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Top 12 Off Page SEO Techniques that Work

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Top 12 Off Page SEO Techniques that Work

Blog / Top 12 Off Page SEO Techniques that Work

Top 12 Off Page SEO Techniques that Work

Are your off page SEO techniques not paying off?

Well, the old saying “if you build it, they will follow it” just does not apply to your websites. This is mainly because irrespective of the time you invest on website optimization, it will not be successful until you let people know about your website.

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This is where off page SEO techniques can help you. There are several off page SEO factors that are considered by the Google to rank a page. Good off page SEO activities will help you to rank better.

In this blog we have listed some of the top off page SEO strategies, which will boost your off page SEO. Here is our off page SEO techniques list and off page SEO tools that assure successful off page optimization in SEO.

1. Good Interlinking Strategy

Having a solid interlinking strategy is extremely important for off page SEO. If you want more back links, then you better boost your internal links. A good internal linking strategy will prepare your website for links from other websites.

It basically creates something called funnel effect. When somebody follows a certain link back to your website, you should ensure that this page is well optimized compelling them to visit other pages on your website. This makes it one of the best off page SEO techniques.

2. Powerful Backlinking Strategy

Top quality back links are an important factor considered by Google algorithms because it is a deciding factor that boosts your organic ranking. While link building is mainly done for SEO purposes, it does come with various other pluses, which include the following:
• Boosts your brand authority
• Drives steady and relevant web traffic on autopilot
• Helps to links from long-term resources and directories
• Build new stable relationships
• Provides exposure and recognition for your brand name

Therefore, if you are looking at higher organic ranking, then your better focus on quality link building, which is one of the crucial off page SEO techniques.

3. Create High-Quality Content the is Consistent

Content is still the king and nothing will ever replace it anytime soon, so, it is important for you to focus on creating and maintaining good quality content consistently.

If you really want credible sources and industry influencers to link back to your website, then you should present them with a good reason to do so. Quality content is one such reason to which any user will budge and would want to link back.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating high-quality content:
• Begin with clear navigation
• Use conversational language
• Refrain from using industry jargons
• Provide highly relevant information
• Avoid any sort of hype
• Keep your Home Page “to-the-point”
• Include images to do the narration
• Add trust-building content
• Last but not the least – be straight forward with content

4. Try to Emerge as a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Yes, it is critical to establish yourself as an industry thought leader to build trust and credibility. This helps you to grow your audience and also build more number of high-quality connection when you showcase your expertise.

The more expertise you establish, the higher value will be given to the content that your generate. Ultimately, this results in increased sharing of your content. Therefore, people will share it and will also link back to it.

In order to emerge as a thought leader just ensure that your web content is highly relevant and is authoritative. Next, try to participate in the AMA (as me anything) on Twitter Q&As as well as Reddit to strengthen your overall reputation and get a more loyal following.

5. Provide Quotes and Give Interviews

Striving to get your brand out there and emerge as a thought leader? Are your SEO off page optimization techniques not yielding the results? Relax, the best off page SEO optimization techniques include beginning with this is to encourage users to look out for interviews and quotes from you and then provide them with it.

This not only provides you with a way to showcase your expertise, increase your name recognition and get exposed to a whole new audience, but it will also get compel your interviewer to link back to your website.

Besides, this entire set up can also work in reverse. For instance, let us say that you were carrying out an expert tips roundup. So, you required some quotes from the experts in your niche. In this case, you can reach out to them and present them with an offer to partake in exchange for a link that goes back to their website.

6. Strengthen Your Social Presence to Boost Off Page SEO Strategies

While Google have already declared that social media presence does not impact organic ranking directly, it is certainly important in SEO. However, when we look into off page SEO techniques, social presence is a factor that has indirect influence.

This is how it goes – when you create a fantastic piece of content and would want to share it across one or more of the social media platforms (like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), you will manage to get several shares and back links. This is possible only when you have great content.

The increasing number of back links and shares that your web content is gaining will be registered by the Google, compelling it to push your website to the top of the search results.

However, if you are planning to monetize with the indirect paybacks of social media, then you should have a solid strategy, a strong presence as well as a great content plan. This is one of the best off page SEO strategies and off page techniques in SEO.

7. Engage with Industry Influencers to Boost Your Off Page SEO Techniques

Wondering who actually is an industry influencer? Well, an industry influencer is somebody who has almost “cult like” following across the social media platforms. Their posts will usually generate hundreds or even thousands of “shares” and “likes” and will have a fiercely loyal audience base.

Once you start engaging with these influencers and connect with the, you will be able to tap into their audience base. This is referred to as influencer marketing. This involves reaching out and showcasing your brand/business to an all audience base through an influencer.

Just look at it this way, if somebody whom you trust will recommend a specific product or a brand to you, then the chances are that you will more likely consider their advice more seriously when compared to that of some random Google searchers.

Now, that is power of influencer marketing. It basically involves a 3 step process, which includes:
• Identifying industry influencers
• Reaching out to them
• Convincing them to partake in or just compel them to share a piece of their content

Ultimately, all these will result in higher number of links to your web pages from top quality sources.

8. Interact and Comment on Different Blogs and Forums

Being one of the best off page optimization techniques in SEO, this, in a way, connects to the process of establishing thought leadership. While just posting your comments might not automatically fetch you a link, it will definitely get some recognition for your name in all the important circles.

Therefore, just identify some of the most popular blogs in your niche and then make sure that you leave some comments. The same practice works for the popular forums such as Quora and Reddit. If you feel that you have something relevant to say, just go ahead and comment there.

It might grab the attention of the influencer or the blogger who could be reading it. Participating in industry specific discussions will boost your name recognition and it will help you to start building relationships with industry influencers who might link back to your in the long run.

9. Creating an Outreach Campaign

So now you have created a piece of buzz-worthy content. That is really great, but the fact is that, your work is still not complete. You have to make sure that content like this will reach out to the right audience by making an outreach campaign.

If you have been taking part in multiple industry-related conversations across various social media platforms, then you would be well aware of most of the major influencers. If not, even a small research will help you to identify thought leaders and major bloggers in your industry.

As soon as you create a piece of content which you think will fascinate them just send a direct message or an email to check whether they would want to share your post.

The best way to maintain a Google spreadsheet and have a list of all the relevant industry influencers for every business category. But remember, you should always follow up promptly. This is because the chances are that the initial emails will generally end up in trash.

10. Reach Out to Right People

To follow up with the previous point discussed here, it is important for you to find the right people for reaching out. This generally begins with some initial research.

While you are on the look out for your influencers, it is essential for you to look beyond the “follower count”. Take a look at how much engaged the audience/followers are and also who the followers are. Just because somebody thrives in the same industry, it just does not mean that their target audience will be similar to yours.

Therefore, take your time to shortlist all the highly relevant industry influencers. As soon as you prepare that list, you can next who is the right person to be contacted. Rather than relying on generic information like emails, it is better to dive deep into the website information to know the person.

11. Leverage Guest Blogging

Over the past few years, Guest Blogging has been a highly effective technique to build quality back links. To begin with, you will have to follow the steps below:
Clearly identify your industry sector
Fill your blog section with top quality, industry related blog posts
Identify all the top bloggers in your niche along with the publications for which they have guest blogged
Look out for some related blogs using “submit post” or other similar options

As soon as you round up a few to pitch across, explain your expertise and your ideas to them and provide them with a link to your blog. Remember, quality is of utmost important here. Never write a blog just for some back links. Invest some time to create a great piece of content for guest blogging, links will automatically follow.

12. Make Use of Videos

By now, it is a known fact that videos can be extremely helpful. Today, only YouTube is capable of driving over 30 million visitors per day. This makes it a great way to have your brand out there. You can begin by just including some links in your video descriptions or channels.

Being the second largest search engine and owned by the Google, here your videos will be treated like an optimized piece of content. You can add keywords and ensure that your videos will be of high quality.

You can build your page using relevant links and videos as well as more in-depth content. This assures greater results and huge returns.

Time to Kick Start Your Off Page SEO

Off page SEO techniques are certainly an important part of website optimization and to attract target audience. You can use the above discussed strategies to create your own linking plan and build long-lasting relationships that ultimately result in increased back links as well as web traffic.

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