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Top 16 Untapped Backlinks to Get You Ranking High in SERPs

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Top 16 Untapped Backlinks to Get You Ranking High in SERPs

Blog / Top 16 Untapped Backlinks to Get You Ranking High in SERPs

Top 16 Untapped Backlinks to Get You Ranking High in SERPs

Are your planning for a successful SEO campaign? In that case, have you ever thought what makes an SEO campaign successful?

It’s the backlinks.

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Yes. Backlinks are the magical ingredients that define the success of your SEO campaigns.

Credible backlinks are deemed to be vital elements to succeed in SEO, as they are one of the most important ranking factors.

Higher the quality of your website backlinks, higher will be your Google search rankings.

Which simply means more traffic that consequently result in enhanced chances of earning from your blog.

Credible backlinks help to:

  • Improve crawling and indexing by search engines
  • Build links that are difficult to replicate
  • Easily populate your website in the SERP for better branding
  • Drive referral traffic

Now let us face it, link building is certainly the trickiest and the most competitive part of website optimization.

This is because the most effective types of links are either relationship driven (which is extremely time consuming) or content based (which is tedious).

Wait. . .there is a good news too. Particularly to those who are just beginning to build backlinks to their websites.

Today, there are several high-quality backlinking opportunities that enable you to build links almost instantly and for free!

Now, we will pull back the curtain to share some of the best backlink sources with you.

1. Add Testimonials

Businesses small and big love to showcase their customer testimonials.

So, if you like a specific product or a service, then send a testimonial to that service provider.

But, while doing so also state that they can put it up on their testimonial page or home page.

When they put up your testimonial they will always provide a backlink to your site just to prove that you are a real person, without you asking them.

So, wait no more. Just go ahead and get some credible backlinks from these testimonials.

Following image is a good example of credible backlinks that you could get from testimonials.


Besides, if you come across authority sites with testimonial links, then use their offerings.

This helps you to go back to share a testimonial and get a backlink in return.

2. Get Blogger Reviews

Do you have a consulting service, information product, software services, software product, or anything valuable that you sell?

If your answer is yes then you can easily convert it into a handful of top-quality, credible backlinks.

How? It is simple.

Just offer your products or services to good bloggers for free. The rest will be taken care by them.

To make it easy for you, we have provided a step-by-step process to get credible blogger reviews below:

Step 1: Identify the bloggers in your industry and shortlist those who are interested in your offerings.

If you have an information product to sell, then use search terms such as “make your own candle”, “make your own soap”, etc.

Blogger Reviews

Step 2: Once you Google your search term, the chances are that your search result will be a mix of different bloggers including hippie bloggers, ehow sites, etc.

So, your next step would be to filter out these and choosing major news sites and authority sites.

This leaves you with a good list of bloggers who might be willing to try out your offerings, like the one in the image below:


Step 3: Use email outreach to contact the blogger. The following email template can be used to approach the bloggers of your choice:

Hey (name of the site owner),

 I was looking out for (some homemade candle recipes) today when I came across (the name of their website).

 Great stuff!

Actually, I have just launched a comprehensive guide on (how to make luxury scented candles at home). Generally, I charge (X$), but I’ would be happy to share it with you with the charges on the house. All that I would ask you in return is expect you to consider writing a review for it or talking about it on your blog.

Do let me know how does that sound.


(Your Name)

However, be very careful about the language you use for this email approach.

Links and reviews that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines should not be requested.

So, just send the product to them and let them take the call on mentioning it on their blog.

Turning towards the best bloggers can be a great way to get some high-quality backlinks to your website.

The best way to start with this is to first identify the best bloggers in your niche who already have good amount of traffic to their site and the ones that are ranking high on SERPs.

Some of the best search strings that can be used in Google to identify such bloggers include:

  • My favorite (your topic) blogs
  • Best (your topic) blogs of “year”
  • Top (your topic) blogs

Next, use email outreach approach to contact the bloggers you have identified or shortlisted.

This is the best way to reach out to authority sites, publish your posts on their sites, and get credible backlinks.

How exciting it would be if someone spontaneously reached out to great content that you and me have on our sites isn’t it?

Well this is sometimes possible when you leverage link roundups.

So, what exactly are link roundups?

These are the daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts that link out to outstanding content.

Leveraging link roundups can be divided into two steps:

Step 1: Identifying link roundups in your niche.

Search strings that work well for finding kink roundups include, but are not limited, to the following:

“Your search term” + “best of”

“Your search term” + this week

“Your search term” + roundup

“Your search term” + link roundup

Step 2: Pitching the content.

In this step draft a suitable email, like the one below:

Hello (name of the site owner),

I just came across your Friday roundup, this morning. Awesome stuff!

I am reaching out to you because i just published a case study on social media marketing, which could be a good fit (provide the link to your case study).

Well, keep up the good work.


(Your First Name)

Now, if your post is a good fit for that person’s roundup, then you will surely get a backlink.

Link reclamation is a simple step that can get you some credible backlinks.

First, identify mentions of your offerings and business, which are not linking back to your website.

Then send an email to that person as a friendly reminder to add a link back to your website.

Sounds simple? But very very effective too!

In the image below, the author has mentioned about a specific website but has not linked it back:


This is exactly where link reclamation comes into the picture.

Instead of sitting back and cursing that they forgot to link it back to you, just reach out to them proactively and request them to link back to your site.

Did you know, when somebody mentions you in their blog, they (actually) like you.

This remains true even if they have failed to link back to you. So just go ahead and approach them to give you a link back.

We have broken down this into a detailed step-by-step process just for you.

Step 1: Look out for unlinked mentions

You can do this with the help of tools such as and BuzzSumo, which help you to identify “mentions of your website”.

Step 2: Check the Linking

Check whether the person who mentioned you has linked back to your site or not.

If they have linked back to your site, you are set.

If they have not, just proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Email outreach to get your link

Finally, just send them the following email script, requesting a link back.

Hi (Website Owner’s First Name),

I am just reaching out to you to say “thanks” for mentioning (Your Offering) in your informative article yesterday.

I really appreciate it.

Today, I am reaching out to you just to ask if you could add a link back to our site. This makes it easy for people to find us while they read your article.

Either way, thank you for the “shout out” and do keep up the excellent work!

Thank you,

(Your First Name)

Now these are some of the simplest yet the most powerful links that you can get.

6. Create Scholarship and Promote It

It is needless to say how well .edu links work. So, just go ahead and leverage it.

Are you thinking whether this is possible for an average SEO guy?

YES. . . . it is. Fortunately it is not difficult.

The trick here is to try creating and promoting something that universities would want to link to.

Then you are all set.

This is exactly where scholarships come in.

Recently, Chris Dreyer leveraged scholarships and built 90 .edu links to a client’s website.

Isn’t that remarkable?


Well, there is no magic involved.

Without any further delay, let us get started with the steps to make scholarships work for you.

Step 1: Create a Scholarship Page

The purpose of this page would be to describe the scholarship, explain people how can they apply for it, how does it impact the users, etc.

Here is a sample from the campaign Chris created:


Step 2: Identify Pages that Link Back to Scholarships

Fortunately, this is a breeze when you use the following search string in the Google:

“ “scholarships”

Refer the image below for clarity.


Step 3: Promote Your Scholarship Page

As soon as you come across a scholarship page on a .edu site, which looks like a good fit, just send an email an approach them.

Refer the sample below:

Hello (First name of the concerned authority)

We are excited to update you about our new scholarship opportunity for (college) students.

The name of our scholarship is “Scholarship Name“. It is designed to help (provide a description of your scholarship).

Our brief list of requirements include:

(Provide a list of your requirements)

We would be honored if you would be kind enough to add our scholarship to your page (provide the scholarship page URL).

We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you,

(Your first name)

7. Help a Reporter Out – HARO

This is a great technique to get authority links from news sites and other authority sites.

Here is how exactly HARO works:

Begin by signing up to HARO.

Upon signing up you will receive 3 emails per day from the reporters who are looking out for sources.

Respond to them with some helpful tips and your credentials.

Sounds easy? Just get on it.

If you provide some useful tips for a reporter, you will be rewarded with a useful link.

Want to get some serious packing punch to boost your SERP ranking?

Well, then there is no better way to do it than turning towards .edu resource backlinks.

Yes. . .it is observed that backlinks from these domains can boost your ranking in SERPs.

Apart from scholarships, like discussed earlier, there are many different ways to get backlinks from .edu sites.

One of these include turning to resource pages.

Already wondering how does it work?

Here it is. . . .

Most of the universities will have resource pages, where they link back to sites that are helpful to both faculty and the students.

Here is an example:


For example, if you have a web design, you can earn a link back by showing them how helpful your web-design related resources are.

Search strings to identify them include:

  • “target keyword” + “other sites”
  • “target keyword”
  • “target keyword” + inurl:links
  • “target keyword” + “resources”

Although only a few of them might post your link, this small change will make a big difference to your ranking in the SERPs.

9. Use Website Feedback Sites

There are numerous sites which are designed to assist you to get a detailed feedback on the conversion potential or the layout of your site.

Refer the image below:

Website Feedback

In this image there is a dofollow link on the page.

All that you are required to do is to submit your site along with a brief description on how you would want to improve it.

10. Associate with Blog Aggregators

What are blog aggregators anyways?

Well, these are websites that enlist top-quality blogs across different industry sectors.

Here is how a typical blog aggregator looks:

Blog Aggregators

You can easily get back dofollow links on most of the blog aggregators at absolutely no cost in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Submit your website
  2. Add a unique HTML code to your website. This confirms that you are only the website owner
  3. Then wait for somebody from the aggregator to take a look at your website

Once they approve it, you can have your own page on the website of the aggregator with a credible link back to your site.

Now isn’t this easy?

11. Identify Guest Blogging Gigs on Twitter

If there is a hell, then I am damn sure Satan would make guest posts on tortured souls for eternity.

Jokes apart.

Today, it is just difficult to find a few links that come without a strict, never-ending list of guidelines for guest bloggers.

But wait. . . .there is an easier way too . . . .

You very well know that sites that tweeted guest posts over the last week must continue to post on a regular basis (after all dead ends are annoying).

So, here are some search strings for you to use during your Twitter search.

  • “your industry” + guest article
  • “your industry” + guest author
  • “your industry” + guest post
  • “your industry” + write for us

12. Try Scoop It is one of the best platforms to build both buzz as well as credible backlinks with minimum work.

Not heard of it? Not a problem.

It is a website where people collect the content they prefer and compile it into a magazine format.

This is how a Scoop It page looks like.

Scoop It

Personal “Scoop It” pages of numerous users already have several followers.

So, what does this mean???

It simply means that your content is just put across to hundreds of users out there.

All that you have to do to get users to post your stuff is to begin using the in-built suggestion feature of “Scoop It”.

Just look out for a higher PR “Scoop It” page and choose “suggest”.

You will be able to see the following:


Just send a quick message to people and they will know that your content is out and ready.

In general, approximately 50% accept in just a day’s time.

This simply means dozens of authority links within just a few minutes of work.

Wondering what broken link building is?

It is a scalable white hat link building strategy where broken links are identified, broken content is recreated, and finally the broken links are replaced by the corrected links.

Here, you will have to look out for pages that show 404 error.

Moved companies and businesses and the ones that have names changed do not show up with this particular approach.

Yet, this is one strategy that is worth your time and efforts because it can fetch you some killer inbound links.

Basically, here we will be finding resource pages in your niche.

So, if you belong to health and wellness niche, then you will have to use these search strings in Google:

  • “health and wellness” + “links”
  • “health and wellness”  + “resource page”
  • “health and wellness” + “recommended sites”
  • “health and wellness” + “resources”

Once you do this, you will get results similar to this page:


The obvious way is to email these site owners and request for backlinks. However, this might just not work.

Instead, lend a hand to the site owner by letting him know about the broken links that you happened to come across.

It is easy to find broken links on any page.

An easy way is to use Check My Links, a Chrome extension.

This program quickly helps to find broken links on any page and highlights them in red, making it easier to locate them.

Take a moment to refer the image below:


Once you find such places, just write an email in a format similar to the one below:

Hello (First Name of the Site Owner),

I was just browsing through your resources page today. Among the lists of excellent resources there were some broken links too.

Here are a few of them that I could find:

(URL a)

(URL b)

(URL c)

(URL d)

Oh, I have a website too, (Link of Your Website), where I regularly post quality content on (Your Niche). If you also think so, then feel free to mention it on your resources page and add a link to it.

Either way hope this helps. Keep up the good work!


(Your First Name)

If you have reached till this point on this page, you surely know what an Infographic is.

But what flabbergasts me is that most people just assume that it is difficult and expensive to create infographics that go viral.

Do you also think the same?

If yes, then let me make it clear – it is one of the biggest MYTHS. These assumptions are dead wrong.

You can get decent infographics made by someone at Elance or Odesk for less that $250.

When it comes to infographics, the idea and the skills to pitch the idea are much more crucial than the design itself.

So, go ahead and be creative, try something unique, and then get a less expensive designer to make the design for you.

You can also turn to tools like Piktochart to do it yourself.

Once it is ready just spread the word. This can be done in the following ways:

Your first step should be to make your submissions to infographic sharing sites. Some of these sites include:

Next, actively reach out to bloggers who fall in to your niche and offer your infographic as a guest post.

Sugar it up saying you will provide a unique description that is specific to their site.

100+ high PR backlinks were obtained by numerous bloggers from related posts with the help of a single top-quality infographic.

15. Skyscraper Technique for Backlinking

This technique is all about identifying the most popular content, creating a more compelling copy and then getting backlinks naturally as well as by reaching out to the right audience.

We have put together a 3-step process for you:

Step 1: Identifying link-worthy content.

For this, just carry out a simple Google search using your primary keywords and this will fetch you some content ideas to initially toy with.

Step 2: Revamp the content.

Now that you already have great content in hand, just revamp the ideas already presented in it.

Create an outstanding page design. . . . . .sprinkle some emotional appeals. . . .change the style. . . . .and create a better version of the existing piece of content.

Step 3: Spread the word and get credible backlinks.

All set with your incredible post?

Then it is time to make the final move of the skyscraper tactic.

Actively reach out to sites that are relevant to your niche. Be polite in your approach.

Once they respond and get back top you, do not forget to send a “thank you” note to them.

Guest Post Bio Links 

Being a part of any comprehensive offpage optimization service and strategy, building quality links is crucial. There are different links, but guest post bio links are excellent when it comes to improving the website ranking and driving traffic. Guest posting is a renowned method to build a relationship with the owners of other pages and tap into the needs of the audience. Do this right to bring more value to the backlinks of your website. 

While using a guest post, ensure to include a section for bio and a link to your website. It may seem tempting to add your link to your homepage but be strategic when it comes to linking strategy. Instead of simply linking them, consider linking to the relevant page on the website to create value for the guest post. This improves the relevance of the page and the likelihood of getting more clicks. 

Competitor’s Backlinks 

The next important aspect of offpage SEO is to analyse the backlinks of your competitors. This profile takes you directly to valuable insights into their link-building strategy that can be used to improve your page. Using a backlink analysis tool can help to identify the top-performing backlinks of your competitors to study your rivals. 

When analysing them. Look out for quality! It’s always better to have high-quality links than multitudes of low-quality links that seem like spam. Leverage the backlink profile of your competitor to identify new openings to build a better high-quality link. 

Links that are Editorially placed 

Focus on links that are editorially placed. These links are placed by the owners of the website free of cost. These links are rather valuable by search engines due to their appeal and endorsement. Build a relationship with other website owners to build an editorial link. This creates authority in your niche and can attract better traffic. You can get this done with the help of guest posting, industrial publication and engagement in social media. 


Another aspect is to understand dofollow links vs nofollow links when building links for your website. Do-follow links are links that have equity from one page to another. They are very valuable since they have a direct contribution towards the ranking of your page. While on the other hand, a no-follow link does not have link equity and they are not very valuable in the eye of the search engines. 

Learn MoreNo Follow Links Vs Follow Links – A Comparative Study 

Off-page optimization services are crucial to build a proper SEO strategy. With Traffic Radius, rest assured, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of high-quality links, guest posting and backlinks to boost the ranking of your website to drive more traffic. 

Now It Is Your Turn

It is your turn to speak up now. Have you tried any of these tactics before? If you haven’t, try it now.

Do not forget to share your experience in the comments section below.


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