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An Overview of AI Content vs Human Generated Content

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An Overview of AI Content vs Human Generated Content

Blog / An Overview of AI Content vs Human Generated Content

An Overview of AI Content vs Human Generated Content

Future of Content Marketing Industry- Potential of AI Content

For many years, the concept of AI content has captivated the minds of people all over the world. Although we are still far from the robot-run world depicted in I, Robot, there is no doubt that AI is making a significant impact on our daily lives. In 2022, several breakthroughs in AI technology could potentially have major implications for individuals and businesses. One of these developments was OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a cutting-edge chatbot that has been praised as “the future of search” and a “game-changer” for companies that rely on language processing and written content.

With the ability of an AI writing tool to generate detailed responses to queries, write computer programs, and even compose music and poetry, ChatGPT has received a lot of attention.

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From chatbots to personalisation, AI is revolutionising the way we create and deliver content. But what about content SEO? Can AI compete with humans in optimising content for search engines? Get all the information you need in this blog.

What Does AI Content Refer to and What Does It Include?

AI contents refer to written material, such as product descriptions, landing pages, articles, blogs and reports, which are created by computer software. There are various AI content creators available in the diverse field of content marketing, including Copysmith, Jasper, CopyAI, Writesonic, and ChatGPT. These web-based AI platforms are trained on millions of words to generate original, coherent and cohesive content.

ChatGPT uses a deep neural network with self-attention mechanisms to input data and learn human conversation patterns and structures, allowing it to generate human-like responses to queries. It can generate social media posts or multi-page essays simply by being prompted.

How does Google work with AI content?

The rise of AI content has been viewed as a threat to Google, as it can provide users with quick and relevant information without the need to scroll through pages of search results. ChatGPT, in particular, has been touted as a potential “Google killer.” However, Google is not backing down from the competition. Google has been constantly updating its bots to detect and demote auto-generated content that violates its Search Essentials and provides a poor user experience.

What Does It Include?

Google has been constantly updating its bots to detect and demote auto-generated content that violates its Search Essentials and provides a poor user experience. This includes identifying trends and inconsistencies in writing styles that indicate the content has been created by an AI rather than a human.

When detected, such content is considered spam and can result in a manual penalty that negatively impacts the webpage’s ranking. As AI content becomes more sophisticated, Google continues to evolve to stay ahead of the game.

What is the Ranking Process of AI Generated Content?

The content generated by the AI writing tool can achieve high rankings on Google search results. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that quality reigns supreme over quantity, so content produced by humans generally performs better than that produced by AI. Consequently, AI-generated content requires manual editing and fact-checking by human writers to improve its ranking potential.

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What are the Advantages of Content Writing Tools?

Cost-effectiveness: AI content can be less expensive than hiring writers, making it an attractive option for businesses on a budget. Bots can produce written work much faster than humans, allowing clients to pay less for the same results. You can compare the cost differences between AI- and human-written content by checking our pricing.

Technological Advancement: AI content has come a long way since its inception in 1935. In less than 20 years, the first artificial neural network was created, and by 1966, a robot that could reason its actions had been developed. AI is constantly improving, and its rapid progression triggers curiosity about how far it can go.

Machines are already trained to reason and problem-solve, process language and images, and use tools to carry out complex tasks. AI content generators are constantly advancing and finding new ways to develop human-like language that engages readers and ranks high on search engines.

Saves Time and Efforts: AI content creators can generate large amounts of content quickly, allowing businesses to produce more content in a shorter amount of time.

Optimised Content: AI content can maintain a consistent voice and style throughout a website, improving user experience and brand recognition. The content can be easily scaled to meet the demands of a growing website or business without sacrificing quality. The content can be optimised for search engines using keyword research as well.

Are There Any Limitations of AI Content?

One of the biggest limitations is that AI content generators cannot create truly original ideas. Unlike SEO content, the AI relies on previously published material on the web and rearranges fragments of text to create something new. Additionally, they often struggle to understand user intent and impart a specific tone of voice, which can result in less engaging content.

AI content tends to be keyword-dense and lacks the creativity, nuance and local language that engages human readers. AI content can also be flatter and more unappealing to humans. Therefore, human-written content will likely continue to outperform AI-generated content in the long run.

AI content can have inconsistencies in factual accuracy have been identified as a major drawback of AI-written content. Without proper fact-checking and editing by human content writers, AI content can contain errors, irrelevance and lack of clarity.

A Quick Overview of Human SEO Writing

With content writing services, it is possible to produce content that is creative, nuanced and tone to their work, resulting in content that is more engaging and enjoyable to read. This leads to longer time spent on the page, lower bounce rates and ultimately better SEO performance.

Some of the characteristics of SEO writing are:

Sense of Originality: Writers can create truly unique content that is not simply a rehashing of existing information. This helps to build a brand’s identity and establish it as a thought leader in its industry.

User Intent: Writers can understand the underlying intent and principles of content marketing and create content that is tailored to meet that need. This leads to better user satisfaction and higher search rankings.

Accuracy: Writers can conduct research, verify the information and ensure that their content is factually accurate. SEO writing is important for building trust with readers and avoiding penalties from search engines.

What are the Disadvantages of Human-Written SEO Writing?

Limitations: The efficiency of SEO content written by humans is limited by mood and environmental factors, which can affect productivity. Whereas, AI does not suffer from such afflictions and can produce content consistently 24/7.

Reliability: AI content is more reliable and efficient than even the most skilled team of human content writers. Furthermore, human writers are more expensive, especially when it comes to producing original content that aligns with a specific brand or business tone.

Easy To Access Tool: AI content generators currently serve as a tool for human writers, there is a possibility that they could eventually replace human writers. However, there are ethical questions surrounding the development of increasingly human-like AI and the preservation of humanity’s values and principles.

What is the Future of AI Content and Tools?

AI writing tools have the potential to replace some aspects of content writing, such as producing simple and repetitive content quickly and efficiently. However, AI-generated content currently lacks the creativity and originality that comes with human writing.

On the other hand, human writers are better suited for tasks that require critical thinking, nuanced language and a deep understanding of a particular subject matter. Additionally, human writers can inject their unique perspectives, experiences, and voices into their work, which AI currently cannot replicate.

So, while AI may supplement and enhance the work of human writers, it is unlikely to replace them entirely. AI-powered tools can also help you optimise your content for search engines but they can’t replace human creativity and expertise.

Want to take your blog’s SEO strategy to the next level? You need to combine the power of AI with human expertise and creativity. At Traffic Radius, we offer customised content writing and SEO services that will specifically cater to your business requirements. Our services include AI content, human-written and expert-level content, which can be tailored to your business goals and needs.

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