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Unveiling The Difference Between HTML and CSS and PHP

difference between HTML and CSS and PHP

Unveiling The Difference Between HTML and CSS and PHP

Wondering what is the difference between HTML and CSS and PHP?

Whether you are planning to develop a new simple website or would just want to get a better understanding of the numerous acronyms that you have been hearing off late, you are at the right place.

Most often even advanced developers get baffled when they come across terminologies and acronyms that revolve around programming languages when they come across it on a regular basis.

Such is the CSS vs HTML. So, beginners cannot be an exception.

For this reason, we have put together some of the basics that will help you to understand the difference between HTML and CSS.

Today, PHP, HTML and CSS are so frequently spoken around that one could feel embarrassed to even ask what do they mean.

Below, we have made an attempt to define and explain each of these terms in simple words.

Understanding the Difference Between HTML and CSS and PHP



This basically deals with the functionality aspects.

Originally, it stands for Personal Home Page and PHP is the element that account for the functionality of your website.

Simply put, all the functions that your website performs is mainly due to PHP.

Being the language for web applications, PHP is similar to Donation widgets, WordPress plugins etc. That actually help to do stuff.

For instance, let us say you plan to leverage the search box provided at the top of your web screen.

Now, when you key in your search query, PHP is the element that does all the functions to present you with the search results.



This element is designed to take care of the style aspect of your website.

Also known as Cascading Style Sheets, CSS dictates the overall look and feel of a website.

This includes a monitoring a variety of factors which include styling around images, font type, page layout, font color, mouse-over effects etc.

There are several other factors that are solely determined by CSS.

When it comes to WordPress, you will be able to edit the CSS by clicking on the section “Editor”, which is present below “Appearance” on the Dashboard.

However, some of the themes on WordPress like the Headway will also enable you to visually edit your CSS.

This simply means that you need not develop a headache or strain your eyes while you code.

The styles, fonts and colors on a website are all totally driven by the CSS.

So, this answers your question “what is CSS used for”.



This mainly deals with the content of your website.

Also known as the HyperText Markup Language this is the basic building blocks of your website pages.

HTML also empowers you to add more videos, images, text, forms and various types of content pieces.

It helps you to put all these together to develop a cohesive web page.

Now, what is difference between CSS and HTML? While CSS involves with the web design, HTML in involved with the content.

Often CSS in HTML program along with PHP work in tandem.

Besides, with HTML it is also possible to re-size images, tweak the words, add links to text as well as images (that is hyperlinking) etc. to name a few.

Also, anything that a web user will be able to view or read on a particular website is something that is presented by the HTML.

When it comes to CSS vs HTML, CSS deals with the website design while the HTML takes care of the web content.

Hope this answered your queries regarding the difference between HTML and CSS and PHP or just the HTML vs CSS difference.

Now, please do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments boxes provided below.


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