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Why Use Adwords – Top 10 Reasons That Will Instantly Make You to Consider Using Adwords

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Why Use Adwords – Top 10 Reasons That Will Instantly Make You to Consider Using Adwords

Blog / Why Use Adwords – Top 10 Reasons That Will Instantly Make You to Consider Using Adwords

Why Use Adwords – Top 10 Reasons That Will Instantly Make You to Consider Using Adwords

Why should you use adwords marketing? Why use adwords at all? Does adwords actually work?

Are these questions bothering you? Well, relax, these are some of the common keyword phrases that are searched on Google as well.

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So, what does that imply?

It simply means that there are several business owners and marketers out there who are seeking answers for the same.

While most of them have heard about Google adwords, they are not sure whether it works for them or how to make it work for them.

Adwords is a successful advertising system (pay-per-click) by Google.

No matter what type of business you are into, you can make it work for you. Using any PPC platform including adwords requires both money and time.

Most of the businesses consider adwords as time and money that is well spent, as they have experienced measurable ROI by leveraging it.

While there are several posts out there to explain how to use PPC, today, we will understand why should we use adwords.

Before we begin and look into “ Why use adwords ”, one thing that we would like to make it clear is that we are not advocating PPC and asking you to consider this platform above rest of the strategies.

We recommend that you consider a healthy balance of different marketing channels.

These include email marketing, organic search, social media, events as well as many other lead sources.

Allocating the marketing budget depends solely on the type of channel you leverage and how it ends up working for you.

Now, if you are those who have not tapped Google adwords and are wondering what makes it worth trying, then you are at the right place.

The blog attempts to answer the query “ Why use adwords ”.

We will give you top 10 reasons that will make you to instantly use adwords.

1. Scalability

One of the biggest challenges faced by most of the marketers would be to identify lead sources which scale up.

In other words, it should not take 10 times the efforts to get ten leads.

The best part about adwords is that it is scalable. For this reason several businesses spend millions on adwords every year.

If you manage to create adwords campaign that converts, then you need not arbitrarily cap spend on it.

When you increase the budget of your PPC, your leads and profits will also shoot up accordingly.

This makes it ideal for businesses that require enormous leads but are unfortunately short on heads and time.

2. Measurable Online Channel

Unlike traditional marketing channels such as magazine advertising and TV, online marketing is measurable with adwords PPC being the most measurable of all the channels.

In SEO, it can be tricky to make accurate measurements.

This is because you cannot quite keep your finger on what actually worked or what actions lead to fluctuations in rankings.

Social media on the other hand can also be equally fussy to measure.

Comparatively adwords is quite transparent and offers several PPC metrics which lets you to monitor at granular level to find out what works.

So, you can quickly know whether your campaigns bombed or are getting any returns without wasting much time.

3. Flexibility

Adwords offers several options which enables you to quickly customize ads and campaigns to your specific needs.

Ultimately, you will be able to hyper target audience whom you want to reach.

For instance, with adwords, you can do the following:

  • Define keyword match type- Here, you can display your ads only to those who key in the exact keywords. This helps you to filter out generic traffic.
  • Put Ad Extension to Work- You can use ad extensions for displaying phone number, mega links pack, product images and even initiate chat and get a mail id straight from the SERP.
  • Narrow Down the Audience- You can distill your audience by browser, language, time of the day, device type as well as location. To name a few. Basically, in adwords, you will not be displaying your ads to the world.
  • Access Enormous Non-Search Users’ Network- You can access several network of non-search users such as YouTube, Gmail and other partner sites.
  • Use Display Network- this is excellent for building brand awareness and tend to convert at a cost lower than the Google search.

Well, still wondering which is a benefit of advertising online with Google adwords?

4. Quicker than SEO

For new websites and businesses, it often takes forever to see some scalable results through SEO.

This is exactly where adwords can make the difference. With adwords you need not wait so long to get the results.

You can quickly get started with adwords campaign and witness clicks and impressions like never before.

As it assures quicker results, it makes a great way to test whether your audience or keyword is worth pursuing through organic search.

So, if the keyword or audience work well, you can quickly roll out your SEO strategies in that direction and also build content in that particular area.

Besides, you can get started with adwords at minimal rates and claim all the benefits of Google adwords.

New advertisers get vouchers from Google.

This leaves you with another reason to forgo the question “ why use adwords ” and quickly leverage benefits of adwords.

5. Simpler Than SEO

Once your PPC campaigns are built and are in place, adwords require much lesser monitoring and efforts for regular maintenance when compared to SEO.

In SEO, apart from maintaining your website, you will also have to set aside a three to five member team to regularly churn out SEO content.

You will also have to work on link building and optimization.

Moreover, adwords can be easily learned because of the less contradicting info out there.

It becomes increasingly difficult when you are industry outsider.

As a marketer you might find it difficult to identify which are the sources that are honest.

Hope this shifts you from the mind set of “ why use adwords ” to “why not use adwords”.

6. Get Your Message on Top of SERP

When you engage in PPC, you will be presented with a chance to get your message at the top of the SERPs.

Once you get your message at the top, you are more likely to get higher number of clicks.

In case of high commercial intent queries, adwords are known to take up 2 out of 3 clicks.

7. Format is More Engaging When Compared to organic Results

Over the past years, Google has increasingly rolled out numerous new ad formats.

These includes YouTube’s in-video ads, product listing ads etc.

This strategy motivates Google because brighter more engaging ads tends to score more links.

This simple mans higher revenue for the Google. Higher clicks are also great for advertisers like you.

So, step up and take advantage of the new extensions and ad formats.

After all, organic listings definitely look much boring when compared.

Still wondering “ why use adwords ” or “how effective is Google adwords”?

8. Better Conversion Rate

Why use adwords ? This is one point that no marketer would like to overlook even by mistake.

Yes, adwords traffic is known to convert much better than your organic traffic.

Wait a minute. . . .

Organic traffic is certainly great, there is no doubt about that.

However, traffic from paid search is known to convert much better than your organic traffic.

The conversion rate of paid traffic is two time more than the organic traffic.

Wondering whether will Google adwords help my business?

The conversion rates may vary based on the industry, so it might not quite seem appropriate to your business, unless you try using it.

One reason for better conversion from paid search could be that the traffic from paid search is more qualified and targeted.

Thanks to the targeting options and queries that lead to ad clicks. These are commercial in nature rather than mere informational.

9. Complements Other Marketing Channels

Adwords is known to complement your other efforts towards marketing.

Remarketing is particularly powerful tool where you can use adwords to target those who have expressed interest in your offerings.

Adwords remarketing will also help you to track those who visited your website in the past using cookie.

These are the ones who would have found you through your blog, product pages, forwarded emails, social media etc.

Your display ads will then be “following” these people across the internet.

This helps your brand to stay on top of their minds. Besides, you can also provide them with the exact product that they looked at.

Still thinking why use adwords ? Well, the last point will get you going.

Marketing Channels

10. Peer Pressure – Your Competitors are Already Using It

Your competitors are already ahead of you and are leveraging adwords. When everybody else is doing it, there is no reason for you to refrain from trying it.

When it comes to search engine marketing, it is highly persuasive.

Just do some searches for the keywords that you think are important for you.

You will be surprised to find that your competitors are at the top of the SERP.

Now, can you afford to not be there?

So, step forward and try adwords to make a different to your marketing campaign and get more qualified leads. You can also seek some help from adwords marketing company.

Hope this answered your query “ why use adwords ”. Still have queries?

Please feel free to drop it in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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