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What is the Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy?

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What is the Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy?

Blog / What is the Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy?
What is the Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy

What is the Most Effective Online Marketing Strategy?

Getting your business off the ground isn’t for the feint hearted. It is an endeavour in and of itself, completely separated from and yet intrinsically linked to the success of your enterprise. In the digital world of today there is no room for businesses that aren’t riding the wave of digital marketing. It’s an ocean out there, and if you’re not using the same avenues as everyone else, you’ll be left behind in the dust.

Marketing needs to be at the heart of your online business strategy. Without it, your business won’t get off the ground, that’s just a fact. Commerce doesn’t take place like it used to, especially in recent years with the COVID pandemic pushed online shopping to the brink. However the world of online marketing can be intimidating for new-comers and it’s only fair to wonder, what is the most effective marketing strategy?

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Effective Online and Internet Marketing

Most effective marketing comes from a strategy, which is formed from an understanding about a few defining factors. First, and perhaps most importantly is your audience. You want to know as much as you can about the people you’re targeting, what stage of life they’re in, their economic status, their geographic area, what they like and don’t like, and most importantly, any pain points they may have with businesses like yours or your industry.

A marketing plan for online business will usually incorporate all of this information in one way or another. Age tells you the level of maturity of your audience, and allows you to construct your advertising accordingly. After all, an advertisement that doesn’t reach the level of your audience won’t go far. An email marketing campaign wouldn’t be the most effective marketing for a demographic of 5-year-olds, because they probably don’t have the autonomy to manage an email address yet. Economic status allows business owners to price their goods and services competitively, geographic area means that the ads can be more targeted to people in a specific area, so on and so forth. Every piece of information is crucial and it’s important to get as good a hold on your audience as possible. This is the cornerstone of effective internet marketing.

However this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once research is done you need to formulate a strategy based off it. Make sure you understand when your audience is browsing so that you can tailor your ads to run at that specific time frame. Make sure you know what they’re looking up so that you can target those specific keywords. Effective online marketing strategies are all about recognising who your audience is and then forming a plan of attack that touches on those specific points, but additionally it’s about knowing what kind of strategy to apply.

Kind of Strategy?

Yeah this is where things might be a little confusing. See there’s actually two definitions for “marketing strategy”. The first, refers to how you go about your marketing, what time you post, where you post, how long for, with what keywords, etc. The second refers to the platform that you use for marketing.

There are a few effective online marketing platforms that are common to nearly every strategy, and each one targets different demographics better than the others will. And while generally speaking most effective marketing is a game of finding the right tool for the job, there are certain marketing platforms that will inherently generate more of a response than others. These are the platforms that we’ll deal with in this blog, as they provide more consistent, high quality results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google is a tremendously impressive corporation. The Google search engine sees around 70,000 searches per second (5.4 billion per day). Google also controls roughly 90% of the global search engine market, and has over 246 million unique visitors from the US alone. This unanimously makes Google the most popular search engine in the world.

But with all these searches why aren’t you getting any clicks?

Well even with 5.4 billion daily searches, Google’s website index counts 50 billion websites. That means that at 5.4 billion searches daily, there are 270,000,000 websites being accessed daily, which means your website is likely being lost in the 473,000,000 websites that aren’t being found every day. To put it into perspective, with these stats as they are, there is a 0.54% chance that you will be discovered without help. This is because most people don’t use the second page of Google. If the answer to your question isn’t right there at your fingertips it’s likely that you’ll either do another search or just forget about it. Ranking highly on Google is very important. Making the first page, or even better the first few results on the first page is proven to really boost a business. But how do you get there? Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is the process of making sure that your online presence is not only easily found by the search engine of your choice but also that the content on your website is relevant to and helpful for your audience. This is achieved through the use of keywords, phrases that your audience uses to find businesses like yours. It is also currently one of the most, if not the most effective marketing strategy around.

SEO works to appease Google’s “spiders”, AI driven bots that “crawl” websites and examine the content on them. When these bots go through your website, if they find certain keywords and phrases used frequently, then Google will consider your website to be a source of information regarding that topic. The spiders will then index your website, and when a potential consumer launches a query into the keyword or phrase you’ve used, Google will present them with your website,

There are other factors at play when it comes to ranking well with Google, but SEO is a highly effective marketing plan for improving your rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

PPC (Pay per Click)

This is the most counterintuitive sounding of all the online marketing methods, but that doesn’t subtract from the fact that it is one of the most effective online marketing platforms around. PPC works by essentially paying Google to put you in the top spot, but even this isn’t a guarantee as there are multiple people and businesses using PPC. So how does Google know which ones to put in the prime space?

The answer is a little innovation called the “Google Auction.” There’s no gavels at this auction, just good old fashioned comparison shopping, but kind of in reverse.

You see when you set up PPC with Google through their Google Ads feature, you set an amount of money you’re willing to pay every time your ad gets clicked. This amount of money is called a “bid.” And although there is an auction and this is a bid, this isn’t the only thing Google pays attention to. Google also pays attention to which website has the better or more relevant information and content on its page. This means that someone with a high bid but inferior content can be placed below someone with a low bid but impeccable information.

Pay per click is an extremely feasible option for people that want to start digitally marketing themselves, and the Google auction makes it a fair and equally balanced route to travel on.

Content Marketing

This method is insanely popular with both businesses and audiences because it creates entertaining opportunities for the audience and the business to engage like never before. Where once, advertisements were just passively-absorbed 30-second vignettes on the television, now ads are far more interactive, inviting viewers to engage actively with the brands they like. This strategy uses content such as videos, blogs, and podcasts to spread the word about a business or product directly to its audience.

It’s incredibly handy because once the content is on the internet, it’s there forever, so it can be accessed by all audiences all the time. This makes it a near-permanent marketing plan for online businesses, and depending on how well the content is promoted and made, it can produce a near perpetual source of income.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great strategy because it forces your customer to do something with it. When someone signs up for a mailing list they get emails that you can send them en masse through mailing services like Mail Chimp. These emails sit in your customer’s inbox until they either open it, delete it, or archive it. Either way, there’s a persistent reminder that you exist just sitting in your customer’s inbox. No matter what they do with it, you’re reminding them of your presence, and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Social Media Marketing

This method works because everybody is on social media. Most people are connected to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at various times throughout the day. Social Media ads can be targeted to specific audience groups at the times they are most likely to be browsing. Social media ad campaigns generate a huge amount of ROI (Return on Investment) and are proven to enhance your conversion rate.

Although we have discussed these as the most effective marketing strategies available right now, it’s one thing to know about them, and quite another to implement them. This is where marketing agencies like Traffic Radius can help.

Traffic Radius is an Australian digital marketing company with an incredible team and decades of experience in the marketing sector. Our dedicated managers, strategists, and content creators are all highly trained and ready to do whatever has to be done to help you meet your goals. You can contact us here or call us on 1300 870 901.

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