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45 Benefits of SEO- Why Should Businesses Use it?

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45 Benefits of SEO- Why Should Businesses Use it?

Blog / 45 Benefits of SEO- Why Should Businesses Use it?
Benefits of SEO

45 Benefits of SEO- Why Should Businesses Use it?

Wondering what is SEO optimization or what are the major 45 benefits of SEO? Well, you are not alone. Today having online presence is critical and the benefits of a website are numerous.

So, why you need SEO, business SEO or SEO marketing service?

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With dramatic changes in the digital landscape over the last few years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still continues to be the most significant and effective marketing strategy. SEO is a widely adopted marketing strategy.

The benefits of SEO are numerous. This popularity of SEO is mainly due to its effectiveness. As SEO offers numerous benefits, it is hard to overlook how beneficial it can be for businesses who want to make it big.

The process of optimizing your entire website for search and the users is referred to as search engine optimization. Every business should invest in SEO as the benefits of SEO are tangible. This maximizes the organic traffic towards your website from the search engines.

The leading search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo as well as YouTube. If you do not have a good SEO strategy in place, then you are already at a loss because you cannot leverage the benefits of SEO.

Today, several companies and agencies offer cost effective SEO that work wonders for you.

Let us see the list of benefits of SEO and we are sure this will definitely blow your mind.

1.Users are searching for products and services you offer on search engines

Over 2 billion users are active online and 93% of these online activities start on the search engine. Close to 40,000 searches every second, which sums up to 3.5 billion searches a day.

What does this mean? It simply means that millions of opportunities are waiting for you out there. Leveraging this will make your business be found on the search engines.

Well, one of the major benefits of SEO is that all your customers regularly use search engines. This is one of the major benefits of SEO.

2. SEO assures quality traffic

Traffic that you get through search engines is the best. Wondering why? Well, it is simply because users are actually looking out for the solutions that you can provide.

So, the chances of “pulling” this traffic to your website will be higher with SEO. You no longer have to persuade people to pick your products by “pushing” out new advertisements.

This is because search traffic will already be interested in what you are offering. This factor makes the SEO industry worth $65 billion. So, this is one of the huge benefits of SEO that you cannot ignore.

3. SEO traffic mostly converts

Traffic from search engine optimization is more likely to convert when compared to other traffic sources. As a matter of fact, the search traffic has the maximum conversion rates for most of the businesses.

When you position yourself well on the search engines, you will positioning your website to secure more conversions. Isn’t it one of the greatest benefits of SEO?

4. SEO boosts leads and sales

Increased leads and sales from SEO is certainly not a myth. When you offer good service or viable product, it will certainly increase your leads followed by sales.

One of the small businesses was able to hit SEO results worth $103,510.98 within a short time frame of 5 months. Now, that is the kind of magic that SEO can do for you.

SEO boosts

However, it is important that you invest in the right SEO strategy. The best way to kick start is to create a winning campaign. Doing this sets the pavement for your business to higher conversions.

5. SEO assures reduced costs per acquisition

Yes, the cost per acquisition gets decreased when you turn to SEO. An added advantage of SEO is that it is totally free. This makes it far less expensive when compared to other types of advertising.

You can quickly acquire customers with SEO. The only cost associated with it is the investment you make while hiring the best possible SEO company. If you do not have any experience with Google algorithms and website coding, you will require an SEO firm to help you grow your rankings. So, the benefits of SEO are tangible.

6. There is no paid advertising in SEO

Once you establish strong SEO standings, you no longer have to advertise. So, you will be able to boost your website traffic without the need to pay per click.

All that you require will be an effective SEO strategy that helps to save the dollars that go into advertising and invest the same in better, efficient strategies.

7. Higher SEO rankings assure 24/7 promotion

SEO works 24/7. It just does not stop. Your rankings will not disappear overnight. The best part is you will be able to increase the traffic towards your website – all day, every day.

Once you start ranking at the top in search engines, your business gets promoted even when you sleep. This again is one of the top benefits of SEO.

8. SEO develops credibility and builds trust

Users trust popular search engines like Google. They visit it almost every single day to find something that they are looking for. By ranking high on these trusted search engines you will be able to build credibility and trust among your target audience.

Studies show that close to 37% of the clicks on search engines are from the first organic listing. Can you thank more for the benefits of SEO?

9. Being a long term strategy SEO assures continued rewards

SEO is not a one time affair like short ads, it is a long-term strategy. So, it requires some time to see the desired results. This could take 6 to 10 months, based on the kind of efforts you are putting in.

The best part is, while it takes time to rank higher it also takes time to lose your rankings too. This means that as soon as you make it to the top positions, the chances of you turning back are minimal.

However, this situation might change when there is increasing SEO competition or when there are Google algorithm updates.

10. SEO helps to keep your customers informed

Your customers use search engines to carry out a research. Their findings will help them to make informed decisions while going ahead with the available options.

When you rank high on search engines, it gives you an opportunity to educate your target audience and potential customers. Doing this builds trust indirectly, while helping them make the right decisions.

11. SEO strongly influences people’s purchasing decisions

SEO hugely influences the purchasing decision of the buyers. This is mainly due to the trust and credibility which was developed previously.

You can use SEO to boost your conversions by strongly influencing the buying decisions of the people who are online.

12. SEO augments brand equity and brand awareness

Besides better conversions, SEO also helps businesses to build their brand equity and brand awareness. In other words, people will be aware of your brand when you follow efficient SEO strategies.

Brand awareness is critical because at times those who visit your website might not have made up their mind to make a purchase. However, if they know what you offer, the chances are that they might purchase sooner.

13. Increased customer attribution

When your brand awareness is gradually increasing, SEO will also boost your customer attribution points. Attribution is the number of times your target audience will be able to see your brand.

The more they see your brand, the higher the chances of them purchasing from you. So, higher SEO rankings will increase your chances of increasing the touch points from the potential customers.

14. SEO can fetch you 90% more clicks when compared to PPC

SEO overpowers paid advertising and the reason for this is that organic listings tend to get 90% more clicks. Most of the search engine users end up skipping paid advertisements.

This is mainly because of their deep trust in Google algorithms. So, when you invest in SEO, the chances are that you will get higher traffic than advertisers for the same keywords.

15. SEO boosts website referrals

SEO is known to boost your website referrals and you will be able to get higher number of website referrals from the search engines. Also, those who visit your website might refer it to their friends.

So, it is important to have a strong SEO presence. This is because such a presence will help you grow the referrals – literally as well as figuratively.

16. SEO can be measured

SEO is certainly measurable. So, you will be able to measure your conversions along with the source of those conversions. With the help of good SEO agency or the right tools you can identify the most valuable search keyword.

17. SEO also drives sales offline

Will your customers do some online research before they visit your store? Yes of course, they really do. Most of the people research online. So, SEO drives offline sales.

This is because people are continuously using search engines for online research. However, they will either make a phone call or visit your store personally to buy the products.

All these factors make SEO a major contributor to drive sales offline.

18. SEO is much cheaper than paid advertising

It is evident that SEO is a highly cost-effective tactic and is much cheaper when compared to paid advertising. As you as you start ranking at the top of search engines.

So, it is high time that you just put your PPC ad campaigns on hold and let your top SEO ranking do the magic to drive more results.

19. Your competitors are already growing through SEO

The competition in this digital era is cut throat. So, it is either kill or just be killed. SEO is so prominent that your competitors are already using it to get to the top of the search engine rankings.

So, if you do not leverage it now, then you will soon be regretting. Your competitors are already growing their business using SEO. So, if you don’t use SEO, then sooner or later you might just not have a business.

20. SEO gives smaller business to compete equally with the established ones

Small businesses often find it difficult to set aside a huge marketing budget. This is exactly where SEO can come to rescue. When you compete online with the big businesses through organic means the fight gets fairer.

While it is difficult to outspend huge competitors in AdWords, that is not the case with SEO. An effective SEO strategy will help you to rank better. So, when big businesses leverage advertising, you can turn to savvy SEO tactics to acquire new customers.

21. SEO helps businesses to get market share

You can get market share if you start early. For instance, if you are the first option that is available, then your consumers might not want to consider numerous other alternatives.

Only very few would go down to scroll till Google’s page 10. Well, it is least likely to happen. Wondering why? Well, 75% of the search users do not scroll beyond the first page of the search results.

22. SEO lets you explore new markets

The best part of having effective SEO strategies is that it lets you to break in and explore new markets. Once you complete optimizing your website, you can quickly start expanding it to target various other keywords.

The keywords here will be the new services or products that your company office. You can then rely on search engines to get qualified leads to all your new offerings, thereby enabling you to break in to new markets. 

23. SEO enhances your business value

As your search rankings continue to rise, the value of your business also increases. So, when you are in a particular market to sell, most of the buyers consider top SEO rankings as an intangible asset that is valuable.

This is mainly because top SEO rankings hold the value for long and sustain it over the years.

24. SEO blends all the online marketing activities of your business

SEO is nothing but online marketing. So, in one way or the other all your online activities contribute to your SEO rankings. These include social media marketing, content marketing, online advertising etc.

All these activities strongly influence your search rankings. So, when all these efforts get integrated, it will automatically make a positive impact on your website and help you to rank higher.

25. SEO boosts ROI from your overall marketing efforts

As discussed previously, integrated marketing campaigns tend to hugely influence your SEO rankings. Not only do these efforts impact your SEO ranks, they will also ensure that there is higher ROI from all the marketing efforts that you put in.

26. SEO also serves as the best possible PR strategy

Today, SEO has emerged as a new PR strategy, which makes PR much more sensible. If you plan to get to the top of the search results, then you better secure some quality backlinks. It is essential.

Backlinks are nothing but links that map back to your website from other external websites. The more number of quality backlinks you will have, the better and relevant your website becomes to the users.

The more relevant your website seems to the search users, the chances of you ranking at the top are also higher. Acquiring quality backlinks always requires publicity.

So, the more publicity you make, the higher will your opportunities of quality backlinks that you can secure.

27. SEO increases followers across social media platforms

SEO is known to increase the number of followers across various social media platforms. As people continue to research your website, they will end up clicking your social media icon to follow your, if they like you.

Having an effective SEO campaign in place will help you get several website visitors. You can expect all these visitors to quickly transform to small percentage of followers.

28. SEO also increases the number of newsletter subscriptions for your newsletters

SEO also increases the number of email subscriptions to your website. If you have sign up form for your email newsletter on your website, then as your search rankings rise you will see an increase in the number of subscriptions.

This is mainly because you will gaining more and more exposure as the traffic to your website increases. For maximum results, you can try giving some incentive to those who subscribe to your newsletters.

29. SEO increases the traffic to your blogging site too

SEO is known to boost the traffic top your blog. As the authority of your website increases on search engines, there will be few changes. The individual ranking of your blog will rise in Google.

Once this happens, the content on your blog will be easily found on Google, giving it more exposure. Due to this exposure, you will be able to acquire higher referral traffic – from your own website, when you promote your blog across your website.

30. SEO improves click through rates

When you have higher search engine ranks, the click through rate of your website also improves. The best part is even the other way holds good – that is if you have great click through rate your SEO also improves.

Click through rate is nothing but the actual number of users who end up clicking your website divided by those to whom you manage to reach.

31. SEO improves time-on-site of your website

As the click through rates of your website rises, the time-on-site of your website is also likely to increase. This is nothing but the time for which your site visitors stay on your website.

The longer they stay on your site, the higher the chances of them making a purchase. In addition, it also boosts your search rankings.

32. SEO assures security and safety of your website

SEO strategies force you to make your website completely safe and secure. This efficiently protects those who visit your website from possible frauds and viruses.

It will also boost your SEO rankings simultaneously because when your have a secure website it tends to positively impact your SEO rankings.

33. SEO improves your website speed

As you continue to work on improving the SEO of your website, you will notice that the speed of your website also improves. Websites that get loaded quickly assure the best possible user experience.

Search users appreciate this and also high-speed websites correspond to higher SEO rankings.

34. SEO improves website user experience

The last few points discussed above straightly point out the fact that SEO improves overall user experience of those who visit your website. So, it is important for you to note that Google aims to assure relevance to its users.

Therefore, if you want to rank at the top in Google, then you should be able to provide great user experience.

35. SEO continues to grow

The spending on SEI is expected to shoot up to a whopping $80 billion by the year 2020. The probability of SEO spending is expected to cross that of online advertising.

This only means that SEO continues to grow and one reason for this is – it works. So, make sure as a marketer you jump into this bandwagon of SEO before it gets saturated.

36. SEO helps you to optimize your website for mobile

No matter what you say, mobile is certainly the future of the online market. Today, 50% of the online searchers use mobile for browsing. This percentage is only going to increase.

When you SEO optimize your website, you prepare your website for the next-gen marketing. Once you make your website mobile friendly, search engines will favor it, thereby helping you to rank higher.

37. SEO sets you apart from the rest

There are close to 250 million website present across the internet. An average person will not even know what most of the internet can offer. So, when you rank higher you can cut through the competition and become visible to potential customers.

38. SEO is extremely targeted

SEO is based on keywords and these keywords are based on what people search for regularly. Search engine listings will be displayed based on the relevancy of these keywords.

The major advantage here is you can directly reach people who are looking for what you offer. The ability of SEO to target keywords is the main reason why it assures highly qualified leads to any website.

39. SEO gets quality traffic to your website

The traffic that SEO gets to your website is a real deal. Those who are browsing for fun will not visit your website. It is mostly those who are looking for that specific something that come to your website.

This decreases bounce rates also. People who visit your website will have real problems and actionable pain. They will be seeking answers when they click on your website and they strongly feel that you can help them.

Therefore, as long as your business adds value and understand customer concerns, you can be assured of great success with SEO.

40. SEO rankings are long lasting

Well, yes. What we mean here is, it is really difficult to ruin it once you actually start ranking well. The chances are that you will continue to remain at the top. However, only until your use any black hat SEO tactics.

Black hat tactics include frowned-up practices that trick the search engines. The best way is to turn to a trusted SEO company, as it helps you to get to the top without tricking the search engines.

You can also try exploring new keywords once you start ranking higher.

41. SEO eliminates the need for other traditional strategies like cold calling

Tired of all the traditional marketing strategies, magazine advertising and still not able to see any results? Then here is something unique for you. SEO will help you to forgo all the other marketing strategies and will fetch you great results.

42. SEO grows your business multi-fold

SEO can actually double, triple and even quadruple the growth of your business. This is because when you implement SEO you will exposed to huge market of target audience.

You can also expand your reach to more number of cities and states including other nations with the help of effective SEO strategies. Therefore, with effective SEO the world will become your marketplace.

43. SEO attracts talent

SEO helps your business to attract talent. Those looking for job also begin their search on Google. You can make a list of the positions for which you are hiring and optimize your website accordingly – to rank for that.

Therefore, just by investing in a good SEO strategy, you will be able to save huge on acquisition costs and recruiting fees.

44. SEO is extremely affordable

SEO is cost effective and highly affordable than traditional advertising and it increases your conversions also. Cost associated with SEO generally ranges between $800 and $2000 per month, while the returns are invaluable.

Once you get to the top of the Google ranking – rank #1 – you will receive thousands of free clicks to your website. Note that all this is extremely high quality traffic, from those who look for solutions that your business offers.

45. SEO is the worthiest investment that you can make

Yes, you heard it right. This is mainly because the benefits of SEO are nearly endless and it adds enormous value to your business. First of all, it is a long-term investment that yields continuous results.

It generates enormous traffic and quality leads followed by sales. The best part is to get all these there is no need for you to advertise. Your customers will be able to reach your right away.

So, if you do not want do any more networking, cold calling or any other “push advertising” yet grow your business tremendously, then invest in a SEO campaign now.

Wrapping Up

With all these benefits it is really difficult to rule out SEO as an option for search marketing. So, invest in a good SEO agency or just kick start your SEO campaign today.

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