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A Comparative Analysis of Google Bard and the New Bing

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A Comparative Analysis of Google Bard and the New Bing

Blog / A Comparative Analysis of Google Bard and the New Bing

A Comparative Analysis of Google Bard and the New Bing

If you’re an AI enthusiast, you’ll be aware of the latest products launched by various companies. Whether it’s Microsoft’s very own New Bing or Google Bard launched by Google, you will get to see many primary options for AI-based chatbots. They all have their own unique capabilities, but some features may prove to be more useful to you than others.  

In this blog, you will get to learn about New Bing and Google Bard. Here’s a comparative analysis of the two search engines, their strengths and weaknesses, advantages and features to help you decide which one’s right for you.  

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If you want to find out which AI is better and more reliable in terms of features and functions, this blog is just the perfect fit for you. Okay! So, let’s start with Bing. 

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An Overview of the New Bing 

In today’s digital age, search engines have become an integral part of our lives. They are the go-to source for finding information on anything under the sun. Microsoft’s Bing has been slowly but steadily gaining ground. Recently, Bing launched a new feature called Bing Bard, which promises to revolutionise the way we search for information online.  

Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, to create “the new Bing.” This collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on the search landscape, with Microsoft’s CEO stating that they’re willing to accept reduced revenue from search in their quest for market dominance.  

While there have been viral posts and tweets demonstrating the potential hazards of using chat AI as a search engine, that discussion is for another time. The key takeaway is that Bing is making progress. New Bing offers the same organic search results but with new elements including AI-generated text, images and voice-to-speech capabilities (Bing also cites sources).

What are the basic features and advantages of the New Bing?

The New Bing offers the following benefits: 

  • Improved Search Results: Bing has made significant improvements to their search algorithms, resulting in more accurate and relevant search results.
  • Better Search Result Organisation: Bing’s new interface makes it easier to navigate and find the information you’re looking for.
  • Easy Integration: If you use other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 or Windows 10, Bing can be integrated with them to provide a more seamless experience.
  • Enhanced User Interface: The New Bing has a cleaner and more modern interface that’s easier to use.
  • New AI Capabilities: The integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology allows for more accurate and personalised search results.
  • Voice Search Integration: The New Bing provides more accurate results through voice searches, hence saving your time and effort.
  • Fully Optimised: The New Bing is optimised for mobile devices, providing a seamless and responsive search experience on the go.
  • Quick Results: Bing’s search speed has been significantly improved, allowing users to find information faster. You can also conduct a visual search by simply using pictures and images instead of text.
  • More Search Features: The New Bing offers additional features, such as image and video search, that make it more versatile and useful for a wider range of tasks.
  • Improved Privacy: Bing offers privacy features that allow you to search the web without being tracked, which can be important for some users.

An Overview on Google Bard 

The Google Bard offers the following benefits: 

  • Improved Natural Language Processing: Google Bard uses advanced natural language processing techniques to understand complex queries and generate more accurate and relevant search results.
  • Superior Conversation Capabilities: Google Bard is designed to have more conversational interactions with users, making it easier to get answers to complex queries.
  • Comprehensive Search Results: Google Bard can generate comprehensive and detailed search results by analysing multiple sources of information and generating responses that cover a wide range of topics.
  • Personalised Search Results: Google Bard is designed to learn from a user’s search history and provide personalised results based on their preferences and interests.
  • Voice Search Integration: Google Bard comes with advanced voice recognition technology that makes it easier to use the AI language model with voice commands, improving the user experience for voice search.
  • Easy Accessibility: Bard’s conversational style and voice search capabilities make it more accessible for people with disabilities who may have difficulty using traditional search methods.

Bard Vs. New Bing- The Notable Key Differences

Google Bard and Microsoft Bing are both AI chatbots that work using a trained dataset to generate answers according to the user’s search query. However, there are many differences in terms of the language models used by the chatbots.  

  • Language Model: Google Bard is based on a smaller version of Google’s LaMDA language model. Whereas, Bing is based on the GPT-4 model with improved reasoning capabilities.  
  • Plagiarism: Google Bard has been found to plagiarise text. Whereas, Bing hasn’t been found to copy any texts; it also provides linked citations to its inspirations. This will allow the users to generate original and unique content.
  • Image Generation: Bing can generate images from prompts, whereas Google Bard does not have this capability. Bing can also search the web for images and describe them to users and provide detailed prompts for AI art generators.
  • Coding: Bing can accommodate more complex coding scenarios, including website and app creation and can write basic code for tasks which isn’t possible with Bard.
  • Memory: Google Bard’s memory is currently limited, and it can’t hold context for long in comparison to Bing.
  • Conversational Style: Bing offers different conversational styles to suit different use cases, unlike Bard. This allows the users to get the right answers quickly.
  • Search Algorithms: Both Bard and Bing use complex algorithms to determine the most relevant search results for any given query. The algorithm uses various ranking factors including keywords, backlinks, page speed, mobile-friendliness and user experience.
  • User Interface and User Experience: Google Bard has a clean and simple user interface. Search results are displayed clearly and concisely.  It offers additional features such as autocomplete, spelling correction and related searches. Bing features a clean and customisable interface with a focus on visual search results.

The Integration of SEO 

SEO professionals are facing significant uncertainties regarding their involvement with both Bing and Bard platforms. For Bing, the adoption rate is still uncertain, and many SEOs haven’t been focusing on optimising for Bing in recent times. However, the rumours of Bing’s increased market share are prompting conversations about its importance.  

On the other hand, Bard’s integration with search is still ambiguous and it’s currently regarded as an experimental platform, resembling ChatGPT more than the Google mock-ups shown recently. It remains unclear whether users will be directed to use it as a standalone service or if it will be integrated into search results. 

Challenges: Optimising for both platforms may present several challenges for SEOs. There is a need to figure out how to get the clients mentioned on these platforms and how to measure their success. This situation raises concerns about potential unethical practices, with Wikipedia being the most apparent example.  

Additionally, it is challenging to measure the impact of these mentions, as clicking through to a website from Bing’s chat tab appears the same as organic traffic. 

Bard vs. New Bing- A Quick Overview of the Different Features and Functions


Google Bard is known for its extensive range of features and tools including: 

  • Google Maps  
  • Google News 
  • Google Translate 
  • Google Shopping 

Such features integrate seamlessly into Google’s search results, providing users with a wealth of information. In addition, Google has a suite of webmaster tools that provide valuable insights into website performance and search engine optimisation

Bing also has a range of features and tools, but they aren’t as extensive as Google’s. Some of Bing’s features include: 

  • Bing Maps 
  • Bing News 
  • Bing Translator 
  • Bing Visual Search 
  • Bing Webmaster 

Mobile Responsiveness 

When it comes to testing the mobile responsiveness of these two tools, Google has always prioritised this feature. Google uses the mobile version of a website’s content to rank pages. On the other hand, Bing also prioritises mobile responsiveness, but it hasn’t been as vocal about it as Google.  

Privacy and Security  

Privacy and security are very important. Google Bard has been criticised in the past for its data collection practices, but the company has made significant improvements in recent years. Google now offers a range of privacy and security features including: 

  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Privacy check-up 
  • Incognito mode 

Bing has always been known for its strong privacy and security features. 

  • Two-factor authentication  
  • Privacy settings 
  • Advertising and Monetisation  

Google Bard and Bing generate revenue through advertising. Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads, is the most popular advertising platform in the world.  

Advantages of Google Ads: 

  • Allows businesses to target specific keywords and demographics 
  • Helps generate revenue through its AdSense program 
  • Allow users to display ads on their websites  

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Bing, on the other hand, also has an advertising platform called Microsoft Advertising. It allows businesses to target specific keywords and demographics. Google has a clear advantage over Bing, that being Google’s advertising platform. 

  • Market and User Demographics  

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Google Bard has been the undisputed king of search engines for a long time. Bing has a much smaller market share comparatively. Bing’s user base is also less diverse than Google’s, with a higher percentage of users aged 55 and over. In terms of market share and user demographics, Google has a clear advantage over Bing.  

How to Choose the Search Engine?  

Choosing the right search engine depends on your needs and preferences. If you prioritise advanced search algorithms, extensive features and tools and need a dominant market share, then Google is the search engine for you.  

However, if you prioritise features such as better privacy and security, strong mobile responsiveness and a customisable interface, then you should go with New Bing.  


The battle of search engines between Google Bard and the New Bing is a close one. Google has a clear advantage in terms of advanced search algorithms and extensive features and tools. However, New Bing has made significant improvements in the user interface.  


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