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Top 6 Tips That Helps You With Listing Your Business On Google

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Top 6 Tips That Helps You With Listing Your Business On Google

Blog / Top 6 Tips That Helps You With Listing Your Business On Google
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Top 6 Tips That Helps You With Listing Your Business On Google

The first interaction of your customers with your brand/business will be through your dealership or your knowledge panel, which appears in the local pack results. So, listing your business on Google is crucial for maximising your visibility online. Google local business listings are important.

By now, you already know the significance of local search and business listing on Google. It is important to dominate the search engine results, which are closely associated with the user location. Listing your business on Google drives customers to your business with a tangible and immediate user intent.

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When it comes to local searches, Google ranks your business based on prominence, relevance and distance. This is exactly where listing your business on Google helps you, as it boosts your local search rankings and also cement your online presence outside website.

Users contact Google My Business and you can also contact Google about my business and get Google My Business reviews. This makes Google My Business SEO all the more important. Here are 6 major tips that help you to optimize your account and increase your visibility.

Top 6 Tips for Listing your Business on Google

Google My Business (GMB) listing is certainly one aspect that is not leveraged to its optimum capacity. Often, marketers will just set up a profile/listing, get it verified and then conveniently forget about it. Well, this is one of the highly influential factors when it comes to local SEO.

Besides, today users need not click through and visit your website because often most of the vital information that they look for will be available in different features of the SERP. While it seems to have a detrimental impact on your website traffic, you can certainly leverage this situation for the better. With a good GMB listing you can rank better in local packs, boost visibility and increase engagement. So, let us now get started.

1. Claim and verify Your Account

Before we actually get into all the juicy stuff, it is important for you to be aware of the basics. This includes claiming and verifying your account. First check whether you own a GMB account or not. This can be done using a simple Google search.

If you do not have an account, just create one as it is a very simple procedure. Once you create, make sure that you verify it – that is verifying your ownership. In this process, you will receive a friendly post card from Google to your disclosed business address along with a code. You just have to enter that code and complete the verification.

2. Fill Out Complete Information

Do not just stop after the verification process. Fill up all the necessary information and also make sure it is accurate and up to date. GMB listings with incorrect business timings can be extremely frustrating. Just think about the wrath of the customers who would have spent that extra hour in their bed on a holiday.

Next, retain the actual business name without sneaking any keyword into it, if not you will end up violating Google’s guidelines. Write accurate and captivating descriptions that adheres to Google’s guidelines and do not forget to select the right category. Google business listing update is necessary and completing your profile is a part of Google My Business optimization.

Not selecting the categories or choosing the incorrect categories will frustrate your audience. Today, there is a new feature referred to as “Services” that lets you add services and products to your business. This further boosts the categorization process from both – user as well as search engine perspective.

Simply put, pay attention to the consistency of your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number for Google My Business) and update Google business listing.

3. Images/Photos

This is one aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to Google local business listing optimization. Updating it makes a huge noticeable difference in your click through rates. After all, users are also visual beings. Using some sort of snazzy pics will not help you to build a good image of your business.

Try adding your logo, a shot of your premises or any other image, which according to your might promote your business. Just think what might push your customers to make a buying decision.

Google listings support and Google business listing can be the answers to queries like “how to get my business on Google”, “how to add my business to Google”, “how do I get Google reviews for my business”, “how do i update my business information on Google”, “how do i advertise my business on Google”, etc.

4. Focus on Positive Google Reviews

Google reviews are around for quite some time now and they are highly influential. A study shows that 68% of the local businesses trust local businesses based on positive reviews. Having said that you cannot sit back, relax and wait for the positive reviews to pour in.

Even if you have the most wonderful business, people still require a slight nudge to get them commenting and providing their reviews. Actively seek reviews because if you do not seek, then you will not get it. Getting reviews is not the end of the game. You should also respond to it, particularly to the negative ones.

Even if you find a review overly rude and unfounded, be calm and collective while responding to it.

5. Leverage Google Posts

Google Posts section plays an important role in listing your business on Google. This section is same like posting across your social media platforms. Here, posts get displayed like mini notifications in carousel, however, they expire within 7 days.

Similar to a regular social media post, you can a small copy, some media and also a link to your website. Including an image is always a great option, but you should be careful while cropping within the Google maps. So, just check the image format on both – mobile and desktop.

Google Posts can be used for a variety of functions, however, it is highly useful to use the four different essential post types – Events, Products, What’s new and Offers. You can populate the “What’s new” section with general updates, new announcements as well as latest blogs.

Adding CTAs to your posts in crucial, as it encourages engagement and boosts conversions. Google Posts are extremely prominent in Google Search, therefore, if you feel that you have something important to be shared, then just say it.

6. Regular Monitoring

Do you know that anybody can simply suggest some king of edit to your GMB profile? Yes, they can, and it might include your worst enemy too and they will not leave an opportunity to ruin your business. So, it is important for you to regularly keep a watch on your profile.

This helps you to quickly identify any changes that have occurred even when you do not have any enemies. Regular monitoring will also let you keep a track of general internet trolls. Users are also empowered to answer queries on behalf of you, which could be a scary prospect.

However, Google favors user generated content because it is a major part of encouraging a community that is user centric. So, simply keep out a wary eye.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing GMB is does not involve rocket science, it is simple and straightforward. Minor changes will have profound positive impact on your SEO efforts. Often overlooked by the businesses, this area offers a wealth of ranking opportunities waiting to be grabbed.

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