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Top Tips for Better SEO Audits

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Top Tips for Better SEO Audits

Blog / Top Tips for Better SEO Audits
seo audit tips

Top Tips for Better SEO Audits

SEO audits are important to determine site issues or scope of improvement. But, is your approach right, are you updated with right SEO audit techniques?

SEO Audits Can Be Sub-Divided into Two Major Elements

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1. Content Audits

2. Technical Audits

There is a checklist which falls under these two major categories that contribute in determining a site performance. With time, the importance of conducting audits increased due to growing need to meet web-browsers’ expectations. To put it otherwise, there is an increased demand for a much more detailed and broadened audit.

Technical aspects, are obviously covered, however, other elements such as broken links, indexation and status codes came to play a vital role. This expanded check list involves content engagement, site navigation, conversion, and navigation mainly.

It is important to work in a reverse order by knowing a customer’s shopping practices and browsing requirements. Unless we know their requirement, it is not a fruitful audit. The basic fixes can be made such as code errors or generic indexing flaws. However, understanding every step of consumer’s behaviour throughout shopping experience and making necessary alterations is altogether another level.

Doing site audits technically yet improve and customise the website in order to eliminate the issues that bother customer experience opens doors. Pursuing this style of approach results in happy customers and more customers. People who enjoyed their experience on your site will come back which will lead to a higher return rate.

Hygiene Optimisation

Hygiene optimisation is nothing but content and technical audits. This is more like an ongoing form of audit which is targeted towards optimization of the website.

This approach allows you to identify content gaps or duplicate content and other technical errors. You can omit these errors and also make sure they don’t return. Hygiene optimization, by cleaning up the mess and polishing the site to look it’s best, plays a charming role in site response.

Patience is the key in this method of SEO optimization. Small improvements aggregate to provide overall notable improvement over time.

It is a multiple-fold technique where the improvement happens eventually and gradually. This is an ongoing process which involves vision-oriented content evolution and specifically structured technical aspects to meet specific requirements.

For instance, these are the elements you can touch down:

   –  Make sure there are no status code errors, index all pages that you want search engine to crawl through

   –  Employ paid search in order to increase click-through rate

   –  Improve conversion by improving site information architecture

Audits are the vital part of your entire effort. The concept here is to have a goal, create a campaign model, prioritize and keep constant tabs on your search performance.

This implies, replacing traditional yearly audits and taking an approach towards frequent audits.

Strategic Approach

Craft a detailed idea on your customers’ behaviour during the shopping process. This should involve their brand interaction, information needs, experience with the steps involved in purchase process and other related elements. If you get this right, you will be able to develop a true understanding on the segments that need improvement and how to optimise. This in turn will lead to better customer engagement and conversion, and that goes without saying.

For instance:

   –  Optimizing the discover-ability of the product by adding and improving the product information

   –  Number of steps involved and how feasible they are in the customer purchase process

   –  Ensure navigation is set to land customers on the relevant category or product pages of their interest

   –  Structure of your website and it’s scope of improvement depending on end-user experience

As you can sense by now, this is a break down approach that helps target various aspects of website issues individually. Once the complex is broken down, the gaps can be identified vividly and worked on independently.

With the aim of surfacing hidden issues that bother site performance, this highly targeted and effective approach will lead you to design a highly efficient campaign. This will be a combination of the elements such as paid media, SEO, content and your customer experience.

The campaign you designed now is targeted towards providing solutions in terms of organic search, while creating a customer friendly platform.


   –  The requirement of the audits is the same, however, the approach need to be upgraded as discussed above

   –  Long term audits replaced by frequent audits

   –  Break down of the complex and consider every aspect of website independently and verify the development opportunities.

   –  Studying the evolving customer traits and bringing those necessary changes through out their purchase experience on your website

   –  Index all important pages

   –  Update product pages with required information

   –  Navigation structured in order for consumer to land on the relevant product pages

   –  Last but not least, aiming at high return rate

Click Here - Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

Be quick! FREE spots are almost gone for this Month

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