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What are Keyword and Why is it Important?

Even before you understand what are keywords, do you know your website is already ranking for a specific keyword? Yes, such is the beauty of SEO keywords. Whether you know keywords definition, keywords meaning or even before you make an attempt to define keyword, you are already using it.

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difference between HTML and CSS and PHP

Unveiling The Difference Between HTML and CSS and PHP

Wondering what is the difference between HTML and CSS and PHP? Whether you are planning to develop a new simple website or would just want to get a better understanding of the numerous acronyms that you have been hearing off late, you are at the right place. Most often even

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Perfect SEO Hacks Just for the Newbies – Boost Your Site Rank Today

So your website is live with all the SEO hacks that you think to be impactful. It’s got all the keywords in your niche that are implemented in an effective way both in the body copy and headlines. You even have submitted an XML Sitemap to Google. Yet, your site

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Brushing Up the Basics – What is Alt Text for Images?

Why do you include alt text to images in the blogs and articles that get published on your website? Well, to grab the attention of the readers and also to strengthen your message. However, it is important for you to provide good alternate texts for images. Adding alt tags for

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importance of Website 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have One

Importance of Website – 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have One

So you have a well established website with great word of mouth recommendations. You have a huge customer base that’s loyal and as a result you don’t have to worry about marketing. So what’s the importance of website ? Although you will find later in the article that marketing is

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UI and UX The Designers Guide to the Technology Industry

UI and UX – The Designer’s Guide to the Technology Industry

What is UI and UX designing and who are UX/UI designers? Do you often get confused and wonder what people mean when they say that they are designers? Well, don’t worry you are not alone. Design is certainly a vague and broad term. When somebody says that they are a

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How to Become a UI UX Designer

How to Become a UI UX Designer? – 7 Essential Steps From an Industry Insider

Some of the questions that I have come across from those who want to become a UI/ UX designer are: How can I better understand the role of a UI/ UX designer as I am a marketing manager/ programmer/ social media manager? I want to know more about design but

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website checklist

Website Checklist – 55 Pre and Post Website Launch Elements

Wondering what could be an ideal way to launch your website successfully? Well, there are a number of points to look into. But website checklist can be the answer you are looking for. Looking into all these aspects and implementing them to achieve the best possible results can be strenuous.

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Comprehensive Guide to Yoast SEO

Comprehensive Guide to Yoast SEO for WordPress – Setup and Implementation

One of the most valuable tools that individuals with a self-hosted WordPress site can leverage is the Yoast SEO plugin. This popular WordPress plugin has helped both SEO professionals and personal bloggers to make the site more search engine friendly. All the self-hosted WordPress sites can get the Yoast SEO

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