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Traffic Radius is Australia’s leading full-service digital marketing agency.

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Looking to boost your sales and profit? Our digital marketing specialists can help you leverage the digital platform to grow your business. We work with you to create a flexible digital marketing plan that delivers results while maximising the returns. 

At Traffic Radius, we work with businesses of all sizes and help them grow with our creative digital marketing services. We are a digital marketing company with years of experience and we’ve mastered the art of boosting your online presence. 

We aim to help your business stand out from the competition. We do that by taking the time to understand your business, your goals, your vision and your target audience. We work with you at every step of the way to deliver the results you desire.

Understanding Digital Marketing – A Key Ingredient for Business Success! 

Want to soar far above your competition? Want to increase traffic to your website? Want to make more sales? Digital marketing is an essential ingredient to achieve all of these goals and more. 

With constant internet usage on the rise, online marketing offers the perfect solution. Traditional marketing mediums such as billboards, print, television and radio are not only expensive but they are proving to be highly ineffective in today’s times. What’s more, you cannot measure the results. 

Enter digital marketing. 

So what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, in a nutshell, is all about leveraging the digital media to promote your products or services. The term “digital media” refers to any digital medium such as search engines, social media, websites, mobile apps, email and more. 

With the internet being so accessible today and smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, your business can no longer afford to ignore the role of digital marketing.

After all, you must have a presence where your audiences spend the most time.

Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing to Scale Your Business

Your Competition is Winning

If you don’t have an online presence, your customers can’t find you. If those leads are not coming your way, they are going to your competition. By not investing in online marketing, not only are you losing out business that could have been yours but you are also making it easy for your competitors to take a bigger slice of the pie. Help your business and invest in digital marketing. 

You are Not Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

It’s difficult for a business to survive without doing some kind of marketing. So if you are not investing in digital marketing, you are spending on offline marketing efforts. However, offline marketing ideas can prove to be very expensive. Second, they are not targeted, which means that you have to target a huge chunk of the population to reach out to a small section, which is not really efficient. Third, you cannot measure the results, and when you can’t measure something, you can’t really improve it. A digital marketing strategy is completely measurable. With our digital marketing packages, we offer in-depth reports and analysis so you can track the performance of your digital plan and determine where you stand. You can track it down to every sale made, every lead captured and every click received. 

You are Not Establishing Your Brand Authority

Digital strategies such as content marketing and blogging can do wonders to your brand authority. You can use content marketing to educate your customers while establishing your industry expertise. What’s more, people tend to share good content, which will further enhance your credibility and authority. Once you have established yourself as an authority, people would flock to you. That’s the magic of digital marketing. You’re missing out on this if you don’t have a digital marketing campaign in place. 

Your Customers Expect You to Have an Active Online Presence

 If the above points don’t convince you, this should. Today’s digitally connected consumer expects your business to have an online presence. Let’s say, a loyal customer of yours refers your business to her colleague. The potential customer won’t just take her friend’s word for it. In all likelihood, she will carry her own research to get to know you better. Without a digital presence, you are not building trust and credibility.  

Most People Use the Internet to Find a Product/Service

More than 90% of Internet surfing start with a search engine. Whether someone is looking to purchase something or needs some information about a service he’s interested in, they start with an online search. Without a proper digital plan in place, you are not reaching out to those customers. 

Give Your Start-up, Small or Mid-Sized Business an Edge!

Online marketing offers myriad benefits. Let’s take a look.
  • Measurable Results
  • Cost-effective
  • Global Reach
  • Personalisation
  • Easily Reach
  • Qualified Leads

Measurable Results

With detailed analytics and reports, you can easily track and measure the performance of your digital marketing efforts. You can identify exactly where your money is going, and what it’s delivering in return. 


Online marketing is far more affordable when compared to traditional marketing solutions

Global Reach

With a digital presence, you can take your business across the world. Find new markets, trade globally and scale your business for a small investment. 


With strategies such as remarketing, you can personalise your marketing efforts for each customer. This directly increases your conversions. 

Easily Reach Your Target Customers

Your target audience is present online in some way or another. A major chunk of your target audience has a presence on social media. This presents a huge opportunity to reach out to your target audience and convert them.

Qualified Leads

This is one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing. With SEO, you can bring in highly qualified customers to your business, making it one of the most efficient strategies. 

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Not Miss Out On

Now that you know what digital marketing can do for your business, it’s time to invest in a solid plan. All you need is a proven strategy. But how to do digital marketing? Digital marketing is not something you can master in one day. It calls for perfection and efficiency. 

Here are some platforms you must leverage to take your business to the next level.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about optimising the reach, content and technical set-up of your website to ensure it appears at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). 


Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC marketing is a wonderful way to bring some highly targeted traffic to your website quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a new business looking to generate traffic or a seasoned business promoting a seasonal offer, PPC can deliver excellent results.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer about taking selfies and watching videos. A lot of people use social platforms to find identify, research or enlighten themselves about a business. A well-designed social marketing plan can help you to engage better with your audience.


Email Marketing

Email has been here for over 20 years, and it will be here for decades to come. It’s the fastest and the most direct method for reaching out to customers. We can craft a highly relevant, engaging, entertaining and useful email campaign to generate leads for your business. 


Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices have become an important part of our daily lives. Your business can benefit hugely from a well-planned mobile marketing plan. Mobile devices stay in our pockets, lie near our beds and are constantly used across the day.

Harness The Power of Digital Marketing with Our Strategies

A well-crafted digital marketing campaign combined with smart execution can do wonders for your business. Traffic Radius offers the complete range of online marketing solutions to help realise your goals. We are a digital marketing agency for startups and small businesses. 

Our digital consultants are fully qualified and have years of experience in digital marketing. We will work with you to understand your requirements and come up with a digital marketing plan that will help achieve your goals. 

Whether you are looking to generate qualified leads online, want to improve revenue or are looking to increase your sales, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how we can help:

  • We start by crafting a digital strategy for you.
  • We will identify the channels that would work best for your business. 
  • We can manage your digital presence across a variety of channels. 
  • We will work with you at every step and involve you all the way. 
  • We leverage proven strategies to maximise your ROI.
  • We will test several unique strategies to help maximise your reach.  
  • High quality service guaranteed.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • The complete range of online marketing solutions under one roof.
  • Innovative, unique and creative digital marketing strategies. 
  • Personalised approach.
  • A fully qualified team of digital marketing specialists. 
  • Proven track record.

Boost Your Online Presence with Traffic Radius

At Traffic Radius, we take great pride in our digital marketing services. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their business. We’d love to help you too. Click here to schedule a free, no-obligation chat with us today to discuss your requirements.

Eliza T
Eliza T
They are very communicative, professional, understanding and meet with you face to face. I would highly recommend.
Michael Hazer
Michael Hazer
From Start to Finish Traffic Radius has communicated clearly the process of their services.They always seek approval when changing any aspect of the website, the last company I had worked with did not, and this created many problems as it is the face of my company.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards
Previously I worked with a Digital Marketing Company in Melbourne that just took my money and neglected to contact me or even send reports. Since transitioning to Traffic Radius I have seen a noticable difference of enquiries online and the communication from the team reflects their efforts made.
Lorraine Dwyer
Lorraine Dwyer
Highly recommend, everyone we dealt with was helpful and our results were fabulous.
Collins GP
Collins GP
Grat company, Vinay gave best advise , hightly recommended
James O'Donovan
James O'Donovan
Traffic Radius has helped my business for the last few years growing it from a couple of visitors per months to hundreds. The reports that are generated every month help me gain a further understanding of who is coming to my website and why.
Allan D
Allan D
I had contracted Traffic Radius to help with an SEO and Google ad word campaign a few years ago. They always deliver on a timely manner and take the time to explain any queries that I have. Could not recommend them more
Vahid Yeganeh
Vahid Yeganeh
Happy to work with them since last 3 years. Great communication and more importantly trustworthy team. Vinay is knowledgeable in SEO and we got great result since he is managing our account. Highly recommended If you are looking to have more online traffic.
Dean Braden
Dean Braden
We have been using Traffic Radius for the past 8 months to assist our business with our SEO. Their communication is brilliant & have followed through with each request. Through their knowledge & service we've now pushed up our google ranking providing our business with more sales opportunities. We certainly recommend their service to others.
Mahdi Danish
Mahdi Danish
Have been working with traffic radius for almost a year now and believe that it was one of our good choices. Vinay (our advertising manager) with Traffic Radius have helped us in google SEO and have made it much easier for the clients to find us. cannot ask for more. Thank you Vinay and traffic radius for your great work.

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