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What is Social Media Marketing – Basic terms & Tips for Promotion

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing – Basic terms & Tips for Promotion

For those of you who are still thinking what is social media marketing (SMM), we would want to tell you one thing. You are not alone. While social media marketing has picked up phenomenally over the past few years, there are still many marketers who are yet to tap this.

Social media marketing is nothing but internet marketing that leverages the benefits offered by social media networks. Here, these networking platforms will be used as tools to promote targeted websites.

Clear with “what is social media marketing”, “social media marketing websites” or “what is SMM”? Well, we will help you more with it. Here, we have made an attempt to define social media marketing.

Doing this increases the overall traffic towards those websites, as these platforms provide the users with information derived from direct user reactions. Social media marketing is based on organic search.

So what does that mean? It simply means that, if a website and its associated social media pages are highly active, the position of that website rises on the search engines – it appears in the first few results on the first page.

Today, 90% of the search users just do not go beyond first page to seek answers for their queries. Besides, 70% of the users end up clicking only on the first three results.

Given this kind of competition, it is extremely important for you to aim for the first position on the search results page, while optimizing your website. So, now let us see how social media marketing can help you.

What is Social Media Marketing Used for?

Social media marketing strives to improve communication and connect with the users. This helps to increase the visibility of your brand and reach more number of potential customers.

This technique begins with creating quality content, which will then be shared by the users across social media networks with their friends – through electronic word of mouth.

The main objective of social media marketing is to get the direct feedback from the potential customers (users). This provides the company with a personal stamp, while it comes across more human like, rather than just another faceless business.

Today, there are multiple interactive options across social media platforms. This gives a chance to the customers to be heard – either by making complaints or by asking queries.

This kind of marketing across social media is also referred to as Social Customer Relation Management – Social CRM. It further leads to enhanced credibility and increases your returns on investments.

Well, this happens only if the customers and/or users are confident and satisfied with the services or products offered by the company.

Hope this answered your query “what is social media marketing used for”.

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What is Social Media Marketing & How Can You Use it?

Social media marketing is primarily based on social media optimization – SMO. This process involves improving the image of the company across the social media networks.

Like Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, SMO also draws new and unique search users to the targeted websites. But, are you thinking why would search engines consider social networks?

Well, it is simple. Most of the people leverage their social media profiles while searching for things and sharing links. So, they end up participating in your link building campaign – developing a strong network of links.

This can be done in two different ways:
• Active social media marketing promotions
• Passive social media marketing promotions

Let us now see each of these in detail.

Now that you are clear with “what is social media marketing”, let us now look into the two major types of it.

Active Promotion

Active social media marketing promotion involves adding links or applications, which head from your website content towards the social media networks. These are like RSS or share buttons across social media.

social swing

Following are some of the social networks, which can be leveraged for social media marketing:
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Facebook
• Youtube
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Google+

Each of these social media networks have their own “Terms of Use”. Surprisingly, these are different for legal entities like companies and natural persons.

So, the companies only have the option to launch “paid campaigns” to reach wider audience. This ultimately improves the traffic towards a specific web page or a targeted web page.

Passive Promotion

Passive social media promotion involves promoting some kind of activities across social media networks. This might include posting images, updating statuses, publishing articles, blogs or tweets etc.


Once this is done, you can then analyze the user reactions to solve any problems or eliminate dissatisfaction. Doing this will ultimately improve your brand experience.

The best part of social media marketing is that you will be able to get information in real time. Such data paces up the overall process, while opening doors to new arenas of cooperation.

Your turn to talk. Was the post helpful to clear your basic queries and provide you with a clear picture of social media marketing? Then do let us know by commenting in the boxes below.


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