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Why Technical SEO is Important with its Aspects?

Technical SEO Services

Why Technical SEO is Important with its Aspects?

The importance of SEO for a website is known to all. It is the most important factor that regulates your online presence. Good quality content is a must for any website, but without appropriate SEO it is not very effective in the long run. A piece of content might be to some extent depend on if SEO works however, there are a lot more that SEO does other than this.

Technical SEO is a type of SEO activity that does not include the content. Technical SEO makes it possible for the search engines to find your website and rank higher on viewers search results. Search engines have their own algorithm which changes from time to time, but technical SEO can analyse such changes and keep your website updated regularly. If the search engines can detect your site easily then automatically you will have a higher website ranking in search results. When technical SEO is done properly its result is seen in the form of immensely increased website traffic.

Why Technical SEO Is Important?

Suppose you have the most refined content written on your website but there are no readers to read it. Will this make any sense? No right. Technical SEO works in the backend to fetch traffic for your site. It enables your site to be technically up to the mark. Along with other SEO, technical SEO works to make your site a success in the business world.

Important Aspects Of Technical SEO

Keep reading to know more about technical SEO and how it works.

  1. Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit analyses if there is any glitch or obstruction in the process of search engine optimisation of your website. An audit studies all the history performance and presents a report that gives a clear picture of your site performance. This also helps to point out the technical issues and the areas of improvement in your site.

Not just spotting the errors the audit also helps in solving multiple H1, internal linking errors, duplicate content, search engine robots blockage, URL structure, page speed and many other aspects around the website. Moreover, the experts are aware of the tools to conduct technical SEO audit which enables them to perform accurate and quick audit results.

  1. Mobile Optimisation

Users are becoming more and more involved with technology every day and nowadays whenever they need to check an instant query they will search for websites from mobiles. Mobile traffic has outnumbered desktop traffic. This is why these days it is crucial to have a responsive or mobile-friendly website. Moreover, the users are aware that most sites are going to load quickly, so if your site is taking too long, they’ll just move on to the next. Technical SEO makes your website fast and flexible across devices. It helps to make your site mobile-friendly hence there is a rise in conversation rate with your consumers.

  1. Check The Robots.txt File

In simple terms, the robots.txt informs the search engines which of the website parts or web pages are to be crawled and which ones to ignore. This is done mainly to separate the pages that are accessible to all the visitors and the pages that are accessible only to the site administrators. Robots.txt should be checked regularly to ensure that the website is performing properly.

  1. Duplicate Content

You need to stay away from duplicating content on your website. Search engines repel websites that have duplicate content. So, the content of each page starting from the homepage, about us, FAQ, article page etc. should be unique and attractive.

  1. Error Pages And Redirects

Sometimes when we visit some website, we come across errors like 301 or 404. Such errors occur due to various technical reasons on the website. Let’s look into some of the errors below:

  • HTTP 200 –When you try to crawl your site you will get this code which means that the request is successful and the page is found with the content.
  • 301 –301 is a permanent redirect. This is shown when a page is permanently moved to a new location or deleted permanently. This tells the search engine to move the link juice from the old URL to the new one.
  • 302 –This is a temporary redirect. This informs the search engine to retain any link juice on that URL only and not to redirect to the new page.
  • 404 –This code says that the page is not found. Getting a 404 error is sometimes dangerous. It should be avoided. If you find any 404 error in your site, find out where it is coming from because sometimes it might be due to a simple spelling mistake in the URL.
  • 503 –503 means the service is unavailable. If you are taking your site offline because of some maintenance, then send out these errors 503. Search engines will consider this code as a temporarily not working site. You can also redirect your site mentioning that your site is under maintenance.

How Technical SEO Is Beneficial For Your Website?

Technical SEO enhances the overall performance of your website. Let’s sum up some of the major contributions of technical SEO:

  • With evolving technologies, the SEO experts will facilitate advanced technical developments and solutions for your website.
  • With a technically savvy website, you will be ahead of your competitors in the market.
  • By using the expert’s experience and technical skills you will be able to create a visually appealing website.
  • Technical SEO will help in adding beneficial features to your website for a better customer experience.
  • In case of any technical glitch, the technical SEO audit will help with innovative solutions.
  • Technical SEO will keep your website updated and consistent at all times.

So far, we have discussed just the basic grounds of technical SEO however there is a lot more to know about its usage and contribution. Reach out to us to know all about technical SEO services. We’d be happy to hear from you!


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