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How to Get Top SEO Ranking in 2018 – Your Checklist to Rank Well

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How to Get Top SEO Ranking in 2018 – Your Checklist to Rank Well

Blog / How to Get Top SEO Ranking in 2018 – Your Checklist to Rank Well
seo ranking

How to Get Top SEO Ranking in 2018 – Your Checklist to Rank Well

Getting better SEO ranking and making it to the top of the SERPs is certainly the pinnacle of business success.

Every marketer and business owner would want to get there. A study reveals that the first page of the Google gets 95% of the web traffic.

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So, who would not want better SEO ranking and rank on these first pages?

But how can you reach there?

Well, it is difficult to explain the non-SEOs about how to rank higher or SEO ranking on the whole.

SEO ranking for a web page is a highly complicated field.

Doing well in this requires marketers and website owners like you to have a great control over a wide array of detailed subjects.

If you are wondering how to improve SEO ranking, then you are at the right place.

Call it a SEO optimization test, SEO checklist, the best SEO practices or best Google SEO practices, we have covered them all here.

Today, in this blog, we will be covering a 9-point checklist for SEO ranking/SEO rating, which includes all the major elements that you should “check off” to rank higher now.

SEO Ranking – Basic SEO Checklist for Better SEO Rank

Today, we are going to cover many details about Google SEO ranking, SEO best practices as well as on-page SEO Checklist.

There are tons of details and tips to rank higher in the SEO world.

Several Google search engine ranking factors are available which have to be considered to improve Google search ranking.

But when you go broader, it will all come down to a few basics tips which helps you to rank higher this year.

Well, in fact, everything comes down to these below discussed SEO ranking factors.

Now, without any further delay let us explore all the top Google ranking factors. Get ready to dive into it:

1. Accessible and Crawlable URLs

Crawlable URLs

How to improve SEO ranking on Google?

Basically to rank higher you should get the Google bots to crawl over or reach your important web pages.

This requires you to put efforts to make these bots understand what kind of content is present on that page, identify embeds, visuals, images, videos or anything else on that page.

All these should be in a format which is easy for the bots to index them.

Now, this step is the most important one because without doing this right none of the following steps will work.

2. Smart Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Still wondering how to rank high on Google? This is the next extremely important step.

Here, the trick lies in discovering and uncovering all the phrases and words that are being searched by the users or being used by the users to get answers to their queries.

Now, these should be the issues that your business or your website will be working to solve.

Your web content should help search users to get the answers and offer them with what they are looking for.

What exactly you need to improve Google search ranking will be your primary keyword along with a set of secondary keywords that are related and also share the intent of the searchers.

Therefore, the intent behind each one of these search phrases and your web content should always be identical.

Only then your content will be able to serve search users well.

Once you ensure that your content will be able to serve the users better – better than your competitors.

Now, you will have a primary search term as well as a set of secondary keywords, which can be targeted during your optimization efforts.

Still thinking – how to rank higher on Google or how to get my website to the top of Google?

Then just continue to read, you will surely feel more confident by the end of the blog.

3. Research SERPs to Understand What Google Considers “Relevant to the Searcher”

We would like you to do some SERP investigation. In the sense just perform a simple search query in the Google.

Just see what is it that comes back to you.

This gives you a chance to understand what Google considers to be relevant to any given keyword searches.

What kind of content Google thinks will answer a particular search query?

Here, you will trying to figure out the actual intent, type of the web content that is needed and also what other missing pieces could be there.

Also, you can find the gaps where even the top ranking sites are failing to serve this.

This gives you an opportunity to fill in that gap and serve the search users better.

When you fill this gap, the chances are that you will take over their ranking position.

4. Get Authoritative People to Create Content that Serves the Searcher’s Purpose

In this step, there are three different elements to focus on.

First, you will require a highly credible person(s) who is worthy of amplification to create web content for you.

Wondering why is that necessary? Well, the answer is simple.

If you do that, you can make amplifications followed by link building.

This increases the chances of social sharing, making your content sound more credible for both the search engines as well as search visitors.

Once your credibility increases, your SEO ranking also increases automatically. So, we urge you to do this part as much as possible.

After this, your goal would be to serve the goal of the searchers and solve their concerns.

Here, your focus should be to perform better than others who are on that page, in other words you competitors.

If you do not work towards this, no matter how much you optimize your website Google and search users will still get frustrated with your results over time.

They will prefer other websites over yours.

Google will then rank them in a position that is higher tan yours.

5. Use Compelling Meta Tags – Titles & Description

Meta Tags

Google, still considers meta tags frequently and values it a lot.

Sometimes, it might look like it doesn’t. In fact, the number of instances where the meta description from your web page.

The title is used at an even higher frequency.

While the URL often gets truncated by the Google, snippets and other elements will surely be considered.

Later, we will discuss about the markup like schema later.

Coming back, snippet is a very crucial element for your SEO ranking, as this is the one that determines how your website gets displayed on the SERPs.

This decides whether people would get compelled to click on your website or not.

So, in simple words “snippet” is your token to get the users to click on your website.

If you successfully optimize it from both keyword as well as relevancy, then you can really win.

Related keywords are the ones which will be semantically related and they are critical to help Google prove the relevancy of your web content to the search terms.

We stress on the phrase “content” because if you make it purely videos, visuals or any other embedded formats, Google might not be able to parse it out easily.

In other words, it might be able to count it.

Google will not treat such content as the actual content of your web page and it is also important for you to retain all the important keywords on your web page to prove that you have relevant content there.

7. Enhancing Content with Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets

This does not apply to to everyone. But, is applicable in those cases where you are planning to get into the Google news or you are in some field where videos and images are necessary – like recipes.

This will also be applicable to websites and marketers who are into the following:

  • You have the featured snippet chance and can visuals with the credits for those snippets
  • Get rich snippets that are specific to your niche that are supported by the schema

If you fall into any of these categories, then you can try this.

8. Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Optimizing your page speed can be extremely useful from both user experience perspective as well as user perspective.

This helps users to quickly go through what you have to offer and complete their actions.

However, it is important to make it secure too.

This is because security is very very important.

9. Who Can Help You to Amplify and Why?

When your website offers great answers, publications and specific set of people will help you to amplify it.

This is how you will be earning mentions, solid links as well as “word-of-mouth” fame across the internet.

Doing this will help you to get noticed by search crawlers as well as the search users as extremely relevant and of high quality.

Once you do all the above steps, then nobody can stop you from ranking well in 2018.

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