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Google Ads Unveils a Sleek and Streamlined Redesign

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Google Ads Unveils a Sleek and Streamlined Redesign

Blog / Google Ads Unveils a Sleek and Streamlined Redesign

Google Ads Unveils a Sleek and Streamlined Redesign

Google Ads is unveiling an enhanced design for its advertising platform, aimed at improving the accessibility and organisation of data and tools. The upcoming features discussed in a YouTube video provide exciting highlights for Google advertisers and their campaigns.


To streamline navigation, Google has introduced a new categorisation system for pages within its platform. These pages are now organised into five main sections: Campaigns, Objectives, Tools, Billing and Administration. This reorganisation aims to make it easier for users to navigate through different areas of Google Ads and access the relevant features and settings they need.

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The revamped Google Ads Campaigns section is your all-in-one hub for creating, managing, and monitoring campaigns with ease.

Discover the New, Streamlined Design of Google Ads

Within this section, you will find a range of new and updated areas, designed to enhance your advertising experience.

Insights and Reports

Gain valuable performance insights and access comprehensive reports on various topics, such as search terms and landing page effectiveness, through the Insights and Reports feature. It offers users a wealth of data and analytics to optimise their campaigns effectively.


The Assets feature serves as a centralised hub for all your advertising materials, including search headlines, YouTube videos, and product listings from Shopping campaigns. It consolidates and organises these assets in one place, making it convenient to manage and leverage them effectively for your advertising endeavours.

Audiences, Keywords and Content

This section seamlessly integrates audience data with powerful tools that enable precise audience targeting. It encompasses features for defining audiences based on criteria such as keywords, demographics and placements, empowering advertisers to reach the right audience with precision and effectiveness.


The Goals feature helps users establish conversion metrics and effectively track their progress towards achieving their business objectives. By setting clear goals and tracking their performance, advertisers can measure the success of their campaigns and make informed decisions to optimise their advertising strategies.


The Tools section offers a range of functionalities that enable efficient campaign planning, budget management and issue resolution. It provides advertisers with the necessary tools to streamline their campaign management process, effectively allocate budgets and address any challenges that may arise along the way.


The Billing feature empowers users to effortlessly monitor their expenses and effectively manage their payments. It provides a convenient and streamlined way to track and review billing information, ensuring advertisers have clear visibility into their financial transactions and can easily manage their payment activities.


The Admin section offers users the ability to efficiently manage their account settings, team members, and security configurations. It provides a centralised platform to oversee and control various administrative aspects, empowering advertisers to maintain control over their account settings, collaborate with team members and ensure the security of their Google Ads manager in the environment.


For users who encounter difficulties in locating a specific page, the Google Ads platform provides a convenient search function. This feature enables users to swiftly search for and find the desired pages, ensuring a seamless navigation experience even when seeking specific sections within the platform.

As the new design rolls out to advertisers, they have the option to switch back to the old layout until 2024, ensuring a smooth transition.

To assist users in adapting to the updated design, Google provides a reference map highlighting the locations of essential advertising features within the new interface. Additionally, Google encourages users to provide valuable feedback on the revamped design, emphasising their commitment to incorporating user input and continuously improving the platform.

Enhancing the User Experience of Google Ads

Google’s latest redesign of its Ads platform demonstrates the company’s commitment to streamlining the user experience and enhancing the effectiveness of ad campaign management.

How to Create Google Ads Campaign?

With a focus on intuitive navigation, Google Ads has significantly expanded the range of resources available to advertisers. This update allows users to easily set benchmarks, leverage various resources to optimise their advertising campaigns and exercise greater control over expenses and account management.

The integration of a search function exemplifies Google’s recognition of the importance of providing easy access to information. By embracing industry demands and offering robust tools tailored to modern advertising needs, Google Ads campaign types can take a significant step in keeping pace with the evolving advertising landscape.

This preview of Google’s advertising platform comes shortly after YouTube Ads garnered attention for violating its guidelines. However, Google Ads remains dedicated to providing a comprehensive campaign management solution, including campaign types, goals, setup guidance and specific features like Google Search Ads campaign and Google Local Ads campaign, all accessible through the Google Ads Campaign Manager and Google Ad Manager.

To create a new campaign on Google Ads, users can follow the step-by-step setup process, ensuring they optimise their campaign goals and utilise suitable campaign types. This empowers advertisers to maximise the impact of their campaigns and effectively reach their target audience.

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