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What is SEO Keyword Research & Why Should You Do That?

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What is SEO Keyword Research & Why Should You Do That?

Blog / What is SEO Keyword Research & Why Should You Do That?
What is SEO Keyword Research

What is SEO Keyword Research & Why Should You Do That?

Planning to get more traffic from Google? Then you better focus on the kind of keywords you choose using niche SEO keyword research.

Now, keyword research is not something that is new to us, but niche keyword research definitely is.

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Keyword research is the first step in any marketing campaign. Keywords have a major impact on organic page ranking on Search Engine Research Pages.

Over 75% of the search users do not even bother to look past the first page of the SERP.

Do you know what that means? It just means that your company should appear on the very first page in order to stay in the radar of your audience.

In short, keyword research is imperative to acquire and retain the attention of your target audience.

So, already wondering what is niche keyword research/SEO keyword research, how to search for keywords, how to find keywords for SEO or how to find long tail keywords for SEO?

Then we will help you to get answers to these queries.

Without any further delay let us get started with Google word search and how to do a keyword research?

What is Niche Keyword Research?

SEO keyword research is the process to identify niche keywords. Now, niche keywords are long-tail keywords that are extremely specific and pertain to a specific industry vertical.

It is essential to optimize your pay per click campaigns and website rather than going with the broad terms that are popular.

This is because such terms are difficult to rank, particularly when it is a new venture.

When you are planning to kick start a new search marketing initiative, it can be extremely difficult to predict how the new search campaign performs and its impact on your business.

Whether you are new to the business, launching a new offering or a new affiliate marketer, it is not quite possible to determine an attack plan to target your industry niche.

This is exactly where SEO keyword research, particularly niche keyword research can help you.

Today, there are numerous good keyword tools which can be used for SEO keyword research.

We will explain you how to leverage these types of tools in multiple steps.

Step #1: Using Keyword research Tool to Identify Niche Keywords

Now before you get started with SEO keyword research whatsoever, you definitely have to narrow down on your niche.

Let us assume you have planned to develop an affiliate website which offers reviews on organic products.

Irrespective of how much you are aware of all these products, it can be challenging to analyze before hand what kind of keywords can be more profitable for your business.

SEO keyword analysis and SEO keyword research can help you to quickly identify a wide array of potential niche keyword opportunities along with the terms that are less obvious yet could manage to drive some traffic, followed by sales.

As this website will be a new project altogether, you might not have the historical data, which can be used to predict the future performance of your marketing campaign.

So, you will require a heap of good potential keywords which can be dug up.

Most of the keyword suggestion tools that are available can only generate a short list of terms.

But your focus will be on the broader portfolio of niche keywords which will also include the keyword variations when it comes to SEO keyword research.

Now these variations will be the ones which you will not be able to come up on your own.

You will be able to see that SEO keyword research tools return with numerous keyword ideas and suggestions for your search phrase.

This can be a great start. However, it is certainly not likely that all the keyword suggestions that you will be presented with will add value to your campaign.

You should be the one who goes through the list and takes the call.

Step #2: Refine the Niche keyword List You Have Obtained

A vague list of numerous keywords cannot be of any value to you, they are just a bunch of suggestions.

However, it is what you do with that set is what actually matters.

So, it is extremely important to figure out an effective way to refine the list you have obtained.

There are multiple ways to refine the keywords with the help of the free keyword tools.

When you put the URL or a keyword, the keyword tools will come up with an exhaustive list of search terms along with the Google search volume.

Note: It is imperative that the keyword list has to be extremely specific to your website, you and your business.

Keywords will be valuable only when they are highly relevant to your niche and you need not consider every term that is suggested.

While you need not adopt every term that is suggested after you do a SEO keyword research, it is a good idea to be aware of each of them.

After all, these terms indicate the purchasing patterns and behaviors which can be analyzed and used to update your Facebook or Display advertising.

Step #3: Determine the Competitiveness of Your Niche Keyword Phrases

Last but not the least, there is no alternative to analyzing the competitiveness of every keyword phrase.

In simple words, it is evaluating the relative complication of ranking for every niche keyword.

However, relative competition is not the only factor that can be considered to carry out this type of analysis.

So, there is something known as proprietary algorithm, which is a part of some of the keyword tools.

As soon as you connect your Google Adwords account to your keyword tool, the algorithm will be able to measure the viability of any given search term, but in context to your current PPC strategy.

You can then leverage it to filter out overly competitive key phrases.

This ensures that you will be implementing only the keywords that are extremely relevant to your niche.

All Set With Keyword Research for Your Niche?

Not quite well yet? Even if you have small glitches please do not let your efforts to get niche keywords specific to your industry come to a dead end.

No matter which step you get stuck, try to figure out new and innovative ways to carry out niche keyword research.

After all, successful keyword targeting definitely needs continuous tweaking and monitoring.

Now that you have invested considerable amount of time and energy in picking up the best possible niche keywords, you can now bank on the investment by constantly monitoring how these keywords work in accordance with your business goals and your website.

An important aspect to remember is that just because you are presented with a specific keyword, you can rank for it neither the traffic from the search engine will all turn out to convert.

However, making constant SEO keyword research a necessity and being vigilant while analyzing and implementing keyword research will help to improve the results.

blog summary

Still have any queries or concerns?

Then please feel free to share it in the comment box below. We look forward to help you.

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