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Top 10 Best SEO Tools That Small Businesses Should Be Using

best seo tools

Top 10 Best SEO Tools That Small Businesses Should Be Using

Looking for some good SEO tools to get your small business off the ground? Then you are at the right place. With thousand of errands to run, small business owners and marketers find it difficult to make time to find the best SEO tools for small business.

While small businesses understand the significance of SEO, often, they assume it to be time consuming or way too expensive to learn and implement. The good news is, this is not right. Today, there are best SEO tools for small business that make this a lot more easier.

It can be fairly simple with the help of a few online tools. You can visit some online discussion boards, YouTube videos and articles to get better picture. While SEO practices sound difficult, gradually they make sense and will get you closer to higher organic rankings.

Well, it might look like you need resources to regularly keep up with all the algorithm updates that Google makes every year. However, you need not bend over backward to understand and can easily keep up with all the SEO updates using some of the best SEO tools for small business.

In our efforts to save your valuable time, we have put together a few of the best SEO tools for small business. The following small business SEO tools are the best SEO software for small business.

Best SEO Tools for Small Business

Looking for some affordable SEO tools that help you to get your small business up and going? Well, then we have got you covered. These free tools for small business owners will surely help you to make the most out of your small business.

Without any further delay let us look at these top 10 best online tools for small businesses.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This is one of the best Google tools for small business. Selecting the right keywords is the key to succeed in your small business SEO process. Keyword Planner tool helps you to identify related ad groups and keywords that are relevant to your niche.

You will be able to see what kind of terms people are searching and how often do they search. This tool also breaks up your keywords into two major groups – “keyword competitiveness” and “search volume”.

• Keywords Competitiveness – the total number of times other websites target that particular keyword
• Search Volume – the total number of times that keyword is searched in a month

Keyword Planner also shows various other keywords that are searched by other people in your area. This list provides you with the keywords having low competition and high volume, which you never knew that it existed and could add a lot of value to your SEO efforts.

Location Adjustment

The tool also enables location adjustment, that is, you can choose the location where you search. This is particularly useful for the small businesses planning to optimize their website for local SEO.

While you can access it through AdWords, you need not own a pay-per-click campaign for using this tool. Once you visit your AdWords home screen, you can just log into your Gmail and forgo the campaigns just by choosing the option “Tools” provided in the top bar.

Even if you leverage insights such as keyword competitiveness and bid cost, it will still not cost you anything!

2. Google Analytics

Being one of the best marketing tools for small business, this tool provides you with more number of features than you can ever imagine. Analytics provides insights on who visit your web page, most frequently viewed pages and how visitors land on your page.

This lets you know whether you are getting traffic organically from the Google or are a part of the referral traffic from your social media platforms. Next, it helps you to track your ROI based on specific goals, identify keywords that “drive” and “not drive” traffic, try new ways to improve the usability of your website, etc. to get better conversion.

While it might take some time for you to learn to use Analytics like a Pro, there are several informative videos and tutorials available across the Internet to help you leverage Analytics to boost your website optimization.

Simply put, if you do not configure Analytics, then your SEO campaign can never be complete.

3. Google Search Console

This is again one of the best tools for small business owners. Also known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is perfect for monitoring what Google thinks about your website from the backend perspective.

Previously GWT was used by the webmasters to manage pages that were down (404s) or those which were not indexed properly. Now, this is used for SEO purposes because it highlights several important pieces of data, which cannot be found anywhere else.

Besides, you will also be able to find the backlinks that are associated with your website, the number of clicks and impressions that it gets every day, week, month as well as year and keeps you alert about the crawl errors such as indexing errors and 404s.

The tool also shows where exactly you rank for some keywords and how users find your web pages. With all these information you can improve your website and make it better for the users.

4. Go Incognito

Back then, Google made it extremely simple for the iOS users to privately browse their mobile web. Using core search app of Google, you can search incognito from your main screen.

It allows you to see how some terms actually rank on the search results pages. This is mainly because the specific search information stored by the Google when you log in will be excluded. So, the results will be free of your personal preferences or your history.

Furthermore, the autofill feature gets triggered from the incognito window’s search bar. This is very useful to get keyword ideas. So, private browsing is just not limited to iPhones. Those using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome will all have this option.

5. Google’s Goodie – Google Trends

This is one of the best free tools for small business, which enables you to compare different topics. This lets you to stay updated about all the latest industry trends, which could be beyond your competitors’ direct scope across other countries.

Use this tool to see in real time what others keep Googling. As Google Trends is linked to Google News, it presents with the data that is particularly insightful for small business owners who look forward to be aware of all the latest events and stories.

If your small business is newly started, the chances are that your website is also fairly new. So, you would first want to build an authorship for your website across industry standard websites.

This tool gives you blog post and article ideas, which can be pitched to various websites. These ideas can be used to write posts for your own website also.

6. Open Site Explorer

While there is a lot that can be done using your normal free trial version with Open Site Explorer, the Pro account can be an ideal choice. It is exceptional in identifying new link building opportunities and tracking the backlink profile of your website.

Moz does a wonderful job in collecting the links on other websites, which link back to yours. It also provides the Domain Authority (DA) rating of all those websites, which link back to you.

This is nothing but the belief of Moz, to what extent the Google considers these sites to be valuable and considers it to rank well organically on SERPs. While it is not perfect, Moz does a tremendous job in organizing information and presents a clear picture how exactly your website looks in the eyes of the Google.

“MozBar” is an additional tool of Moz – a Chrome extension. You can just link it to the Chrome browser and begin retrieving all the important metrics Spam Score and Domain Authority.

The tool sits at the bottom or the top of the browser and can be activated or deactivated by clicking a button. Moz also offer many free yet effective SEO tools that help you to rank better. Therefore, it assure quality SEO for small business owners.

7. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Is the technical stuff intimidating you? Relax, tools like Xenu Link Sleuth are often referred to as “spiders” in SEO. Well, we know that this term is not very appealing. However, what you can get from this tool is valuable.

This tool provides the details of all the broken links on your website and will also highlight any content issues present on your website currently. It also helps you to make the necessary changes and work your way up the organic rankings.

This is a great software to validate frames, backgrounds, text links, images and more. On the contrary to other tools listed here, this tool is a PC program and has to be installed in your system. So, just be careful enough to download the version that is compatible with your OS.

8. Google My Business

Launched way back in 2014, this social media tool is a must have for every local small business owner. It is important for you to maintain a complete and updated profile on Google My Business listings.

This helps you to rank better and also provide Google-integrated location information, easy contact information, Google’s testimonials and listings from other websites.

To cut the long story short, this is one tool that every local small business owner should invest in.

9. Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is yet another useful tool with numerous features. You can quickly use this tool to conduct technical auditing of all the SEO aspects on your website.

Once you download the tool, just type in the domain name of your website and then choose the option “Crawl All SubDomains”. Within a few minutes you will be able to get the complete audit details of all the web pages.

From error status codes to meta tags, you can identify all the problems without wasting time on manual auditing every single page of your website. All these features make this one of the best SEO tools for small business.

10. The Human Help

You might have all the free as well as paid tools with you, still there could be times when it seems impossible to fix a particular problem in your hand. You can consider hiring some human resources to help you out, when watching a YouTube video or using tool does not help.


Using some of the best SEO tools for small business, will help marketers examine real-time data, latest trends and key metrics. This empowers small business owners like you an edge over your competitors.

Whether you are looking for more links, want better content or require an overall SEO facelift, this list of the best SEO tools for small business can helps you get the desired results.


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