborate explanation of a piece of content.

*It provides in-depth information and procedures involved in a process.

*One could relate a guide to a detailed book. Contents of a Guide could appear as Snippets or split into various parts, or available as a downloadable or purchasable content.

*Such in-depth contents require a high amount of Optimization.

Images, Videos & Infographics

* An image/video can be anything pertaining to the product/ service or any information.

*As compared to written contents, Images and Videos generate more views and traffic.

*Appropriate tagging of the image/video, is very important to attract the right Audience.

*Contents like Keywords and description of the Image/Video should be Optimized.

*On the other hand Infographics are the graphical representations which also contain a lot of written contents.

*Often, these contents are the most ignored. Hence its Optimization is very important.

content format



* Often the Homepage of a website contains a Slideshow of their Products, Service, Achievements, Company’s Profile, Press Releases etc.

*When Users are looking for a particular image, it is very difficult for them to look for a particular image unless there is an appropriate Image name, caption, description, etc.

*If the contents of a Slideshow are not Optimized, it can leave the Users with Anger, Confusion, and Disinterest.  

Build “Glossary & Directory” contents

*In addition to Optimizing various contents, efforts can be put into building own “Glossary” and “Directory” relevant to specific topics.

*This will provide the Users with an opportunity to visit your site for something beyond their existing needs.

*Optimization of these contents can enhance the usage and further gain more traffic to the Website.

3. Content Strategies for SEO

*It is very important to strategize an SEO Content. When contents are disorganized and aimless, they do not reach the target Audience, neither will it help you in ranking.

*A well crafted Content Strategy in creating and implementing SEO Contents on your Website is the crucial process we are talking about on this Blog.

*We have discussed the various types of contents and its Optimization. Let’s understand how they can be implemented with the Right Content strategies.

Your Target is Important

*By target, we mean the end product that you offer to your Audience, if it is a Product or Service, Business or Website.

*If it is a product based site, and you are primarily looking at sales of your products, the contents of your Products pages should be appealing and optimized.

*When you invest in providing attractive product pages, it will fetch you a good amount of traffic plus conversion of leads.

*The same applies to Service pages, where all the information about your services can be revamped and made to look attractive.

*If you are looking at establishing a Website with the sole purpose of attracting readers for more “Traffic” and “Return of readers”, ideally you can invest on creating attractive blogs, backlinks, Articles, and other related information.

*On the other hand, if you would like to draw New Audiences to your site, provide them with lucrative Articles, Videos, and any entertaining content to keep them glued on the pages for a longer duration.

*This model works with the help of Ads. So the longer they stay, the more exposure your website gets.

product page

Prioritize your Audience

*Prioritizing the demands of your Audience is very useful in bringing them back on your Website and generating more and more traffic.

*You could either do an Audience survey or utilize certain software in order to analyze and classify your Audience based on the type of Brand/Website yours is.

*Once you identify your ideal and the most typical Audience for your Website, it helps you revamp your Contents.

*For example, If your site has more visits from a College mass, viral contents with lots of images/videos are suitable.

* If its a Business Mass, provide them with a lot of information/reports on  Analysis, Comparisons, Growth, etc. of the Market.



Build your Editorial Calendar

*Once you have accumulated your regular flow of Audience, and optimized your contents, you could focus on building your Editorial Calendar.

*Editorial Calendar sets out an agenda for publishing your contents like Blogs, Articles etc.

*This will help you to stick to a particular schedule, plan your strategies in advance and avoid any blunders at the nick of time.

*Your Users/Followers too will be well aware before-hand about the publishing frequency and time

* While building an Editorial Calendar, certain aspects need to be taken care of. Like,

  1. Integration of The Editorial Calendar with Google or Outlook.
  2. Creation of customized features relevant to your Brand.
  3. Provide sufficient Window Period for Optimizing Visual Contents.
  4. Limit the planning to smaller Schedules and regularly upgrade the Calendar during these intervals.

4. Inspect and Reevaluate your Website

*Inspection of your site means timely analysis of all your SEO Contents and its growth.

*Growth can be analyzed from Social Media popularity, shares, Link views, Content views and its statistics, Google ranking etc.

*Google ranking happens in two ways, Popularity of Organic Contents and Popularity through Ads. Optimize your “Evergreen Contents” and also improvise your Ads for mass reach-out.

*Lastly, after you analyze the secret of your “Growth” and “Boom”, reproduce the same formula.

Similarly, for the success of a Website, Contents are truly the Backbone.

Research, Optimize, Experiment, Reevaluate your Contents, Repeat.

Bingo! Your Website is a Ranking!

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